human resource position interview questions

What are the top 10 HR interview questions?
  • Why did you decide to apply to this role? …
  • What experience do you have that would be relevant to this role? …
  • Tell me about your experience in … …
  • What did you like most about the job description? …
  • Why are you leaving your current job? / Why did you leave your previous job?

HR ASSISTANT Interview Questions & Answers (Human Resources Interview Prep!)

General Human Resources Interview Questions

Any experienced HR professional can claim a background and competency in implementing the core HR responsibilities such as day-to-day employee relations, personnel transactions, and recruiting employees. Ask this type of question to get at your candidates core HR skills.

  • Describe the HR functions that were under your leadership and control in your most recent HR job.
  • What are your favorite components of the overall HR role? What do you enjoy doing the most?
  • Where did you find yourself investing the most time in your most recent HR role?
  • What would you list as HRs most significant contributions in your most recent HR department?
  • Describe your experience managing and maintaining a Human Resources Information System (HRIS)? (You can ask this last question about any component of HR that was thus far not mentioned by the candidate. Or, use the question to ask about an HR component for which you need a person with experience, a core requirement of the person you eventually hire.)
  • Use Sample Questions to Select the Most Qualified HR Job Applicant

    human resource position interview questions

    human resource position interview questions

    Looking for interview questions that you can ask the applicants for your Human Resources jobs? These sample interview questions are suitable for your HR candidates as well as for managers and other potential employees.

    Some of these favorite interview questions will also work well when you interview potential HR employees. But, you also need to identify whether your candidates have the special characteristics and capabilities that are needed in HR.

    These questions must assess the capability of the applicant to perform the new roles of the HR professional.

    To do this, you need to ask interview questions that will identify your candidates competencies in these critical areas. How capable will your candidate be as a:

    Because these competencies exist in addition to the other core human and employee relations, administrative, employment law, personnel, and transactional expectations of the HR professional, these questions are key to identify your most qualified candidate.

    4. What HR systems are you familiar with?

    You may never have worked with HR systems before or have little knowledge of what exists on the market. All HR departments use a system to track employee data and pull statistics. Do some research on what types of systems exist. If you have never used one, be honest. A solid answer to this question would be, for example:

    “I imagine that to track employee data efficiently, every HR department uses a database of some type. I haven’t had the opportunity to use any of these systems so far. I look forward to learning about how they make an HR department more efficient.”


    How do I pass HR interview question?

    How to prepare for an HR interview
    1. Research the company you’re interviewing with. …
    2. Research the person who is interviewing you. …
    3. Carefully read the job description and understand every point, as well as how your own skills fulfil all the requirements. …
    4. Review your CV and be prepare to answer questions about it, as well.

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