How To Become an Admissions Officer in 4 Steps

If you enjoyed the college experience, a job as an admissions officer may be fulfilling, as it allows you to pass on that experience to others. A job in admissions empowers you to help young people make a crucial life decision and navigate the transition from high school to college. This job also enables you to remain connected to the education environment and enjoy the vibrant culture of campus life throughout your career.

As an admissions officer, your essential job responsibilities include representing the college to prospective students, their families and the public. You will also collaborate with student leadership at your college to plan recruiting events and work to retain students. Travel is a big part of the job, as you must forge relationships with high school and community college guidance counselors and visit their campuses to make presentations. Educating students and parents on admissions criteria and coaching them through the application process figure prominently as well. You will also review and evaluate applications and be responsible for making admission decisions.

Qualifications to become an admissions officer include a bachelor’s degree, though some employers prefer candidates with a master’s degree and experience in financial aid and education admissions. In some cases, you may be able to substitute relevant work experience for degree requirements.
  1. Earn a bachelor’s degree. Most admissions counselor positions require candidates who have bachelor’s degrees. …
  2. Perform an internship. While you obtain your bachelor’s degree, look for relevant internship opportunities. …
  3. Seek employment. …
  4. Join professional organizations.

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What does an admissions officer do?

Admission officers review student applications, decide which applications to accept and provide prospective students with information. They also help students transferring credits from other schools and visit educations institutions to give presentations. Heres a list of some other responsibilities that admissions officers typically share:

What is an admissions officer?

An admissions officer is a student representative who communicates with university candidates about their applications and schedules consultations with prospective students. Admissions officers are organized, able to process large groups of student payments and responsible for maintaining accurate student records. Admissions officers often pursue a bachelors degree in a relevant subject like education admissions or financial aid before applying for the role. They also typically have up to 3 years work experience recruiting and processing the applications of job candidates and university students.

How to become an admissions officer

Here are four steps you can follow as you navigate the admissions officer hiring process:

1. Research relevant skills

Consider researching what skills admissions officers use a lot, and educating yourself about topics you need more knowledge in. For example, since admissions officers often have to meet with students and talk to large groups of people, you might want to take some public speaking courses and practice giving presentations to various audiences. Heres a list of some other skills admissions officers use in their work:

2. Education

Once you understand what skills admissions officers use in their work, you can pursue appropriate educational opportunities. Here are some steps you might take to become more qualified for the position:

3. Work experience

Hiring committees often want candidates who have experience in similar roles. You can get this work experience in a variety of ways, including:

4. Job search

Once you have enough education and experience, you can look for admissions officer opening in your area. Here are some aspects to consider as you take the next step of your career journey:

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How do you become a Admissions Manager?

To become an admissions manager, you’ll typically be expected to have a Bachelor’s degree in business, management, or a related field.
  1. There is more than meets the eye when it comes to being an admissions manager. …
  2. There are certain skills that many admissions managers have in order to accomplish their responsibilities.

How do I get a college admissions job?

  1. Be direct in your cover letter. …
  2. Rethink your résumé. …
  3. Join the regional association for college admissions counseling (ACAC). …
  4. Contact a nearby office of admissions and ask if you can shadow some of the experiences. …
  5. Volunteer with a community-based organization (CBO) that focuses on college-bound preparation.

What does admission officer mean?

An institution hires admissions officers to provide information about the school to interested students. Admissions officers review incoming and transfer student applications to determine who will be accepted and denied admission. The admissions officer is well versed in all aspects of academics and campus life.

How old are admissions officers?

The average age of an employed admissions officer is 46 years old. The most common ethnicity of admissions officers is White (67.8%), followed by Hispanic or Latino (13.6%) and Black or African American (11.5%).

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