What Is Idea Management? 18 Idea Management Tools To Try

Idea management tools are essential for businesses of all sizes and in all industries. Not only do they help to improve creativity, but they also streamline the process of managing ideas from conception to implementation. An idea management tool provides a centralized platform for the collection, organization, and sharing of ideas. It allows for collaboration between team members and encourages creativity. By effectively managing ideas, businesses can save time and money, reduce risk, and increase their potential for success.
Idea management tools can also be used to keep track of ideas, helping an organization identify trends in their creative thinking and identify opportunities for improvement. By tracking the progress of ideas and their eventual outcome, businesses can gain valuable insight into their creative process. This information can help them determine which ideas are worth pursuing and which need to be discarded. Additionally, a good idea management tool will make it easy to store, share, and access ideas, allowing teams to share their ideas with each other quickly and easily.

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What is idea management?

Idea management is the process of gathering your numerous business concepts, determining their worth, and compiling them into a straightforward software application or data management suite. Everyone in your company can contribute ideas and concepts to a digital idea pool using excellent idea management tools. Then, your team can utilize these concepts and collaborate with others in your company to put them into practice. This concept provides many benefits, including:

Using a straightforward web-based interface, effective idea management software interacts with clients, managers, staff members, and executives to gather ideas into a centralized database that the entire office can access. Beyond simple brainstorming sessions, idea management software can completely change the way a business operates by bringing in more ideas and fostering a thriving creative network.

18 idea management tools

Here are popular 18 idea management tools to try:

1. Brightidea

To get you started, Brightidea provides you with a straightforward template that you can use to begin your idea management process. These templates adapt to your needs and offer options for particular business types, including yours. With Brightidea’s scaling system, you can modify the scope and size of your idea management. Additionally, you can use digital pens and markers to write on sheets of paper, upload images, and make stickers.

2. Coda

With the help of this software, companies can produce new documents for each idea they implement. With the help of this feature, you can create detailed information about an idea, including its goal, overall scope, and key design principles. Following that, you can distribute this data to as many users of your platform as you like, including an unlimited number of document editors and viewers. Track the development of these ideas from their inception through planning and execution using a variety of automatically generated tables and other visual components.

3. COMPASS Quality Management System

Users of COMPASS have access to a project portfolio management system that can compile and rank a variety of concepts and help management teams better comprehend these ideas. It places a strong emphasis on the management team, enabling them to gather data, offer feedback, modify ideas, and schedule their execution. Additional statistical analysis tools in this package, like the average idea generation time, aid in project managers’ comprehension of this crucial data. Employers can receive ideation training from managers using this software.

4. Craft.io

Craft. Io focuses on establishing a communication channel between project managers and their staff. On this platform, staff members can submit ideas, arrange meetings with their managers, and have in-person or online discussions about each concept. This software’s tools include stakeholder management, feedback analysis, road mapping options, and decision-making analytics. Since this platform’s simple programs work best with small teams of 10 to 20 people, the majority of users concentrate on small-scale work with it.

5. edison365

This program integrates with a variety of office suites and makes it relatively simple to gather ideas from all over your company. The main goal of edison365 is action, so it has tools and programs that make your ideas a reality. Planning software, basic design platforms, and collaborative spaces where you can work with others and present ideas to turn your concept into reality are some of these tools. To save money and speed up their ideation, users can choose the full software suite or purchase individual programs.

6. Glint Innovation

Glint Innovation focuses on collaboration and idea generation by giving various businesses a variety of platforms. It runs on a variety of software platforms, including different mobile and tablet operating systems. This mobile-based design enables your management team and staff to generate ideas while off the clock. Additionally, you can incorporate different scheduling tools that your team can use when establishing collaboration sessions. This active and interesting idea management option is made possible by prompt feedback and prompt alerts.

7. Ideanote

When developing ideas, Ideanote offers a straightforward platform that puts employees and customers first. Online forms can be made by users and shared with customers to collect feedback and suggestions for how to improve a business. Using the collective digital collection, staff members can evaluate these concepts, generate their own new ideas, and contrast them. Ideanote offers complete customization across all of its programs, including the ability to add as many users as you like and organize these concepts using a variety of search options.

8. IdeaScale

IdeaScale is an interactive platform for idea sharing that focuses on connecting businesses to people and ideas. They concentrate on identifying conceptual gaps as well as gathering ideas. These blind spots could consist of unforeseen costs or development costs that IdeaScale assists in identifying. On this platform, you can also network with other businesses and contact them to exchange ideas. For businesses with multiple operating partners, this program is a great choice because of its distinctively connected design.

