How To Make a Family Tree in Microsoft Excel (Plus Tips)

To create a family tree in MS Excel, go to the Insert Tab on the ribbon menu and click on it to launch different tools. Now click “Shape” to choose different shapes that you can use to create a simple family tree.

Creating a family tree in Excel can be a great way to organize and visualize your family history. Whether you are a genealogist, a student, or someone who is simply curious about their roots, Excel can be used to create a family tree that is both informative and visually appealing. With a few simple steps, you can use Excel to create an accurate representation of your family that can be shared with family members and used as a reference point. This blog post will cover the basics of how to make a family tree in Excel, including how to add data, format the chart, and save the file for future use. By the end of this blog post, you should have a working family tree in Excel that you can share and use to explore your family history.

How to create a family tree in Excel

How to make a family tree in Excel

A family tree diagram can be made in Excel and printed, saved, or added to other documents. The following three techniques can be used to create a family tree in Excel:

1. How to make a free-form family tree

The shape, line, and arrow tools in Excel can be used to design a unique family tree in a spreadsheet. If your family tree has a special structure or if you want to make a family tree in a particular shape, this method might be ideal. If you don’t have access to the Internet or have an older version of Excel and want to download a template, you can also use this method. You can print the sheet as a PDF or take a screenshot of the sheet to export a graphic using this technique. Heres how to create a free-form family tree in Excel:

2. How to use the SmartArt method to make a family tree

You can make a family tree in Excel 2007 or newer versions by using the program’s SmartArt menu. You can model a family tree, a business organization, and other types of relationships using the Excel tool called SmartArt. It allows you to create many different types of diagrams. With this technique, it’s simple to save and export images so you can print your family tree or use it in a word document or slide show. Heres how to create a family tree using SmartArt:

3. How to make a family tree with a template

Using downloaded templates in Excel enables you to quickly create family trees and other specialized diagrams. These diagrams have fewer customization options compared to other family tree building techniques, but they are still simple to save, print, or export to other documents. If your family has a regular structure with roughly the same number of members in each generation, or if you want to use a template with a built-in theme, this method might be ideal. Using an Excel template, follow these steps to make a family tree:

Why might you make a family tree in Excel?

Excel can be used to create a family tree for a school project, especially if you’re taking a history or genetics course. For genealogical research or family gatherings, some people make family trees so that distant relatives can see the relationships between themselves and other family members. To assist them in their research for a book or another project, historians may make family trees. A historian writing a book about a particular town, for instance, might make family trees for significant individuals in the town’s history to better understand the connections between illustrious families.

3 tips for creating a family tree in Excel

The following three suggestions will help you create a useful and appealing family tree in Excel:

1. Consider your color scheme

While most templates and SmartArt diagrams allow you to change the default color of diagram elements, you can customize the color you use for each box and line when creating a custom family tree using shapes and lines. You could base your color selection on the objective or information contained in your family tree. For instance, you might use colors that correspond to the family reunion shirt, sign, or invitations when creating a family tree to be used in a slide presentation at the gathering.

You can use color to enhance your family tree when conducting research and writing. If you’re a historian who creates a family tree to aid in the writing of a book, you might establish a system of color-coding where each generation has a unique color. Additionally, you might select a different color for family members who married into the line or who participated in a significant historical event for your book. For instance, you might use blue for family members who were active in local politics and green for the majority of that family.

2. Use print preview before printing or saving as a PDF

Your family tree can be printed out on paper or saved as a PDF by using the print menu. By using the print preview tool, you can make sure that the information on the printed page is what you want. Select the chart and choose “File,” then “Print,” to print a single chart, such as a SmartArt diagram or template. If your diagram fits the sheet the way you want it to, click “Print” to access the print menu. Additionally, you can modify the printer settings to send your diagram to a different printer or save it as a PDF.

3. Adjust the print area for custom family trees

You might not be able to print a family tree that you created using Excel’s “Insert” menu’s shapes and lines in the same way that you can with a SmartArt diagram or pre-loaded template. By double-clicking on the element and selecting “Format,” then “Properties,” make sure that each shape and line is print-enabled before you attempt to print this type of family tree. ” Make sure the box beside “Print Object” is checked. Next, highlight the area you want to print with your cursor by dragging it. Select “Print Area” from the “Page Layout” tab, then click “Set Print Area.” “.

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Does Microsoft Office have a family tree template?

Search for a family tree template. Find two options that are free to download by doing a search for “family tree” Look under “Microsoft Office Online,” “Office,” or similar categories if you can’t find a search bar. com,” or “Online templates,” depending on your Excel version. Select the “Personal” subsection, then browse for family tree templates.

Is there a free family tree template?

This Excel template from Microsoft Office creates a family tree for you. On the Family Members tab, start by adding three generations, including spouses, parents, and kids. Once you have completed entering your information, click the Create Family Tree button.

What program can I use to create a family tree?

Click the Insert Hierarchy button > Treemap. Your spreadsheet will have a Treemap chart created by Excel. 4. Double-click the chart to format it. You can alter the chart title, choose a different color scheme, apply a chart style, and more.

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