What Are Incremental Sales? Definition, Benefits and Tips

Incremental sales is a KPI used to gauge the efficacy of a marketing campaign. It’s the difference in actual sales you generate during a specific promotion and the sales you estimate you would have generated without the promotion over the same period.

Incremental sales

Why are incremental sales important?

It is crucial to understand your company’s incremental sales numbers because they demonstrate the success of your marketing efforts, including the contributions of your marketing affiliates. You must know the cost and revenue from additional sales it generated in order to assess the effectiveness of any marketing action. Typically, the cost of an effective marketing campaign is lower than the additional revenue it generates. Companies are better able to plan their future marketing initiatives when they can determine whether investing in particular marketing channels is worthwhile of their time, effort, and resources.

Additional to the organization as a whole, incremental sales are a crucial metric for particular departments. Salespeople can evaluate their effectiveness at turning qualified leads into paying customers by looking at these sales. Additionally, managers of sales and marketing can determine which of their initiatives is more effective at luring new business.

What is the definition of incremental sales?

The additional units of a product that businesses sell to consumers or retailers as a result of a sales promotion are known as incremental sales. These are sales that are higher than what businesses might have made without the particular promotion. Incremental sales can demonstrate the success of a particular marketing initiative in increasing sales. When a customer makes an incremental sale, they do so in response to a particular action, campaign, or partner.

Metrics for measuring incremental sales

In general, you count the number of new customers to calculate incremental sales. However, by utilizing these metrics, you can extract specific information from the incremental sales figures:

How to measure incremental sales

When calculating the extra sales a marketing campaign brought about, take into account the following steps:

1. Establish your metrics

It’s crucial to choose the type of marketing or affiliate campaign you want to evaluate and the metrics you want to use before you calculate your incremental sales. An incremental sale can mean various things, depending on precisely what you want to measure. For instance, you might only want to evaluate sales from a particular affiliate program or internal marketing campaigns. It’s crucial that you decide what constitutes a new customer.

2. Determine your baseline sales

The baseline sales represent the sales that would have occurred absent the particular marketing initiative or promotion that you are evaluating. Determining the incremental sales requires having a precise estimate of your baseline sales. It describes the success of the corresponding good or service without the help of a marketing campaign. By reviewing prior sales levels and reviewing your sales history, you can typically determine baseline sales.

3. Use the formula to determine your incremental sales

Once you are aware of your baseline sales, you can calculate your incremental sales by deducting them from the total sales for a specific period of time. The incremental sales formula is:

Incremental sales = total sales – baseline sales

Tips for improving incremental sales

Here are some tips for increasing your incremental sales figures:


How do you do incremental sales?

Baseline sales and total sales, which are both important terms in this context, equal incremental sales. The amount of revenue you would have made without a promotion or marketing campaign is known as baseline sales. Given that it establishes the baseline, it is a crucial metric in the incremental sales formula.

What does incremental mean in business?

What Does Incremental Mean in Business? Incremental refers to an increase that happens gradually. Given some specific benchmarks, it might increase your ad spend and product exposure over a predetermined period of time. The conversion that results from your marketing or promotional activity is known as an incremental sale.

What does incremental mean in marketing?

The lift or increase in the desired outcome (such as awareness, web visits, conversions, revenue, or profitability) brought on by marketing activity is known as incrementality in marketing.

What are incremental customers?

All Closing Date customers who are not Base Budget customers or Base Non-Budget customers are referred to as Incremental Customers.

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