Learn How To Become Assistant Office Manager

How to become an assistant office manager
  1. Research the job market. …
  2. Pursue a high school diploma. …
  3. Earn a bachelor’s degree. …
  4. Hone your skills. …
  5. Gain relevant office management experience. …
  6. Become proficient with Microsoft Outlook, Excel and Word. …
  7. Consider certification. …
  8. Create a strong resume.

Office Manager Tips from two experienced Executive Assistant AND Office Manager.

What does an assistant office manager do?

An assistant office managers responsibilities and duties include various activities such as providing general office support to the companys employees. These professionals also focus on scheduling appointments, greeting visitors and making office supplies orders. Previous experience as office administrators or office managers can help assistant office managers to perform their duties successfully. They also require knowing with office software such as databases, email tools and spreadsheets to handle office administrative duties accurately.

Often, the assistant office manager can ensure the smooth running of the office by improving company procedures and performing other day-to-day duties, including:

Assistant office managers ensure all their duties and responsibilities are complete to improve the organizations productivity. They also collaborate with other team members to deliver services and products to their clients and achieve their goals. Regardless of their work environments, employees in this position should perform their duties accurately and develop their careers to realize more benefits from the company, including promotion, salary increase and better workplace conditions.

What is an assistant office manager?

An office assistant manager is an employee responsible for overseeing administrative support and keeping an office running smoothly. The job has a wide range of responsibilities, including copy editing, reception and support to deal with filing for specific departments or a particular type of paperwork. The most successful assistant managers use their extensive experience in office administration to perform their duties well. They also rely on their proficiency in Microsoft Office applications such as Excel and Word to execute their tasks.

Assistant office managers are professionals who coordinate and organize office procedures and administrative duties. Their role involves building and maintaining a great work environment, ensuring high communication, safety and organizational effectiveness.

How to become an assistant office manager

Thoughtfully approaching the job search process and preparation can help ensure you have a successful experience. Some steps to becoming an assistant office manager include:

1. Research the job market

Before you pursue a career to become an assistant office manager, research the job market. Ensure the skills you want to gain can help you pursue a job you love. Consider other workplace environment issues, the type of employer, career progression probability, salary, and time to continue learning.

2. Pursue a high school diploma

Most professionals working as assistant office managers could have started their careers as diploma holders. With this educational qualification, you can get a job in any organization looking for assistant office managers. While studying high school diploma, you may take accounting, science, commerce and business administration.

These subjects will help you earn a high school diploma to pursue the following education qualification, including an associates degree and bachelors degree. Some employers also consider candidates with high school diplomas to hire for the assistant office manager position.

3. Earn a bachelors degree

If you want to succeed in the field of assistant office manager, consider pursuing a bachelors degree in business administration, office management or other related degrees. These degrees will teach you several hard and soft skills, including office management and budgeting, relevant for supporting your career as an assistant office manager.

4. Hone your skills

There are many skills needed to be a successful assistant office manager. Some skills required to consider include organization trustworthiness, interpersonal skills, communication skills, flexibility and time management skills. Those pursuing this career should improve their skills in these fields and become potential candidates for the position.

5. Gain relevant office management experience

Before you pursue a company position as an assistant office manager, youll need to gain more experience to attract employers. Administrative roles are the best ways to get hands-on assist-related knowledge and show hiring managers that you have extensive experience to fill an open position. Consider internships in different organizations that involve office management duties and gain the relevant experience needed to become a professional in this field.

6. Become proficient with Microsoft Outlook, Excel and Word

Using the software, preferably QuickBooks, can be something assistant office managers need to perform their duties successfully. That means they require computer knowledge to apply when completing tasks through Microsoft Excel, Outlook and Word. You can study computer courses while pursuing a high school diploma or during a four-year bachelors degree. You may also research computers after completing degree programs and increase your employment potential as an assistant office manager.

7. Consider certification

Many certifications related to office management can provide you with needed qualifications and help you become an assistant office manager. Although certification isnt mandatory, it can help employers have confidence that you can perform well in this position. You can obtain a Certified Administration Professional certification through the International Association of Administration or a related certification to make you a better candidate for the job.

8. Create a strong resume

Those looking to fill open positions in the hiring companies as assistant office managers should create a resume and include a cover letter. Write a resume that can comprise all your qualifications, work experience and other essential details. A well-written resume may attract employers and show information that matches the employers company needs.

9. Submit your application

Once youve gained the needed experience, you can begin applying for jobs as an assistant office manager. If youre new to this career, keep on pursuing jobs and never give up until you find a position that best suits your interests and skills.

Skills needed for assistant office managers

Becoming an assistant office manager requires you to possess some skills, including:


You should complete some administrative tasks, including conducting performance evaluations, firing and hiring employees, supervising and training team members. You should also approve formal requisitions, maintain paperwork, keep personnel records, and conduct business operations. Administrative skills can help you focus on things, including:


Part of your responsibilities can be to look for better ways to perform your job. You need to identify areas with inefficiency and develop a solution that can save employers money and save your team members a lot of aggravation. A great assistant office manager will assess all processes, procedures and practices in the company. They can use the following strategies to improve their performances:

Attention to detail

As an assistant office manager, employees rely on you. You will be responsible for timely ordering office supplies for keeping records in an organized manner and accurately. Attention to details can help you improve:


As an assistant office manager, you often are receiving visitors. If youre the only one seeing visitors, act as an effective receptionist while performing other duties. Possessing excellent communication skills can help you handle visitors effectively and work successfully in this position. Develop written and verbal communication skills to help you engage with colleagues, executives, and clients effectively. Ensure your communication skills are at all times friendly, accurate, efficient and professional.


As an assistant office manager, you require a wide range of computer skills. Your employers specifics may determine if you fit in the position, but typically possessing spreadsheet, database and IT abilities can make you successful in this position. Managing offices may involve a tremendous amount of work that may require you to excel in tasks, including:


Your responsibilities may involve bookkeeping, budgeting, budgeting, invoicing and accounting. They may also need you to manage payroll, QuickBooks and petty cash entries. Providing quarterly and annual reports may also be your responsibility. You can thrive as an assistant office manager if you possess finance skills.


As an assistant supervisor of what may be a large group of office operators, youll require keeping everyone coordinated and motivated. Excellent leadership skills rely on collaboration to ensure the organization develops and helps others to grow their careers. These aspects will help you improve your leadership skills:


What qualifications do I need to be an office manager?

You’ll need:
  • business management skills.
  • administration skills.
  • patience and the ability to remain calm in stressful situations.
  • the ability to organise your time and workload.
  • to be thorough and pay attention to detail.
  • the ability to work well with others.
  • the ability to think clearly using logic and reasoning.

Do you need qualifications to be an assistant manager?

Key Assistant Manager Qualifications

You don’t necessarily need A levels or a degree but any further qualifications will only make you stand out more and give you an advantage. Some companies may offer management training schemes where you can be trained on the job.

How do I become a new office manager?

5 Office Management Tips
  1. Establish Goals for Your Team. When you establish clear office goals, you are really creating a sense of purpose for employees. …
  2. Communication Is Key. …
  3. Time Management Skills. …
  4. Be an Innovative Thinker. …
  5. Continue your Education and Professional Development.

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