How To Become a Snowplow Operator

There are no specific educational qualifications to be a snow plow operator. You only need a valid license to operate whatever snow removal equipment you are utilizing. However, you must have other strong skills. Due to the nature of the snow removal business, experience safely driving larger vehicles is crucial. Some snow plows are as large as industrial construction vehicles, but the road conditions are much worse. Safety is a significant concern in this career. It is important for both the snow plow operator and any other vehicles on the road that you remain alert. You must also have a resilient attention span, as you generally operate for long periods of time either late at night or early in the morning.

How to become a Snow Plow Operator
  1. Have appropriate driving experience. For safety reasons, you should have experience driving large vehicles and be able to handle poor visibility, winter weather conditions, icy roads and less skilled drivers.
  2. Get a commercial driver’s license (CDL). …
  3. Complete training. …
  4. Get certified.

How To Start A Snow Plow Business | What It Costs & How To Get Plowing Accounts

What does a snowplow operator do?

Snowplow operators drive snow removal trucks to help keep roads safe. These trucks may be standard pickup trucks with special plow attachments, large trucks constructed specifically for snow removal or skid steers for smaller areas. Many of these vehicles include features and technology like video cameras, GPSs and sensors to assist snowplow operators with their duties.

Duties of a snowplow operator may include:

What is a snowplow operator?

A snowplow operator is a type of highway maintenance worker or truck driver. They operate special vehicles to remove snow and ice from roads, parking lots, driveways, airfields and railroad tracks. They may also pre-treat roads and parking lots with salt, sand or solutions to prevent snow or ice buildups.

Snowplow operators often work seasonal positions. However, they typically have busy schedules when the weather creates a demand for their skills, and its important they are available to work shifts any time of day. Operators may work for companies or as contractors. Businesses, government organizations, homeowners associations and more often have contracts with snowplow operators in advance.

How to become a snowplow operator

Here are some steps to follow for how to become a snowplow operator:

1. Earn a high school diploma

Becoming a snowplow operator rarely has established education requirements. However, most jobs require candidates to have at least a high school diploma. You may also earn your GED.

2. Gain relevant driving experience

Gain experience driving similar vehicles and in similar conditions as you would if working as a snowplow operator. Try to practice driving large vehicles. Take advantage of opportunities to practice driving on icy roads and in winter weather conditions with poor visibility. Its also important for you to be comfortable driving around less skilled drivers.

3. Earn a license

Becoming a snowplow operator requires you to have a valid drivers license. Most states require to you have a special drivers license to operate the snow removal equipment. For example, many states require snowplow operators to have a commercial drivers license (CDL). Earning a CDL requires you to:

4. Complete training

Once you earn your CDL, its important to complete relevant training. Some companies may provide on-the-job training. These programs may allow you to drive simulator machines. These simulators may help you learn how to respond to certain hazards and evaluate your reactions.

5. Earn a certification

Consider earning a certification specifically for snowplow operators. Choose a certification from a professional organization like the Snow & Ice Management Association or the Accredited Snow Contractors Association. This certification may help you advance in your career or provide you with necessary skills to begin your own snowplow business.

6. Consider starting your own business

Once you have experience, consider starting your own business. This may provide you with the opportunity to have more control over your work, earn more money rather than working as a contractor and begin a business you may later easily scale up. Starting your business will require you to get business licenses and equipment, such as a pickup truck with plow attachments. Its also important for you to develop skills related to marketing, accounting and advertising to help you promote, operate and grow your business.

7. Develop other skills

Working as a snowplow operator is often a seasonal job. However, some snowplow companies provide other services during spring or summer months. Consider developing landscaping or construction skills help supplement your income in the offseason.

Skills for a snowplow operator

Here are some important skills for a snowplow operator to have:

Snowplow operator salary

Heres an example of a job description for a snowplow operator:


Dillon Public Services Department seeks snowplow operators for full-time staff. Some individuals will receive contracts for work based on conditions and needs. Purpose of these positions and different classifications is to ensure sufficient staffing in a timely manner in the event of ice and snow events in the Dillon area. Candidates must be able to perform tasks in a professional, effective manner and follow all policies in accordance with the values of Dillon.

Duties and responsibilities

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How much money can you make with a plow?

It’s too late to get a seasonal rate for snowplowing, but individual contractors may be available to plow on a pay-as-you go basis. For next year, though, a seasonal rate can be a bargain if it snows a lot. Expect to pay around $300 for a season, depending on the dimensions of your driveway.

Can you make money with a snow plow?

19 It Takes A Heavy Toll On Their Body

Plowing snow for a living is similar to long-haul trucking in the sense that it might not seem like a job that’s all that physically demanding, but it really is. A person’s body isn’t meant to be sitting in a small space like that for hours on end.

Is snow plowing a hard job?

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How much do road Salters make?

Salary Ranges for Meat Salters

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