How To Post a Video To IGTV (With Tips for Best Practices)

  1. From a computer, open your web browser and go to
  2. Go to your profile and click IGTV.
  3. Click Upload.
  4. Click and choose a video, or drag and drop a video file.
  5. Add a title and description. …
  6. Click Post.

Video is still the most valuable type of content online today, and more and more people are switching to using mobile devices for their online activities. Instagram isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. The only leading platform with full Instagram integration and support is IGTV, a vertical (mobile-first) video platform.

How to Upload an IGTV Video on Instagram (2022)

Reasons to post on IGTV

IGTV posts can be made by businesses and individual Instagram users for a number of reasons, such as:

Facilitating a Q&A discussion

IGTV videos can be used by brands or social media influencers to host a Q&A session and address their audience members’ concerns. This can enable customers to learn more about a business’s mission, values, and staff without visiting the brand’s website or calling customer service.

If customers can interact with a corporate representative in a casual and conversational manner, like through a video on a social media platform, they may feel more connected to the brand. This may also enable staff members of an organization to educate their audience on pertinent industry news and discover more about the preferences and aspirations of their target market for new products.

Streaming an industry-related event

A business can use an IGTV video to stream an industry event, provide its followers with virtual access to a storefront’s grand opening, or upload video of a fashion show. Giving Instagram followers special access to a live event may increase customers’ sense of connection to a brand.

Influencers can also use this video platform to give their followers a glimpse into their professional lives, brand partnerships, and the events they attend. When brand ambassadors or social media influencers post videos from live events like conferences or trade shows, their followers might be inspired to interact with the content, which can boost Instagram analytics and engagement rates.

Uploading a how-to or tutorial

A clever way for Instagram users to create a product tutorial or how-to video is by posting an IGTV video. Similar to a television cooking show, but on a more casual and private social media app, food-related influencers may use this platform to teach their followers how to make a recipe at home.

As an alternative, businesses can demonstrate to potential customers how simple their product is to assemble or how to properly apply and use the products they sell. For instance, a skin care company might publish a tutorial demonstrating to users the ideal sequence for applying various skin care products. This can assist a company in emphasizing the usefulness or appeal of its products while also responding to frequent inquiries from customers.

Providing access to corporate processes

Consider posting an IGTV video to share insights about corporate processes and procedures if you’re interested in assisting your employer’s brand in becoming more open and transparent with its customers. You might opt to conduct an employee interview about their time spent working for the company or conduct a virtual tour of the product design office.

This can give customers of your employer a thorough understanding of how the business operates and can help viewers connect emotionally with the brand. It might increase trust between a company and its social media followers and provide information about the company’s personnel or facilities.

Creating a personal talk show

Due to the fact that it enables businesses and professionals to publish interviews with subject matter experts, brand ambassadors, and thought leaders, IGTV can be a great way to produce a personal talk show. Social media managers and content producers can create a recurring video program focused on their company and meet with a different guest each time they produce video content.

This can be a fantastic way to establish your organization’s brand as a significant contributor to the field and demonstrate the organization’s interest in gaining knowledge from other industry experts or businesses. This may also highlight different employees, enabling viewers to get to know a company’s team and develop a bond with it.

What is IGTV?

Users can access the video channel known as IGTV, or Instagram TV, through Instagram or a separate IGTV mobile app. Instagram users are now able to post videos longer than the one-minute limit set for regular video posts. Additionally, this feature enables businesses and individuals to publish recurring video series. Users can produce daily, weekly, or monthly content for IGTV that will be released on a regular schedule akin to a television show.

Non-verified Instagram users are only able to upload 10-minute-long clips, while verified users can publish up to an hour of content on the IGTV channel. This can assist brands in producing video content without having to hire a skilled production crew or spend a lot of money on videography. Since IGTV is directly linked to an Instagram account, each user can only have one channel. Like television channels, IGTV channels can include a variety of videos, but on this platform, the channels themselves are the content producers.

How to post on IGTV

If you’re interested in posting on IGTV, take into consideration doing the following:

1. Download the IGTV app

When uploading your content, take into account downloading the standalone IGTV app even though you can watch IGTV videos from your regular Instagram account. This can enable you to separate your Instagram posts from the content you curate for your IGTV channel and help you organize the videos you share. If you’re interested in producing an ongoing video series, using the app can be especially helpful.