9. Ideawake

Ideawake concentrates on a quick onboarding procedure that allows businesses to start using their software in less than an hour. It also connects various businesses cooperating under one umbrella using quick onboarding tools like automatic data syncing. The live collaboration environment is still this platform’s greatest asset because it enables you to collaborate via video and text chat while simultaneously gathering information from various departments and locations. In order to collect data while your employees are not at work, you can also use offline programs.

10. Idea Drop

Idea Drop has platforms made for large businesses, including those employing more than 100 people. Access to unlimited editing and viewing as a member makes collaboration easier and more effective. Create platforms with many users so that each person can share ideas, work with others in a virtual chatroom, gather cutting-edge concepts, and easily develop them. Idea Drop, renowned for its cloud-based architecture, is appropriate for big businesses with a sizable virtual workforce.

11. MangoApps

The unified employee experience platform offered by MangoApps is designed to keep your team connected and productive. Its contents include a single dashboard and workplace that streamlines your business and gives your employees a straightforward working environment. You can keep tabs on training requirements, idea execution, and teamwork abilities. This platform is open to all users, giving them access to a clear and straightforward operating environment. You can choose which programs you use and combine them into a single entity thanks to the widget-based design.

12. Planbox

Planbox makes use of a crowdsourcing platform to gather executives, stockholders, customers, and employees into one group. The main objectives of this software include monitoring the workflow procedures used to carry out your plan. These procedures may involve generating ideas in virtual meetings, engineering them, determining whether they are compatible with corporate strategy, and assigning priorities.

13. Planview Spigit

Planview Spigit distinguishes itself from other idea management systems by incorporating a number of analytics tools. These analytical programs take user analysis, idea potential, and concept development time into account. Planview uses a straightforward modular design that enables you to choose the software you want to use and only pay for what you need. Manufacturing businesses, energy companies, health care businesses, and financial services firms are among the clients of this program. Each program includes options suited to these unique markets.

14. Qmarkets Innovation Management

The executive interaction between stakeholders, employees, managers, and even customers is the focus of Qmarkets Innovation Management. Its main objective is to give these decision-makers access to the diverse viewpoints held by these groups. Through its straightforward programs, executives can schedule meetings, review various concepts, go over their cost implications, and offer feedback on each idea. Because this platform enables executives and entry-level employees to collaborate on ideation and problem-solving, businesses that value open operations may find value in it.

15. Rever

Rever serves as a frontline operations platform, offering managers and entry-level employees practical assistance with idea management. It puts a lot of emphasis on giving these lower-level staff members more freedom to share their concepts and ideas, as well as a platform where managers and executives can interact with them. Managers can monitor business priorities, participate in participation tracking, and recognize everyone who contributes. Rever enables managers to recognize and reward these creative employees for their efforts.

16. SAP Innovation Management

For smaller businesses, SAP Innovation Management offers a platform for small-scale idea management. This platform may be useful for businesses with between 10 and 20 employees because it offers a variety of pricing options and is flexible enough for smaller businesses. For instance, you can quickly choose the size of a spreadsheet, decide what information you want to gather, and use different analytics software to monitor the development of an idea. Predictive features in these analytics tools can estimate when your business will be done developing and incorporating this new idea.

17. Viima

Viima offers a distinctive one-stop platform that facilitates the planning of each ideation step. It includes tools for gathering ideas, such as simple search tools to find ideas that might be worthwhile. Using real-time collaboration platforms, you can also work directly with each idea contributor. Users who purchase full platform access can use it more easily than those who download numerous software tools. Additionally, it has a completely adaptable program layout with interchangeable windows and moveable spreadsheets.

18. Wazoku

Wazoku places a lot of emphasis on teamwork and bringing people together to improve workplace concepts. For instance, it offers flexible video chat choices and text chat rooms where your staff can discuss fresh concepts. Wazoku also offers options for critical analysis and intelligent feedback, enabling your staff, clients, and executives to improve ideas in real-time. Real-time analysis makes brainstorming more effective by facilitating an easier exchange of ideas.

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What is idea management tools?

Increasing employee engagement: By involving all team members in the generation and management of new ideas, an idea management tool immediately makes them feel more appreciated and makes their work more evident.

What is meant by idea management?

Idea management is a structured process for creating, capturing, discussing, and improving, organizing, evaluating, and prioritizing valuable insight or unconventional thinking that would not have otherwise emerged through regular processes.

What is innovation management platform?

Through multiple stages of evaluation and the selection of the best ideas for implementation, innovation management software enables the digital management of enterprise innovation from idea generation by internal and external sources.

What is idea generation software?

A byproduct of social networking is idea generation software, which enables businesses to hear real-time, dynamic solutions from their customer base, business partners, and fully engaged industry experts.

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