hvac technician salary colorado

The average salary for a hvac technician is $29.97 per hour in Colorado and $6,750 overtime per year.

What does a HVAC Technician do?

An HVAC technician deals with the repair, maintenance and installation of a home or business’s heating and cooling systems, including refrigeration. HVAC technicians, sometimes referred to as HVACR, are trained to update units for increased energy efficiency and performance, and to meet the most current government regulations.


Highest paying cities for HVAC Technicians in Colorado

  1. Denver, CO

    $30.73 per hour
    329 salaries reported
  2. Englewood, CO

    $29.99 per hour
    33 salaries reported
  3. Broomfield, CO

    $29.81 per hour
    28 salaries reported
  1. Colorado Springs, CO

    $28.69 per hour
    210 salaries reported
  2. Fort Collins, CO

    $28.05 per hour
    151 salaries reported
  3. Arvada, CO

    $27.44 per hour
    13 salaries reported
  1. Thornton, CO

    $27.25 per hour
    12 salaries reported


How can I know if I am being paid fairly as an HVAC technician?

If you’re unsure about what salary is appropriate for an HVAC technician, visit Indeed’s Salary Calculator to get a free, personalized pay range based on your location, industry, and experience.

How much do similar professions to HVAC technicians get paid?

Check the below indeed career pages for the detailed pay ranges for the similar professions to HVAC technician:

How much do HVAC techs make Colorado?

HVAC technicians earn an average yearly salary of $57,230. Wages typically start from $36,910 and go up to $79,020.

How much do HVAC installers make in Colorado?

The average salary for a hvac installer is $26.57 per hour in Colorado and $6,750 overtime per year. 735 salaries reported, updated at August 18, 2022.

Is Colorado a good state for HVAC?

Colorado is also a top 10 state for average median pay rates in the field, and HVAC is one of the state’s fastest-growing skilled trades*.

How much does an HVAC tech make in Denver?

The average salary for a hvac technician is $30.68 per hour in Denver, CO and $6,750 overtime per year. 323 salaries reported, updated at August 22, 2022.

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