How To Get Your Eyelash Certification and Become a Lash Tech

Lush, long eyelashes call attention to the eyes, which are often referred to as “windows to the soul.” Countless authors and poets have used descriptions of eyelashes to evoke s of beautiful women. This is even true in animated films—did you know that long, fluttery eyelashes are the only difference between Disney’s animated Robin Hood and Maid Marian characters faces?

How to get an eyelash certification
  1. Review your state requirements. Start by researching the requirements to get an eyelash certification in your state. …
  2. Go to beauty school. …
  3. Attend a lash program. …
  4. Find models. …
  5. Complete your training hours. …
  6. Take your exam.

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Benefits of getting an eyelash certification

There are many benefits of getting an eyelash certification. These include:

Building trust

When you receive certification, you show clients that youre an expert in lash treatment in care, creating trust and in your skills. Your certification confirms your knowledge of safely working with a clients lashes, which is important because the eyes are a sensitive area of the body. Clients can feel more confident booking your services when they know you received official training on how to apply adhesives and other chemicals near their lashes when adding extensions and tints.


If youre interested in specializing as a lash technician, earning a certification is essential. Most employers at lash businesses require certification, so taking a course can help you find employment and continue your career in the specialty you want. Getting your certification can also teach you advanced lash skills and help you provide luxury services to clients as you develop in your career.

Earning more

Getting an eyelash certification may help you increase your earning potential by impressing future employers with your advanced qualifications as an esthetician. Some employers may pay cosmetologists more if they offer lash services to clients, while others provide certified lash techs. Accessing more income opportunities as a lash technician is important because it can help you purchase better supplies or eventually open your own eyelash business.

Networking with other professionals

During your certification course, you can network with other professionals in the beauty industry and expand your professional circle. Your instructors can provide you with additional professional advice and knowledge beyond what you received in beauty school. As you advance your beauty education through a lash certification, you can grow your network of both clients and colleagues.

What is an eyelash certification?

An eyelash certification is a qualification in the beauty industry that verifies your ability to apply eyelash extensions and tints to clients in a professional setting. Eyelash certifications are typically supplementary courses that cosmetologists or estheticians earn after receiving their cosmetology license. During an eyelash technician training and certification course, you learn about appropriate sanitation, ways to safely isolate and apply eyelash extensions, how to remove lash extensions and different application techniques.

Depending on the type of course and certification program you choose, it can take from a few days to a few months to complete an eyelash extension certification program. Some states even have special licensing for lash technicians, and they each have their own requirements. Courses provide you with the opportunity to learn from an instructor, practice on models and gain experience before working with paying clients.

How to get an eyelash certification

Here are the basic steps you can take to earn your eyelash certification:

1. Review your state requirements

Start by researching the requirements to get an eyelash certification in your state. Its important to understand the specifications in your area before you begin because the requirements vary greatly depending on where you live. Some states require you to be a fully licensed cosmetologist to apply for an eyelash certification, while others only require you to be enrolled in a beauty school program. Likewise, certain states have specific requirements for the number of hours of lash training to complete. Having an in-depth understanding of these prerequisites can help you plan your certification path.

2. Go to beauty school

Attending beauty school is a standard expectation for most lash technicians. Whether you complete your cosmetology or esthetician program first or attend beauty school concurrently with your lash program, start by signing up with an accredited beauty school. This allows you to learn general safety and sanitation expectations and develop the skills to provide a range of services to clients.

3. Attend a lash program

Research eyelash certification programs in your area and select one that meets your state guidelines. Some beauty schools may offer eyelash courses internally as part of the program, but you may also want to explore other independent programs. Eyelash certification programs often offer multiple courses that teach a range of skills, including classic or volume extensions, tinting, perming and lifts. You can also learn how to apply different types of lashes, such as silk or synthetic.

4. Find models

While some programs provide models, its typical for aspiring eyelash technicians to bring their own models to practice their techniques. You can find models by asking your family and friends if anyone is willing to attend class with you and receive a free set of practice lashes. Another popular method is posting on social media with your available time slots to promote your free services while developing your skills.

5. Complete your training hours

As you attend your courses, continue practicing different services and techniques. Ask instructors, other students and your models for feedback on the quality of your lashes, paying attention to how you can adjust your technique for future application. Take pictures of your lash sets and other services to track your progress and have evidence of your work for a portfolio when you begin working professionally. Record your training hours in a log so you can eventually submit the details to your cosmetology board or the certification program.

6. Take your exam

At the end of the course, some programs have an exam. This is typically a practical exam where you complete a variety of lash services, but you may also complete a written test. Some programs will offer you your certificate without an exam based on your training hours and the quality of your work throughout the program. If you live in a state with a specialty lash license, apply to take the exam with the state board of cosmetology. Once you complete the final exam, you can receive your certification and begin operating independently.


Are lash certifications worth it?

The investment in lash extension training is definitely worth the time and money, because you’ll end up with more time and more money down the road! Check out our training, products, and services today. Contact us to see if a career in eyelash extensions would be right for you!

Can you teach yourself to do eyelash extensions?

Becoming a certified lash tech requires training, of course. But don’t worry, eyelash extension training is a fun process! The best part is once you complete your lash tech certification, you can start making clients look fabulous with a new set of eyelash extensions.

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