Incurred Expenses: Definition and Examples

Incurred Expenses are costs that a business will owe after receiving goods or services. All goods and services that need to be paid off at a later date fall under the umbrella of incurred expenses.

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Examples of incurred expenses

Incurred expenses can include the following:

What are incurred expenses?

Since these fees will be paid in the future, they are also referred to as accrued expenses until they are paid off. Incurred expenses are fees that have been charged to a business but have not yet been reimbursed by the company. An expense is incurred whenever a company makes a purchase but has not yet paid for it.

Costs are incurred by businesses to meet their ongoing needs. To better manage their financial resources, they frequently defer these costs to be paid on credit; however, a company is still liable for any costs associated with running their business.

The difference between incurred and paid expenses

If an outstanding fee has been paid, that is what separates an expense from being incurred and paid. Unpaid expenses that were incurred have been charged or billed. In other words, an expense is the cost associated with the consumption of an asset.

A paid expense has been paid off by the company. For instance, a business might have $550 worth of office supplies delivered to the location. They receive a bill for the goods, and the accounting division records this as an expense that was incurred. The $550 in office supplies is now a paid expense once they pay the invoice.

Monthly rent is another illustration of a paid versus incurred expense. If a business rents an office for $3,000 per month, it has incurred and paid that expense. The deposit has been paid, so the previous month’s rent is considered a paid expense. However, up until the subsequent due date, the rent is regarded by the business as an incurred expense.

Why companies pay attention to incurred expenses

A company’s incurred expenses represent the amount it owes as a result of periodic or one-time charges. Accountants use these figures to determine a companys financial state. They must understand how much cash is currently available in a company’s bank account to settle bills related to expenses incurred over the past few days, weeks, months, or even years.

Management will need to decide how to spend money and allocate funds effectively if a company has more expenses than it can afford. Companies that manage their expenses will generate more profit.

Incurred expenses FAQ

To help you better comprehend this business concept, the following frequently asked questions about incurred expenses are provided:

How do you record incurred expenses?

Accrued expenses are what are recorded as such in an accounting platform or spreadsheet. These records are kept and reported for predetermined financial periods.

Is depreciation considered an incurred expense?

Depreciation is an expense that is incurred and must be recorded as such for accounting purposes. Depreciation is the process by which an asset (such as stock or commercial equipment) loses value over time.

What if you budget for an incurred expense but actually pay less?

You would classify the amount saved as a profit if you were prepared to pay one price for an expense but the charge came in at a lower amount.

Do some businesses incur more debt than others?

It’s possible for a startup or younger company to incur more costs even though they vary by industry and how a business operates. New businesses frequently get financial support, either in the form of loans or venture capital.

While a loan would become an expense along with any other costs for starting the business to provide goods or services, venture capital typically provides funds in exchange for a portion of the company’s profits.

What does a business do if they accumulate too many incurred expenses?

When a company has too many expenses, it concentrates on paying down debt and minimizing ongoing costs. Another way a business can recover is through bankruptcy. Usually a last resort only when all other efforts have failed

Are all incurred expenses paid within a certain period of time?

Yes, although the time frame can vary, all incurred expenses must be paid within a certain amount of time. Some costs may be incurred over a few weeks (like incidental supplies) or several years (like the remaining balance on a loan or mortgage).

Are incurred expenses counted as a profit or a loss?

Expenses incurred represent a debt that is regarded as a loss. When the debt is paid off, it is however recorded as an accrued expense.


What are examples of expenses incurred?

Examples of incurred expenses Payroll: Labor costs are incurred because employees provide services before receiving payment. Most businesses pay employees every two weeks. Employee labor represents an incurred cost during the interval between recurring payments.

What does incurred cost mean in accounting?

An expense that a business assumes responsibility for as a result of using or otherwise benefiting from an asset is known as an incurred cost. The principle for expense recognition under the accrual accounting concept serves as the foundation for the concept of an “incurred cost.”

Why are expenses are incurred?

Expenses are incurred when a resource is consumed. Using up a resource physically or through the passage of time are both ways to consume it.

What does incurred mean in accounting?

In accounting, particularly when using the accrual accounting method, the term “incurred” refers to the requirement that all transactions be recorded as they happen. This is regardless of their nature. Therefore, regardless of when they are paid, transactions must be recorded when they are made.

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