How To Write a Marketing Brief (With Template and Example)

How to write the perfect marketing brief

What to include in a marketing brief

Your marketing brief should include the following elements:

What is a marketing brief?

A marketing brief is a document that provides an overview of a marketing campaign so that everyone involved has access to the same data. It can support the marketing team’s creative strategy planning and inform executives and stakeholders. Important details, such as client information and deadlines, are conveniently gathered in a marketing brief.

How to create a marketing brief

Here are the steps to writing a comprehensive, successful marketing brief:

1. Identify the purpose of the project

Discuss the marketing campaign’s goal with the executives and other stakeholders. Determine the objectives of the campaign for the company, such as:

The team can develop the best strategies to accomplish the overall mission if they are aware of the project’s motivation.

2. Get input from key team members

Instead of writing a marketing brief on your own, get input from related teams and departments. Your marketing brief will be more varied and comprehensive the more input you receive. Think about having a first meeting to identify issues and talk about potential solutions. After that, you can apply this knowledge to streamline your marketing objectives and plans.

3. Set goals

While your project’s goals and objectives provide the quantifiable figures you’ll be using to determine the project’s success, your project’s purpose outlines what you hope to accomplish in general terms. Your goals should be clear, measurable and challenging yet attainable. The marketing brief includes information on how and when to evaluate the project’s objectives. For example, your goals may be:

4. Determine your target audience

To determine what strategies and initiatives will best resonate with your market, you must first determine your target audience. To categorize your target market, you can use market research, focus groups, surveys, and other methods, such as:

5. Outline the campaign strategy

Your marketing brief’s campaign strategy contains all the information on how you plan to accomplish your objectives. You go over the following elements of your plan in this section:

6. List the deliverables

A comprehensive list of all the deliverables required to complete the project should be included in your marketing brief, such as:

7. Verify any mandatory information

Consult the legal department, HR, and executives regarding any mandatory information that must be included in marketing materials. This may include:

8. Review schedule

A project timeline is necessary in your marketing brief so that other departments can schedule their tasks. Although the deadlines may be flexible at first, even a rough estimate of the project’s schedule can help it continue and keep its efficiency. To ensure that deadlines are reasonable, discuss the timeline with important departments, such as the creative team.

9. Confirm budget

Confirm the budget with executives and the finance team. Provide budget estimates for each portion of the campaign.

Marketing brief template

You could use this sample marketing brief to create your own:

Marketing Brief
Submitted by: [Authors name]
Date: [Date of submission]

Company overview: [Company]s mission is [company mission]. The organization values [trait] and wants to accomplish [company goals].

Project goal: This project is intended to [project goal].

This project will employ a multifaceted strategy to [summarize the project and its objectives]

The project aims to accomplish the following objectives by the following deadline: [measurable objectives]

Target audience: Our target audience is [describe target audience features].

Marketing strategy: The marketing strategy includes: [detail strategy].

Deliverables: The project requires the following deliverables:

Mandatory content: Documents in this project must include:

Project timeline: The projects timeline includes three phases. The phase 1 target deadline is [date]. The phase 2 target deadline is [date]. The phase 3 deadline is [date].

Budget: The budget for this project is [amount], which includes:

Contacts: For questions about this project, please contact:

[Email address]
[Phone number]

Marketing brief example

You can get inspiration for your own document by looking at this marketing brief example:

Marketing Brief
Submitted by: Tim Martin
Date: June 3, 2017

*Overview of the business: Skate Senses’ goal is to offer handcrafted, unique skateboards to enthusiasts and professionals across the U S. We value dedication to the skateboarding sport through charitable endeavors, hard work, and customer service. *.

*Project goal: Increasing Skate Senses’ online visibility, social media engagement, and online sales are the goals of this project. *.

This project will employ a multifaceted strategy to connect with our target market via targeted social media campaigns, including advertisements, fresh content, and connections with social media influencers. We anticipate that by enhancing our visibility and brand recognition online, we will increase website traffic and, ultimately, sales. *.

The project seeks to accomplish the following goals and objectives:

*Audience target: Skateboarding enthusiasts and adults between the ages of 10 and 30 make up our target audience. They must live in the contiguous U. S. as we currently cannot ship to Hawaii or Alaska. Our target market also consists of skateboarding competitors, camps, and camps for semi-professional and professional skateboarders. *.

*Marketing strategy: The strategy includes user-submitted videos, interactive posts, and carefully curated social media accounts. Professional photography and videography will promote our products in use. In order to consistently promote our products over the course of the next six months through posts, videos, and competitions, we intend to establish relationships with seven of the top skateboarding influencers. In order to deliver a consistent tone and environment across our social media accounts and website, rebranding will be done. *.

Our brand is bold, disruptive and fun. This tone should be reflected in the images, videos, and copy, which should target a young, alternative audience.

*Deliverables: The project requires the following deliverables:*

*Mandatory content: Documents in this project must include:*

*Project timeline: The projects timeline includes three phases. The phase 1 target deadline is July 31. The phase 2 target deadline is September 30. The phase 3 deadline is November 30. *.

*Budget: The budget for this project is $20,000, which includes:*

*Contacts: For questions about this project, please contact:*

Tim Martin
Marketing director, Skate Sense
[email protected]


What goes in a marketing brief?

Your marketing brief should include the following elements:
  • Company or client overview.
  • Campaign purpose.
  • Project summary.
  • Campaign objectives.
  • Target audience.
  • Campaign strategy.
  • Deliverables.
  • Mandatories.

What is the purpose of marketing brief?

A brief, to put it simply, is a roadmap for your marketing campaign. It provides your strategists with a game plan and goals, instructs your creative team on how to complete a project, and informs your stakeholders about the goals of the campaign and the expected results.

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