Tips for Improving Your Public-Speaking Skills

4 Tips To IMPROVE Your Public Speaking – How to CAPTIVATE an Audience

Use body language effectively

Keeping the audience interested and assisting them in connecting with the information you are presenting can be done by making them feel included in the speech. Here are some easy strategies for engaging your audience when you speak in public:

Work on your delivery

When speaking in front of an audience, your communication style matters. Even if the content of your speech is flawless, the audience must be able to hear and comprehend what you are saying. Here are some examples to help you improve your delivery:

Cut out the filler

Leave out any extraneous words like “um” or “ah,” as they may detract from your point. Having a general outline of your speech with you can prevent you from stumbling over your words when you’re unsure of what to say next. However, memorizing a script should be avoided as it may be dangerous if you omit a word or phrase.

Speak slowly and enunciate

To ensure that your words are clearly heard, speak more slowly than you would in a typical conversation. Be careful to articulate your words.


Occasionally pause your speech to give your audience a chance to process what you just said. Right after you’ve made a point, explained something, or posed a question, pausing can be especially helpful. (For instance, after asking, “What kind of leader do you think you are?,” pause for a second.)

Use the correct tone of voice

Work on your tone of voice. Speak loudly enough for the group to hear. Instead of speaking in a monotone, use varying pitch to captivate the audience. Listen to well-known TED talks or public speakers you respect to hear examples of engaging voice modulation.

Make your presentation interesting

When presented properly, even a boring subject can be made interesting. Look for ways to make your speech or presentation more interesting for the audience rather than just listing facts. Consider using some of these public speaking tips:

Practice often

When giving a speech or presentation, a good public speaker will be organized. The best advice for enhancing public speaking abilities is to practice frequently. Prepare your speech in advance and repeatedly read it out loud. Practice alone at first, then seek input from a friend or coworker. You can also make a recording of yourself practicing the presentation to help you spot and correct any potential issues with your delivery or body language.

You’ll be less likely to make mistakes with your speech in front of an audience if you feel very comfortable with the subject. Regular practice can help you overcome any stage fright you experience before an audience. Even though some degree of trepidation prior to a significant speech or presentation is normal, feeling fully prepared as a result of regular practice can increase your confidence when the time comes.

Being a skilled public speaker can help advance your career even if a position doesn’t require you to speak at conferences or chair meetings for the entire company. Effective and confident communication is crucial in a wide range of roles, including those of managers, salespeople, and teachers.

Make use of these pointers to hone your public speaking abilities and increase your comfort level when speaking in front of an audience. Whether you’re looking for a new job or simply want to advance in your current position, improving your public speaking skills is a wise career choice.


How do I improve my public speaking skills?

How to Become a Better Public Speaker
  1. Study Great Public Speakers.
  2. Relax Your Body Language.
  3. Practice Voice and Breath Control.
  4. Prepare Talking Points.
  5. Know Your Audience.
  6. Add a Visual Aid.
  7. Rehearse.
  8. Record Your Speeches.

How can I improve my public speaking skills at home?

4 Ways to Sharpen Your Public-Speaking Skills From Home
  1. Watch one TED Talk a day. Every day, allot 18 minutes to watch a TED Talk.
  2. Record yourself. …
  3. Practice in front of family and pets. …
  4. Read books on communication skills.

What are 5 ways to improve your speaking skills?

But like any other skill, you can improve your spoken English if you practise regularly and follow these simple techniques.
  • Listen. Working on your listening skills is actually the first step to enhancing your speaking abilities.
  • Imitate. …
  • Read. …
  • Reflect. …
  • Prepare. …
  • Speak. …
  • Practise.

What are the 5 techniques in public speaking?

That’s why we’ve put together five quick tips to help make you a better public speaker:
  • Know Your Audience. …
  • Work From An Outline. …
  • Tell A Story. …
  • Use Inclusive Language. …
  • Prepare For Questions.

How can I improve my public speaking weakness?

  1. Know your topic. …
  2. Get organized. …
  3. Practice, and then practice some more. …
  4. Challenge specific worries. …
  5. Visualize your success. …
  6. Do some deep breathing. …
  7. Focus on your material, not on your audience. …
  8. Don’t fear a moment of silence.

What are the 13 effective public speaking techniques?

Key Points
  • Plan appropriately.
  • Practice.
  • Engage with your audience.
  • Pay attention to body language.
  • Think positively.
  • Cope with your nerves.
  • Watch recordings of your speeches.

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