How To Create an Email Campaign To Reach Your Audience and Meet Your Goals

It’s fairly easy to get someone’s email address. Most people have multiples, and they’re nonchalant about giving them out. One for work, one for school, a few for personal use — used to be that you had one just for spam, but email service providers continually update their spam filters, so spam-only accounts aren’t so necessary anymore. (But people still have throwaways.)

This is the environment in which email marketers compete to attract, engage, nurture, and ultimately convert leads. It’s not easy: an email marketing campaign in which 25% of recipients opened the email would be boasting a very impressive open rate (in general, but also depending on the industry).

Tips to create a successful email marketing campaign
  1. Choose a relevant email list. To ensure your emails have maximum impact, you need to send them to the right people. …
  2. Design your email. …
  3. Personalize your email subject line and content. …
  4. Be conversational. …
  5. Create follow-ups. …
  6. Send emails from a real person. …
  7. A/B test your emails.

How to Create a Regular Email Campaign in Mailchimp (April 2021)

Why do companies use email campaigns?

Companies use email campaigns because email is used regularly among many people, and its a highly effective means of making sales online. Here are four key reasons email campaigns are so effective at both making new sales and increasing existing sales:

What is an email campaign?

An email campaign is a formal and organized effort of email marketing. Email marketing is a type of digital marketing technique involving sending mass emails to customers and prospective customers. The goals of an email campaign include announcing a new product or service, gaining new customers and prompting existing customers into new sales activity. Email campaigns can happen as one-off events or regularly scheduled marketing exercises that occur daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly.

How to create an email campaign

Here are 11 steps to follow to create an email campaign to reach your audience and meet your goals:

1. Consider your stakeholders

Identify who the ultimate stakeholders of your companys email campaign are. Email campaigns are generally joint efforts between the sales and marketing teams, and these people are often ultimately responsible for the success of the campaign. Consider what tools, resources, and human capital are needed to bring the campaign to fruition.

2. Meet with your creative team

Your creative marketing team will play a critical role in the execution of your email campaign. Schedule regular meetings and touch points with the creative team during the campaign drafting process to ensure that look and wording of the emails are consistent with your goals and campaign message.

3. Determine your purpose for your campaign

Email campaigns can have multiple simultaneous purposes and goals. They act as driving factors in the content creation and strategy of the campaign. Here are six common reasons for using an email campaign:

4. Clearly identify what products or services youre pitching

Clearly identifying the products or services that are being pitched in the emails, helps the target audience quickly identify and understand the intent and purpose of a message. Most people receive a large number of emails per day, so brevity and directness are important for connecting with customers and potential customers.

5. Know your target audience

Crafting language in your emails that speaks directly to the motivations and desires of your audience is critical to email campaign success. Knowing the target audience and how to best interest and entice them is an essential component of how to design an email campaign.

6. Compile a recipient list

Mining your companys contact list of current customers, former customers and prospects is a crucial step in compiling the recipient list of the email campaign. Contact details are regularly found in internal customer databases or tools such as a customer relationship management system.

7. Decide the specifics of your campaign

Its important to clearly define the specific logistical parameters of the email campaign. Here are five elements to consider when designing your email campaign:

8. Create enticing and engaging material

The words and images you choose to use in an email campaign are extremely important. They contribute to the overall effectiveness of your design aesthetic, and they play a crucial role in the success of your campaign. Here are four areas to focus on when trying to create an enticing and engaging email campaign:

9. Review marketing regulations for email campaigns

Many countries have laws and regulations that companies must follow. These rules are designed to protect email users from unwanted communications and spam. Consult with your companys compliance team during the planning and design of your campaign to ensure that all rules are being followed completely.

10. Test and review

Before officially launching the email campaign officially, review, edit, and test the message. Ensure that it is free of spelling and grammar errors, the layout is correctly being displayed across multiple platforms like mobile phones and tablets, and that all embedded links work and direct to the correct place. Conduct a small focus group to see how people react to the text, images, links and layout of the email before going live with your entire distribution list.

11. Track your performance

Keeping track of metrics and key performance indicators will provide insight into the level of success of an email campaign. Here are four key areas to track:


How do I write my first email campaign?

First, let’s take a look at all the steps that are part of the email campaign process.
  1. Identify the need for an email.
  2. Document this campaign’s requirements.
  3. Draft email copy and find artwork.
  4. Add copy and art to template.
  5. Set up tracking and add to email.
  6. Test your email and make edits.
  7. Complete the email checklist.

How do I set up an email campaign in Gmail?

To get started, here are the simple steps you’ll need to take to send broadcast emails from Gmail:
  1. Install the MailKing Chrome Extension. The MailKing Chrome extension is free to download from the Chrome Web store: …
  2. Create a New Campaign. …
  3. Select Campaign Recipients. …
  4. Choose a Template. …
  5. Create and Send Your Message.

How do I create an email campaign in outlook?

Here are 5 simple steps you can use to send personalized mass emails in Outlook:
  1. Step 1: Draft your message in Microsoft Word. Open Word and write out the body of the email message. …
  2. Step 2: Start Mail Merge. …
  3. Step 3: Select your email recipients. …
  4. Step 4: Personalize your message. …
  5. Step 5: Finish & Merge.

What makes a successful email campaign?

Email marketing can help businesses of all sizes achieve a variety of goals. Start by having an overarching goal for each email campaign. Pay attention to the subject line, body content and design of your emails. The metrics you choose to track and report are critical to email marketing success.

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