Online Master of Sociology Programs (Plus Related Degrees)

Popular Online Master’s in Sociology Programs
  • Masters of Social Work Online University of Denver. …
  • Online Master of Social Work Simmons University. …
  • Masters: Social Work Fordham University.

The landscape may be barren for professionals who want to pursue an accelerated online Master’s in sociology. Since few graduate programs in sociology are offered online, students in the field are unsure of how to best advance with their career plans. And it may seem a little disappointing that sociology programs are not readily available given how many social science programs are permeating the virtual education world.

But the truth is that the surge in degrees in human services more than makes up for the dearth of degrees in sociology. Many of the cognate areas and competency requirements are shared by these programs. To accommodate working professionals interested in online programs that can be finished in two years or less and will help them achieve their career goals, this ranking offers both types of degrees.

Master of Sociology (online information session)

7 master of sociology online programs

Here is a list of several institutions that provide online master’s in sociology programs, along with information on the programs.

1. Arizona State University

Online students can enroll in an applied master’s program in sociology at Arizona State University. The program consists of 30 credits of coursework, with a capstone course as its final unit. The completion of a thesis is not necessary for this course. This program typically takes 15 to 18 months to complete.

2. New Mexico State University

The New Mexico State University’s online master of arts in sociology program has a focus on social inequality and a mandate to investigate the relationships between human behavior and power. Students have the option of enrolling in both background (gender and race) and capstone courses, or they can choose to specialize in either gender or racial inequality. The program typically takes 16 to 18 months to complete.

3. Morehead State University

For students who prefer to set their own schedules, Morehead State University offers an online master of sociology degree program. The objective of this program is to provide students with sociology instruction as well as career development support and the tools they need to succeed as social entrepreneurs. The program typically takes one year to complete.

4. Sam Houston State University

For students who prefer a hands-on learning style, Sam Houston State University’s online master of science in sociology program has a student-directed learning structure. This program comprises 36 credit hours of coursework. This program typically takes one year to complete.

5. Grand Canyon University

Grand Canyon University’s online master’s in sociology program focuses on social inequality and how it affects people’s health and well-being. The program consists of 36 credits, and the capstone course requires an additional 12 credits to be completed. The program typically takes 18 months to complete.

6. University of Alabama at Birmingham

The University of Alabama at Birmingham’s online master of sociology program focuses on using sociological knowledge to address community needs. The majority of students who enroll in this program finish it in one year and it consists of 30 credits. Additionally, a faculty-led capstone project is the program’s final component.

7. Virginia Commonwealth University

The Virginia Commonwealth University’s online master of arts in sociology program places an emphasis on critical thinking and research techniques that allow students to participate in insightful conversations about social issues and analyze problems using sociological insights. This program consists of 30 credits and has a thesis requirement or an alternative capstone project that is based on research. The program typically takes 18 months to complete.

Other related online master’s programs

The following is a list of additional online master’s programs in sociology:

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Is a masters in sociology worth it?

Studying for a graduate degree improves your communication, social interaction, research, and analytical skills, all of which can be applied to other job roles. Sociology Master’s Degree After attending a bootcamp, 81% of participants said they felt more optimistic about their chances of landing a tech job.

What can I do with a sociology Master?

Additional jobs for graduates with a master’s in sociology include:
  • Sociologist and sociological researcher. …
  • Substance abuse, behavioral disorder and mental health counselor. …
  • Community service manager. …
  • Government agency professional. …
  • Human resources manager. …
  • Nonprofit director or executive.

Can you be a sociologist with a master’s degree?

Graduates with a master’s in sociology have the knowledge, insights, and abilities to contribute to the reduction of major social issues like racism, sexism, poverty, international conflict, and environmental change. The best sociology master’s degree programs link theoretical foundations, critical thinking, and practical skills.

How long is masters degree in sociology?

Typically, in order to teach at the community college level, one must hold a master’s degree. Although every university is different, typically a master’s degree in sociology requires two years of full-time study.

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