14 Jobs You Can Get With a Master’s Degree in Human Behavior

The Master of Arts in Human Behavior is designed for people desiring greater knowledge of the behavioral sciences. The degree exposes the student to a wide array of behavioral topics covering personal, social and organizational issues.

Pursuing a Master of Arts in Human Behavior can be an invaluable tool for individuals seeking to understand the complexities of the human experience. The field of human behavior is wide and varied, ranging from the study of psychology and neuroscience to sociology, anthropology, and even evolutionary biology. With a Master of Arts in Human Behavior, individuals can gain a better understanding of the key concepts and theories that contribute to a person’s behavior, as well as develop the skills to apply these concepts in various contexts. This degree can be especially beneficial for those working in professions that require an understanding of the human psyche and its impact on behavior, including social work, clinical psychology, and counseling.

1. Introduction to Human Behavioral Biology

Why get a master’s in human behavior?

This line of work may be fulfilling for you if you enjoy conflict resolution or helping others. With this degree’s emphasis on business management, you could ensure that employees are treated fairly and mediate discussions between staff and management. With this degree’s focus on mental health, you could assist clients with behavioral issues or those processing major life events. This degree also provides career opportunities across several fields.

What is a master’s in human behavior degree?

An advanced degree in higher education focused on the study of general behavioral sciences is a master’s degree in human behavior. This can cover a variety of behavioral subjects, including sociology and psychology. Many courses focus on the management and administrative aspects of human behavior to help students get ready for careers in leadership and human resources. Those who want to work in mental health or pursue a doctorate may find this degree useful. The following is a list of potential course topics for the degree program:

14 jobs you can get with a master’s in human behavior

With a master’s in human behavior, you have a lot of job options. Heres a list of 14 jobs you might pursue. Please click on the links below for the most recent salaries:

An academic advisor’s main responsibilities include advising high school students on college admissions and career goals. They could also aid students in making academic decisions and ensuring they fulfill course requirements. Meeting with students, approving and directing educational decisions, and keeping in touch with students throughout their college careers are all possible additional responsibilities.

Primary responsibilities: A career counselor’s main duty is to counsel clients on possible career paths. When providing advice, career counselors may take their clients’ interests, education, skills, and experience into account. They are able to assist people who require expert advice at any stage of their careers and can work in educational institutions, a private company, or independently.

Probation officers’ main responsibilities include keeping an eye on those who receive legal probation sentences. They oversee activities, compile progress reports, and meet with clients to go over their cases in order to aid clients in their rehabilitation.

Studying the origins of human behavior and development is the primary responsibility of an anthropologist or archeologist. Studying the language, culture, and physical appearance of people from all over the world in the past may fall under this category. In order to discover more about prehistoric humans, they might also find and examine artifacts from earlier human civilizations.

A survey researcher’s main responsibilities are to design, organize, and carry out surveys to better understand people’s opinions. They frequently use the survey’s data and analyze the findings. These findings could help them decide what steps or activities to take.

A human resource manager’s main responsibilities include managing a company’s workforce. The HR department handles employee benefits, compensations, hiring and training. All departmental activities are supervised by the human resources manager.

A program manager’s primary responsibilities include organizing and planning projects for an organization. They frequently evaluate the outcomes of these initiatives and establish objectives, priorities, deadlines, and budgets. Making sure the program is useful or effective for the organization is the typical objective of a program manager.

Primary responsibilities: A special agent is a type of law enforcement professional who typically works for a government agency. Interviewing suspects, gathering data, reviewing documents, and observing behavior are all done. They commonly assist in and assess ongoing investigations.

The primary duty of a board-certified behavior analyst, or BCBA, is to analyze client behavior and design a treatment strategy to enhance patient functioning. A BCBA can provide support for people with a range of conditions and create specialized treatment programs.

A management consultant’s main responsibilities are to give clients advice on how to improve their business or organization. Advice on worker performance, production costs, or operational effectiveness are examples of this. It’s also typical for management consultants to work for a company or as independent contractors.

Researching the market circumstances in a particular area is a market research analyst’s main responsibility. This could involve learning about prospective target markets, prices, sales, or rivals. Following that, market research analysts use this data to establish marketing campaigns, prices, and sales.

Primary duties: Sociologists study human social behaviors and society. They accomplish this by observing and analyzing various groups of people. These differences include religion, politics, location and business organizations. Sociologists research human society, determine the ancestry of a population, and assess the potential impact that various variables may have on future cultural developments.

Working with clients who have developmental disorders is a behavioral specialist’s primary responsibility. As mental health professionals, they evaluate clients’ needs and help them create treatment plans or make caregiver recommendations. They frequently work in educational facilities, assisting in the development of individualized education plans for students who require them.

Adjunct professors’ main responsibilities are to instruct and develop lesson plans for college students. They might also be responsible for writing and revising the syllabus, grading students’ assignments, and assessing their performance. Commonly, adjunct professors work on yearly or semester contract.


What can I do with a Masters in behavioral psychology?

Counselor. Counseling is a different profession you could pursue with a graduate or doctoral degree in behavioral psychology. Counselors assist clients in resolving their problems and enhancing their lives by utilizing a range of psychological techniques, methods, and strategies.

What degrees study human behavior?

Psychology is the study of the human mind and behavior, and what is a psychology degree?

What does a human behaviorist do?

Behavioral psychology, also referred to as human behaviorism, is the study of how people react to stimuli in their environment. Many therapeutic strategies have been developed by behavioral psychologists to assist people in undoing problematic behaviors and maintaining newly learned behaviors.

Is behavioral science and psychology the same?

Psychology more closely examines the science underlying human behavior and mental processes while behavior science studies how people interact with one another. The disciplines of psychology, anthropology, philosophy, religious studies, and others are examples of behavioral science.

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