2. Create your channel

Connecting IGTV to your Instagram account is the first step in the process of uploading content within the app. By choosing the gear-shaped setting icon in the top right corner of the screen, you can then create your own IGTV channel. then, from the list of buttons you can choose, click the button that says “create channel,” which is the first option.

3. Add a video

You can add your video content to the app after creating your channel. By clicking on your profile avatar, which is to the right of the IGTV search bar, you can access your personal channel. then click on the plus sign icon that can be found on the screen’s upper right corner. Then, to upload to IGTV, choose a vertical or horizontal video that is saved on your phone. Consider choosing horizontal content with a 16:9 aspect ratio and vertical content with a 9:16 aspect ratio.

4. Write a title and video description

In contrast to other Instagram video posts, IGTV videos have a title and a succinct video description. Including a catchy caption could make it easier for IGTV users to find your content and pique their curiosity. You can include clickable links in the descriptions of your videos, which will be useful if you’re promoting a brand or demonstrating how to use a product. Viewers can access external websites from the IGTV app by adding links.

5. Include a cover photo

These IGTV videos also have cover photos, which are the pictures that your followers see as thumbnails for the videos when they visit your channel, in addition to a title and description. You can choose to use a thumbnail from the video as the cover photo or upload an outside image. Try to choose an image that might persuade potential followers to watch your content since the video thumbnail also appears in the IGTV categories in addition to your personal channel.

6. Publish your content and review

When you’ve finished adding all of your written and visual content to the video, click “post” to upload it to your IGTV channel. Make sure your video post is in line with your brand or personal aesthetic by carefully reviewing the video, title, description, and cover image. To show your audience that you’re interested in interacting with them and to increase engagement, think about checking the post and responding to comments that viewers leave.

Tips for posting on IGTV

Here are some tips for posting videos on IGTV:

Consider cross-promotion

If you post a video on IGTV, think about promoting it on Instagram and other social media sites to draw in more viewers and let your followers know that you have new content available. This might encourage them to get the IGTV app and watch all the videos you’ve uploaded to it.

You can preview and link to your IGTV video on your Instagram Story if you have a business account or a verified profile, or you can share the content to a connected Facebook page. As an alternative, if you send clients or followers a newsletter, you can mention your IGTV channel in the email copy and let them know whenever you upload a new video.

Add hashtags to your video description

Include hashtags in the descriptions of your IGTV videos to draw in viewers who don’t already subscribe to your channel. This will increase engagement and potentially expand your audience. Hashtags can make your content show up on Instagram’s relevant hashtag page, making it possible for any user searching that tag to find your content quickly. In order to learn more about the content you can produce and how to tag it in order to attract your ideal clients, consider conducting research into the hashtags that your target audience frequently searches if you manage social media accounts.

Create content that people can view silently

Even though your video might have interesting audio or narration, it may be beneficial to make sure that viewers can watch it without any sound. Users of Instagram and IGTV might prefer to watch videos silently, particularly if they’re using social media in a public place.

If you want your audience to follow along with the information presented in the video, you can create content that is simple to understand without sound or with easily readable subtitles. This can also be helpful if you want to share your IGTV video with your followers via Instagram Stories or your feed because they might not have their sound on when using these features.

Lead with the most valuable information

It’s crucial to grab viewers’ attention at the beginning of the video because social media users frequently quickly scroll through their Instagram or IGTV feeds. The most important or interesting information should therefore come first because doing so can persuade viewers to watch the rest of the video.

Think about including enticing and informative details in the first minute of your content along with the video’s goal, broad topic, and potential viewers. This can help you draw in new clients or followers and motivate your intended audience to keep watching your content.

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How do I post IGTV 2021?

IGTV and feed videos will now be one format. By selecting Post from the menu that appears when you click the + sign in the top right corner of the Instagram home page, you can still upload videos in the same way from your camera roll. New features like trimming, filters, and people- and location-tagging are also coming.

Can I still post IGTV on Instagram?

In an effort to concentrate more on video content, Instagram discontinued the IGTV tab and changed the format of its videos in October 2021. The app’s Instagram Video feature combines in-feed and IGTV videos.

How do I post directly to IGTV?

In an effort to concentrate more on video content, Instagram discontinued the IGTV tab and changed the format of its videos in October 2021. The app’s Instagram Video feature combines in-feed and IGTV videos.

Why do I not have IGTV on Instagram?

In an effort to concentrate more on video content, Instagram discontinued the IGTV tab and changed the format of its videos in October 2021. The app’s Instagram Video feature combines in-feed and IGTV videos.

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