How To Write a Letter for Counteroffer: Tips and Examples

Many people think receiving a job offer letter is the final step in securing a new position. However, negotiating for a better compensation package after receiving the offer is vital. An effective counteroffer is a great way to negotiate a compensation package and make a long-term difference in lifetime earnings. Learn what a counter offer letter is and how to write one. Review the template and example to prepare for your next negotiation.

A counteroffer letter is a written or email response by the applicant to the employer’s original job offer. In a counteroffer letter, candidates typically express their continued interest in a position but state that they desire a change in the terms of the original offer.

Should I Accept A Counter Offer From My Employer? Counter Offer Advice From A Recruiter

How to write a counteroffer letter

When writing a letter for a counteroffer, use a polite and professional tone and state your compensation requirements clearly and concisely. Format your counteroffer as a formal or business letter, which includes these steps:

This straightforward format allows the employer to easily read and understand your counteroffer and decide how they want to respond.

What is a counteroffer letter?

A counteroffer letter is a formal letter a job candidate writes to a hiring manager when theyre unsatisfied with the initial job offer. The individual usually states their interest in accepting the job but wants to negotiate its terms. A counteroffer letter can be a physical letter or an email. You might write a counteroffer letter if:

Counteroffer writing tips

Follow these tips to ensure you communicate your counteroffer to the hiring manager clearly:

If you and the hiring manager agree on a new offer, get it in writing so you have a record of your communications and expectations.

Counteroffer letter template

If you believe, based on the market and your experience, that you deserve better starting pay or benefits, use this template to write a counteroffer letter:

[Your full name]
[Street address]
[City, state, ZIP code]
[Phone number and/or email address]

[Todays date]

[Hiring managers full name]
[Company name and title]
[Street address]
[City, state, ZIP code]

Dear [Recipient name],

[Introduction emphasizing your interest in the position and stating the purpose of your letter.]

[Body paragraph(s) stating your request, reasons and supporting facts or data.]

[Conclusion repeating your enthusiasm for the position and providing a call to action.]

[Your name]

Counteroffer example letter

Here is an example of a well-written and properly formatted counteroffer letter:

Lee Harmon
75 Lacroix St.
Davis, CA 95617

October 25, 2020

Pat Contino
Director of Sales, Page Industries
910 Verdant Lane
Sacramento, CA 94211

Dear Mrs. Contino:

Thank you for offering me the Sales Associate position at Page Industries. I am extremely grateful for this opportunity and believe my 10 years of experience in manufacturing sales will make me a valuable asset to your team. I find your offer to be acceptable with a few minor changes.

I trust your base salary offer of $50,000 to be very generous but would like you to consider increasing my sales commission from 5% to 7.5%. I believe my long list of professional contacts and established relationships in the industry will allow me to add a significant number of new accounts to Page Industries. This is evidenced by the 10% growth in revenue earned through my sales efforts over the past five years with my previous employer.

I would also like to propose an additional 2.5% commission if I exceed my set annual sales goals. This figure is in line with what other manufacturing companies offer their sales team members for exceptional performance.

I truly believe my skills and experience make me the best candidate for Page Industries Sales Associate, and Im excited to join such a talented group of sales professionals. Please let me know if we can meet to discuss this offer in person. Thank you for your consideration.

Lee Harmon


How do you professionally counter an offer?

How to Negotiate a Counteroffer
  1. Know your value and the industry rate for your position. …
  2. Don’t rush it. …
  3. Don’t forget non-salary benefits. …
  4. Don’t push too hard. …
  5. Don’t say too much. …
  6. Know what’s really important to you. …
  7. Use a template to frame your request.

How do I ask my employer for a counter offer?

Now it’s time to call a meeting with your boss. Start the discussion by talking about what you like about your current job. Then gently but firmly bring up the counteroffer and its benefits, and ask whether your existing employer can offer you any incentives to stay.

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