What is ui developer role? A UI developer’s role is to translate creative software design concepts and ideas into reality using front end technology. They understand the user interface design solution both in its practical intent and creative vision, and convert it into engineered softwares.

Difference between UI Design, UX Design & What is UI Developer

What does a UI developer do?

A UI developer is responsible for conceptualizing and creating the entire user interface for a website, software program or mobile application. They design the front-end tools and graphics users see and interact with as they use a digital application, turning a complex set of computer functions into an accessible format. UI developers create with the user in mind as they research market trends and customer preferences.

Daily tasks for a UI designer typically involve:

What is a UI developer?

A user interface developer is a software programmer who designs all components of a digital platform that users interact with. They use design principles combined with technical expertise and an understanding of human psychology to develop an easy and enjoyable experience between a human user and a digital application.

UI developers pay attention to consumer research that shows trends of how people use technology for personal and professional tasks. They design interfaces with the intent to engage users and make a program simple to utilize.

Core skills for UI developers

A UI developer needs a range of technical and artistic abilities balanced with an understanding of human behaviors. A mix of these hard skills and soft skills are essential to be successful:

Hard skills

UI developers need to be familiar with programming languages such as:

Soft skills

A UI developer needs the following traits and abilities:

How to become a UI developer

To pursue a career as a UI developer, consider the following steps:

1. Earn a relevant bachelors degree

Earn a Bachelors Degree in Computer Programming, Software Engineering, Computer Science, Graphic Design or a similar field that focuses on programming and design. You may also want to enroll in a coding “boot camp” to learn the basic skills you will need as a UI developer.

2. Gain marketable skills

Be sure to enroll in courses that will teach the following skills to help prepare you for a career as a UI developer:

3. Create an online portfolio

Showcase your best digital content samples by creating an online portfolio website that you can link to your resume. You can do this through any number of free portfolio websites or document-sharing applications. Take on freelance projects and include your best coursework to build your portfolio as you earn a degree.

4. Become proficient in graphic design tools

Since user interface development relies heavily on graphic design principles, its important to learn the programs that support this work. UI developers utilize Adobe Creative Suite platforms to build graphic content frameworks as they create an interface.

5. Earn web development certifications

Show potential employers you continue to stay current with industry trends by earning well-respected certifications like these:

UI developer salary

A UI developer and a front-end developer have similar objectives to create a smooth experience for users as they interact with a website or mobile application. However, their processes, tools and job responsibilities differ. Here are some of the unique job aspects of a UI developer vs. a front-end developer:

UI developer

Front-end developer


What do UI programmers do?

What is a user interface programmer? A user interface programmer is tasked with using front end technology to bring creative software design concepts to life. They must be able to form an understanding of the user interface design solution from both its practical and creative vision.

What are the skills required to become UI developer?

Marketable programming skills for UI developers include HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, JSON, jQuery, Java, Ruby on Rails, and SQL database development. UI devs will also benefit from learning Photoshop, Flash, Flex and Illustrator from the Adobe Creative Suite.

Is UI developer a good career?

Yes, UI design can be a very good career, providing ample opportunities and a competitive salary. There are, in fact, quite a few benefits to a career as a UI Designer. If you have a fine eye for visuals and a strong creative impulse, UI design can be a great way to scratch that itch.

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