How To Introduce Two People Over Email

The best way to do it is to start with “Introduction:” or “Intro:”. It’s self-explanatory and catches the eye quickly. Next, include the first names of people you are introducing. Add “<>”, “/”, “x” or similar between the names.

Email intros 101: Connecting people with a professional introduction email

What to include in an email introduction

Include these essential components in a succinct and comprehensive email introduction for two people:

Why should you introduce people over email?

A good way to create new professional connections and opportunities is to introduce people. When you introduce two people via email, creating a personal connection increases the likelihood that getting to know each other will result in a deep connection. Making introductions for friends and colleagues also:

Increasing your own network and professional connections by assisting others in meeting and getting to know one another Bringing them together establishes goodwill, demonstrates your concern for others’ success, and expresses your admiration for both parties.

Tips for introducing people over email

Here are some pointers for introducing two people via email in order to foster a close relationship:

How to introduce two people by email

The most popular method of introducing two people via email is for the person introducing them to send both parties a formal email. Here are seven steps to effectively introducing two people via email:

1. Create an informative subject line

Briefly state the introduction’s purpose in the subject line. For instance, “Introduction: Darin Meet Janet” is a simple way to explain the subject of your email.

Only when both parties share the same first name is it necessary to include last names. Instead of “Introduction: Rick Meet Rick,” “Introduction: Rick Lawson Meet Rick Tillman” clears up any misunderstanding. “.

Including company names in parentheses when connecting two people specifically for business purposes is acceptable. For example, “Introduction: Darin (Lawson Enterprises) Meet Janet (Rosenberg Corporation). “.

2. Provide a pleasant greeting

It’s courteous to begin your email by wishing both recipients well. For instance, a respectful and succinct opening would be, “I hope this finds you both healthy, happy, and well.”

3. Immediately address the point of your connection

Be clear about who you are connecting with and why, and elaborate on what you believe to be a mutually advantageous justification for doing so. “Darin, I’d love to introduce you to Janet Hsu,” for instance She plans to apply to marketing firms in San Francisco after graduating from her MBA program. Knowing that your company is expanding, I believed that her work ethic and skill set would be a good fit. “.

4. Highlight each persons achievements

Give a brief overview of each person’s achievements to show off their skills and how they might support one another in the future. “Darin and I met at Price Advertising, where he was the head of marketing,” for instance During his time there, he impressively doubled the revenue percentages on each campaign he oversaw. “.

5. Establish a connection

Introduce the two people and point out some of the reasons why you are doing so to start the conversation. For example, “Darin coaches his son’s little league team, too, and you’re both originally from Detroit,” or “Janet is also a Syracuse University alumnus who loves college basketball.” “.

Suggest the appropriate course of action and the next steps, whether it be a coffee date or a phone call. For instance, “Janet, would you have time to grab coffee with Darin and share your experience in pursuing an MBA?” or “Darin, would you call Janet to hear her ideas and get your expertise before her first public speaking engagement.”

7. Thank and close your email

Express gratitude and thank both parties. To create a meaningful connection between you all, express your gratitude for bringing them together in a genuine way. For instance, “Thanks so much for connecting, both of you.” Seeing two coworkers who are devoted to social media marketing come together means a lot to me. “.

Template for introducing two people over email

Use this sample as a guide to create your own email introduction for two people:

Best wishes, [Your Name], [Name 1] Dear [Name 1], [Greeting] [Introduce Name 2] [Highlight each person’s accomplishments] [Establish commonalities] [Suggest a call to action] [Closing]

Example email for introducing two people

To help you write your own, here is an example of how to introduce two people via email:


How do you introduce 2 people in a formal?

Be professional when asking both parties for permission. Describe your connection to the other person and why you believe an introduction would be advantageous for both parties. Your subject line can be something like: “Intro to (name)?”.

How do you introduce someone in an email sample?

Here is a sample introduction you can use: Hi [Name], I was asked by [Name of contact who reached out to you] to make an introduction to you to talk about [topic or question they want to talk about]. But I wanted to run it by you first.

How do you introduce yourself in an email to multiple recipients?

Use a short, descriptive subject line. Put a standard salutation like “Dear” or “Hello,” then the recipient’s name, in the greeting. Identify yourself by giving the recipient your full name, your job title (if appropriate), and any other information they should be aware of about you.

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