How To Pursue Job Freedom (With Tips and Jobs To Consider)

Frustrated by your onsite job? Want to work remotely on a permanent basis? Then join the Great Resignation and find job freedom with a work from home lifestyle. Now that a large segment of the workforce has had an opportunity to choose how and when they work, it’s not surprising that many want to continue working remotely. Break the chains of onsite employment and find a renewed sense of purpose in these personal and professional freedoms achieved through telecommuting.

Is It Time To Change Jobs? The Freedom To Enjoy Life

What are the benefits of job freedom?

Job freedom often presents benefits for both your personal and professional life. It may also result in advantages for your employer. Understanding the advantages of job freedom can give you greater motivation to pursue it. Here are some benefits of job freedom for both employees and employers:

What is job freedom?

Job freedom refers to your ability to make choices in your workplace. It essentially means your freedom of thoughts, actions and words in this environment. Keep in mind that these thoughts, actions and words vary by person. For example, if you have job freedom, it may mean that you have a job with an unbiased platform where you can share feedback. It may also mean that you can set your own work hours thanks to a flexible schedule.

How to pursue job freedom

If your current position doesnt offer you job freedom, look for ways to attain it. Pursuing job freedom may also mean finding a new career altogether. Use these steps to pursue job freedom:

1. Define your job freedom

Before pursuing job freedom, define what it means to you. For example, consider whether its more important for you to have freedom regarding your work schedule or in how you complete your work. While some individuals strive for a flexible schedule, others want more independence in the workplace.

2. Justify your reason for wanting job freedom

When pursuing job freedom, you need a reason why its beneficial for both you and your employer. For example, a flexible schedule and less micromanaging can lead to greater productivity. Identify the reason you want job freedom so that you can pitch the idea with greater ease. Ultimately, you need a convincing case that your freedom has the potential to benefit the department or the company as a whole.

3. Plan the logistics

Make sure your request is possible from a practical point of view. For example, if you want to work remotely, ensure you have the necessary tools and technologies, such as high-speed internet access and a reliable desktop or laptop computer.

If other employees rely on your work to get their own accomplished, figure out a way to support them if you plan to work remotely. Keep in mind that you may need to convince not only your immediate supervisors but also your clients and customers. These parties need the reassurance that you can still meet deadlines and communicate regularly despite your off-site location.

4. Consider your alternatives

Despite your best efforts, your pitch may receive a rejection from your employer. However, this doesnt mean you cant revisit your proposal in the future. If you receive a denial, consider your options. For example, you can leave the company and look for another job that offers the freedom you desire, start your own business or work as a freelancer or consultant.

How to tell if you have freedom in your career

Along with freedom regarding your work schedule, you can also define job freedom in terms of your workplace dynamics and culture. For example, feeling like you can speak freely with your manager often indicates some level of job freedom. Here are a few ways to determine if you have job freedom as it relates to workplace dynamics:

Tips for pursuing job freedom

If your job currently lacks any sense of freedom, look for ways to attain it. Use these tips to pursue job freedom:

Jobs that offer freedom

Many careers in the workforce offer different forms of job freedom. Knowing which positions offer flexible scheduling, in particular, can help you attain a greater work-life balance. Here are five jobs that often come with flexible schedules and, therefore, job freedom:

Primary duties: Event planners organize and manage every aspect of a meeting or event. They meet with their clients to understand the events purpose, scout event venues, work with vendors, manage the budget and coordinate event services such as food and lodging.

Primary duties: Freelance writers create written content for companies, typically on a short-term or contract basis. Some projects they might work on include blog posts, service articles, marketing materials and press releases.

Primary duties: A web designer creates or redesigns websites for businesses and other organizations. They aim to make visually appealing websites. Web designers establish design guidelines, maintain a websites appearance and design various visual imagery for a website.

Primary duties: Graphic designers create digital images to communicate a message or promote a product or service. They meet with clients, use design software and select elements like typefaces and colors for their designs.

Primary duties: Tutors assist students of all ages with their schoolwork. They help students understand different subjects, help them improve their study habits and help them complete their homework and study for upcoming tests.


What are freedom jobs?

Job freedom refers to your ability to make choices in your workplace. It essentially means your freedom of thoughts, actions and words in this environment. Keep in mind that these thoughts, actions and words vary by person.

What does freedom at work mean to you?

Freedom at work means freedom from constraints, the choice to work non-traditional hours, the choice of job movements, and flexibility in every way.

Which job has the most freedom?

10 Best Jobs That Give You Freedom to Travel
  1. Writer/Blogger. Obviously, my current favorite of the lot is luxury travel and food writing. …
  2. Web Designer/Developer. …
  3. Photographer. …
  4. Import/Export Business or Reseller. …
  5. English Teacher. …
  6. Airline Employee. …
  7. Au Pair. …
  8. Tour Guide.

How do I get a job in freedom?

Here are the four steps you must take to create your freedom plan and grant yourself independence.
  1. Step 1: Link savings to a no-rush job search. …
  2. Step 2: Optimize your network. …
  3. Step 3: Trust in your market value. …
  4. Step 4: Gain buy-in from your partner.

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