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The author of this article, Graduate Software Developer at ThoughtWorks Natasha Postolovski, will provide advice on how to ace a job interview for a junior developer. You can follow her on Twitter: @npostolovski.

Interviewing for a junior developer position can be a little intimidating. Some junior developers may be attending their first-ever job interview today. Others might be having their first software development interview rather than their first job interview. You may have read horrifying accounts of students solving extremely difficult computer science problems on a whiteboard or even over the phone. For 99% of Junior Developer roles, the interview process is more about showcasing a passion for technology and a great attitude than it is about flexing your technical muscles. This may be true of the most competitive companies, like Google and Facebook.

It’s time for your first interview as a junior developer if you enjoy coding and understand the fundamentals well.

Set up a technical interview practice session with a professional today if you want to ace your interview!

What to expect at your Junior Developer interview

What steps do you take to improve UI design?

This kind of question can help the interviewer understand how you prioritize this concept in your design projects, which is an important aspect of software development. Describe your experience streamlining applications to increase user engagement and experience.

For instance, “I first assess the application’s usability and navigability, after which I concentrate on creating sequential tasks, such as adhering to a sequence to shop for items, add items to an online cart, and make purchases.” By focusing on end goals and the steps users take to get there, I make the UI design as straightforward, direct, and effective as possible. ”.

General questions

When you first meet the interviewer, they’ll probably begin by asking you a few open-ended questions to get to know you. Consider the examples below to get a sense of what to expect when the interview first starts:

Given our company’s existing CSS framework, what would you do to change or improve it?

The interviewer might question you about using your abilities to advance their organization’s success. This query can help the interviewer learn more about your commitment to helping your team and organization succeed. Give specific examples of how you would help the company improve processes to demonstrate your enthusiasm for the position. Make sure to connect your examples to the company knowledge you have.

Since Semantic UI can be complex, I’ve noticed that your company uses it and that it makes theme customization difficult. Along with this flaw, Semantic UI isn’t effectively designed for overriding project variables. In this case, I’d advise ditching Semantic entirely and switching to Bootstrap. Additionally to enabling variable overrides and non-semantic markups, it can give you more streamlined functionality. “.

Interview Questions for Junior Software Developers:

Reveals the candidate’s character and passion for the industry.

How would you troubleshoot software bugs?

Reveals knowledge of coding practices and problem-solving skills.

What skills do you think are important for a junior software developer?

Demonstrates the candidates understanding of the role and their function.

Traditional Junior Software Developer interview questions

Traditional interview questions are those youre probably familiar with. They assist your interviewer in discovering more about your character, your driving forces, your objectives, etc.

While the questions are fairly standard, be sure to express in your answers how passionate you are about software development.

The Interview Sequence

Junior developers will often proceed through multiple rounds of interviews. Typically, this will begin with a phone call or email exchange before moving through the following stages, though not necessarily in that order:

  • Coding Challenge
  • Cultural Interview/Initial Conversation
  • Code Challenge Review
  • Technical Interview
  • Some businesses combine these interviews, while others may spread them across multiple interviews.

    When you are preparing for an interview but are unsure of what to expect, it can be intimidating. Luckily, there are ways to be prepared.

    Junior developer job role and responsibilities

    A jr. Although a developer’s position is entry-level, they should be familiar with fundamental programming languages like JavaScript, C++, HTML5, Python, and Golang.

    They assist the technical team with all coding and software development tasks, including writing code and managing code. The work of jr. developers is often divided into back-end and front-end development.

    A jr. developer’s code must be clean and easy to maintain. Additionally, they will require knowledge of databases and different operating systems.


    How do I prepare for a junior developer interview?

    Junior developer interview questions
    1. What is your preferred programming language? …
    2. What steps do you take to troubleshoot your code? …
    3. How would you improve our existing CSS framework? …
    4. How would you explain APIs to a non-technical team member? .
    5. How do you ensure code quality? …
    6. What source control do you use? …
    7. Explain AJAX.

    What should a junior software developer know?

    Required skills for a junior software developer include familiarity with HTML, JavaScript, C++, and Python Basic ability to write code. Knowledge of databases, data structures, and operating systems. Good working knowledge of email systems and web pages.

    Why should we hire you as a junior developer?

    Sincerely, I have the qualifications and experience you’re seeking. I am fairly certain that I am the best applicant for this position. Along with my experience from previous projects, my people skills will also be useful in this role.

    What happens at a junior software engineer interview?

    If your first interview goes well, you might be asked to take a technical interview. Coding problems are frequently required during technical interviews to demonstrate your programming skills and give the hiring managers an idea of your aptitude. You should undoubtedly get ready in advance for technical interviews.

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