How To Write a Maternity Leave Letter (With Template and Example)

Maternity Leave Application to Employer – Maternity Leave Request Letter

How to write a parental leave letter

Here are the fundamental rules for composing a formal parental leave letter that apply to requests for both primary and backup caregivers:

1. Use proper formatting

Use an easy-to-read font when typing your letter, such as Arial, Times New Roman, or Helvetica. You should have a one-inch margin on all sides.

2. Include the date and address

Your address should be in the top left corner of the first paragraph of your letter. Then, as with all formal letters, omit the date after skipping a line.

3. Include the recipients address

Add your supervisor’s business address after skipping a line below the date.

4. Use the proper greeting or salutation

Even if you have a casual working relationship with your supervisor, your greeting should be formal and address them appropriately. For example, you could write, “Dear Mr. /Ms. [last name]. “.

5. Explain why youre writing

Explain why you are writing the letter and how long you plan to be on parental leave in the first paragraph of your letter. Include the precise dates you will be departing and returning to work. To see if your employer would be willing to consider working from home before or after these dates, you could also suggest it.

6. Provide a workload proposal

Write a plan for how you’d like to cover your workload while you’re away from the office in the paragraph after this. Be open and honest about the work you think you won’t be able to finish and the work that needs to get done while you’re on vacation.

Indicate where you are or will be with any short- or long-term projects you are in charge of when you depart. Make recommendations for the person you think is best suited to continue working on a particular project while you’re away.

7. Set expectations for communication

Tell your manager in the final sentence how much communication you plan to have while on parental leave. Tell them if you intend to completely avoid working via email while you are away. Establish clear expectations for how often or how infrequently you plan to check in if you plan to work while on vacation.

8. Include a plan for your transition back

If you think that when you go back to work, your work schedule will need to change, you could also mention this in the concluding paragraph. If you aren’t sure yet, you might want to hold off and make your decision later.

9. Express gratitude

Thank your employer sincerely for allowing you to take time off work to care for your new child. Its important to properly thank them for their understanding.

10. Include your name and signature

It’s best to include your handwritten signature on the letter with your name typed underneath if you’re handing a hard copy of your letter to your supervisor. You only need to type your name when sending an email.

Why send a parental leave letter?

It’s crucial to put the specifics of your parental leave in writing so that your manager can make plans for handling your workload while you’re away. Paternity leave is requested by non-birthing parents, who are also known as secondary caregivers, whereas maternity leave, also known as primary caregiver leave, traditionally applies to the parent who is giving birth. This designation is also generally given to adoptive parents.

It’s generally a good idea to share this information when preparing for parental leave as soon as you decide how long your leave will last and when you’ll start taking it. Send a copy of this letter to your immediate supervisor and any other pertinent parties, including a human resources manager.

Template of a parental leave letter

Here is a sample maternity leave letter that you can adapt to create your own customized parental leave letter:

Example of a parental leave letter

Here is an example of a letter requesting maternity leave using the above template. You can use the following model to create your own letter asking for parental leave:


How do I write a letter to an employer about maternity leave?

Dear Mr. /Mrs. This letter is to let you know that I am expecting a child and that I intend to take maternity leave. I will continue working until [date] (or suggest working from home until your due date or delivery) because I am due on [date].

How do you write an email to HR about maternity leave?

I’m writing to let you know that I’m expecting a child and that I plan to take maternity leave. My due date is January 15, 2019. I’d like to keep working until (date, or if possible, you could say you’ll work up until your due date from home) I plan to take (number) weeks of maternity leave.

How do I tell my boss I’m starting maternity leave?

Plan ahead but remain amenable to discussion and compromise Make a reasonable conclusion and stick to it. Set it in writing. Confirm the specifics of your pregnancy protocol and maternity leave in writing once you’ve decided on them to avoid confusion later.

Do I need to write a letter for maternity leave?

It’s crucial to put your parental leave plans down in writing so that your manager can make preparations for handling your workload while you’re away.

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