java interview questions for 10 years experience

AT&T Java Interview Questions and Answers | 10 + years Experienced

55. Briefly explain the term Spring Framework.

Spring is essentially defined as an application framework and inversion of control containers for Java. The spring framework creates enterprise applications in Java. Especially useful to keep in mind that the spring frameworks central features are essentially conducive to any Java application.

50. What is a JSP page?

JSP is an abbreviation for Java Servlet Page. The JSP page consists of two types of text.

java interview questions for 10 years experience

JDBC is an abbreviation for Java Database Connector.

JDBC is an abstraction layer used to establish connectivity between an existing database and a Java application

29. What are Brief Access Specifiers and Types of Access Specifiers?

Access Specifiers are predefined keywords used to help JVM understand the scope of a variable, method, and class. We have four access specifiers.

  • Public Access SpecifierÂ
  • Private Access SpecifierÂ
  • Protected Access SpecifierÂ
  • Default Access Specifier
  • java interview questions for 10 years experience


    How do I prepare for Java interview for 10 years?

    Which topics to prepare for Java interviews?
    1. Java Fundamentals.
    2. Data Structure and Algorithms.
    3. Object-Oriented Concepts.
    4. Multithreading, concurrency, and thread basics.
    5. Java Collections Framework.
    6. Date type conversion and fundamentals.
    7. Array.
    8. Garbage Collection.

    How do I interview a Java candidate?

    Most Popular Java Interview Questions and Answers
    • Q #1) What is JAVA? …
    • Q #2) What are the features of JAVA? …
    • Q #3) How does Java enable high performance? …
    • Q #4) Name the Java IDE’s? …
    • Q #5) What do you mean by Constructor? …
    • Q #6) What is meant by the Local variable and the Instance variable? …
    • Q #7) What is a Class?

    What are the questions asked in Java interview for freshers?

    Top interview questions for a Java developer
    1. Provide a clear introduction about your company and project. …
    2. Ask your candidate about previous work experience if available. …
    3. Give a simple programming problem for your candidate to solve.

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