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The interview is one of the most important steps in the hiring process. As a human resources professional, it is critical to understand what questions to ask to ensure the best candidate is selected. When it comes to interviewing potential employees, asking the right questions can make all the difference. This blog post will provide you with some of the best HR interview questions that you can use to ensure you get the best candidate for the job. From questions about their past experience to more specific ones about their skills, these questions will help you form a comprehensive understanding of the candidate and make the best choice for your organization. Through these questions, you can gain a better understanding of the candidate’s personality, character, and work ethic, and make the best decision for your organization. Each question is designed to assess the candidate’s knowledge, capabilities, and experience to help you make an informed decision for your company. By the end of this post, you should have a better understanding of the kind of questions you

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Interviews for Top Jobs at Hudson River Trading

Algorithm Developer Interview


I interviewed at Hudson River Trading


It was a code signal test with 4 questions with a 90 minute time limit. You can prepare for this test by doing the Code Signal practice tests once a day

Interview Questions

  • There was a pandas question, and the rest could be completed using only rudimentary Python skills.

Quant Dev Interview


I interviewed at Hudson River Trading


First round interview: brain teasers and stats and probabilities. First part is resume review and why HRT. Following that is the brain teaser and stats questions. Finally the standard reverse interview.

Interview Questions

  • Asking about stats questions. Basic p-value problem.

Software Engineer(Internship) Interview


I applied online. The process took 1 week. I interviewed at Hudson River Trading in Nov 2022


Online assessment with 4 parts – Write a program that can add two binary strings (without leading zeroes) – Do not remember 2, but it was an easy question – Complete the calculator class

Interview Questions

  • – Finish the calculator class and write a program that can add two binary strings (without leading zeroes) I don’t remember question number 2, but it was a simple one.

Note: Before reading the accuracy and sourcing of these issues, make sure you have read the disclaimer on the previous page.

Hover over to see average compensation details. This data was sourced from submissions at L1 Full Stack 175k – Base N. A. – Stock 100k – Bonus N. A. Infrastructure 200k – Base N. A. – Stock 200k – Bonus L1 Core dev 175k – Base N. A. – Stock 120k – Bonus L1 Trading Infrastructure 200k – Base N. A. – Stock 300k – Bonus Mid Data 200k – Base N. A. – Stock 100k – Bonus

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The models that power our trading are created and maintained by algorithm developers, who rely on their mathematical expertise to develop more effective trading strategies. A typical day involves performing meticulous statistical analysis on enormous amounts of market and financial data to create trading models that can be proven to be predictive.

With HRT’s distributed system being on the Pareto frontier of latency and throughput, you will have a tremendous learning opportunity as a Software Engineer on the Core Development team. Deep understanding of C++, OS internals, CPU architecture, and networking hardware and protocols will be acquired by you. And you’ll be surrounded by incredible developers who are constantly improving their craft. You’ll be amazed at what you accomplish.

Programmers who work closely with algorithm developers (ADs) are known as algorithm software engineers (AEs). The software that drives trading and research is the primary area of focus for AEs, who are typically the type of engineers who enjoy constant interaction and discussion. Their week would be made when they learned how their newest system allowed for completely new types of research. AEs are engineers with a diverse portfolio of projects, ranging from long-term ambitious new systems to fighting live fires, who don’t mind juggling multiple projects at once.

More interview rounds during COVID

Don’t worry too much if the bolded text makes you nervous as a potential candidate. The new questions don’t test your proficiency in applying a bloom filter, a fibonacci heap, or any other specialized knowledge. The person’s coding skills and ability to adapt to a new, collaborative environment are typically tested. This can appear in a variety of ways, such as during a live debugging session with a new codebase, while learning how to use new technology, or during a group brainstorming session for a challenging (harder) problem. You shouldn’t worry about these as much if you’re a good software engineer.

Adjusting my sleep schedule to get up at 5 or 6 AM so that I would be awake and on time for the interviews in New York and Chicago (I live in California so there was a 3 hour time difference) was one of the hardest things I had to do during the interview process. The majority of the time, businesses fly you out on the day of or the day before the on-site In the past, I was able to get a good night’s sleep before the interviews despite the fact that I always felt exhausted after a flight. Everything is virtual with COVID, and the employers expect you to interview during their hours.

I still had sleep issues even after gradually adjusting my sleep schedule over the course of a week or two. I personally get quite anxious before an on-site, so I would need to be sufficiently exhausted to get a good night’s sleep rather than tossing and turning in bed. Even after a week of adjusting, I suddenly discovered that I wasn’t tired enough to go to sleep on time the night before the interview. This caused me to consistently only get 6-7 hours of sleep rather than the 9 hours I usually get on game days, which was a major bummer.

I’m not sure how much the sleep issue actually affected my performance, but it was enough to make me nervous before the test.

NOTE: Citadel gets a plus for proactively spreading out my on-site work so I could get enough sleep for their interviews. This might depend on the specific team you’re interviewing with.


How difficult is HRT interview?

Interviews at Hudson River Trading: Frequently Asked Questions According to Glassdoor users, 45 percent of interviews go well. 0% positive with a difficulty rating score of 3. 28 out of 5 (where 1 is easy and 5 is very difficult)

Does Hudson River Trading pay well?

Based on 40 profiles, Hudson River Trading employees make an average salary of $661k, with most earning between $225k and $2911k annually. The top 10% of workers earn more than $980,000 annually.

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