How To Become a Resume Writer

How to become a resume writer
  1. Look for internship opportunities. During or after your college experience, look for internship opportunities to gain hands-on experience. …
  2. Gain experience. The best way to get experience is to start writing resumes. …
  3. Attend workshops. …
  4. Get certified. …
  5. Find clients.

A professionally written resume is a crucial tool in the job arms race in a competitive job market. Although writing resumes doesn’t require you to be a professional writer, you do need a certain set of skills to succeed and draw in clients. These abilities can be developed in a variety of ways, but prospective customers will require proof of them before hiring you.

There are many candidates with skill sets that fit the requirements of a particular position. The job candidate who best conveys these skills in their resume will be contacted for an interview and given the job. Resumes are primarily marketing communication tools. Showcase your experience writing marketing materials and powerful examples from your resumes to attract potential clients.

The business cycle and breaking news can alter hiring managers’ attitudes and needs. You must be aware of the state of business as a resume writer or as a business professional who writes resumes on the side. Paying customers will anticipate you to be at the forefront of trends rather than playing catch up because buzzwords, jargon, and fashions change quickly.

Few clients will provide you with a complete set of data to use in creating their resume. To delve deeper into the specifics of their clients’ experience, many seasoned resume writers will arrange phone interviews with them. You need to establish a good rapport with the client and ask the right questions to find out the accomplishments and daily responsibilities that the hiring manager is looking for in addition to having an understanding of what the hiring company is looking for.

Many customers will look for past client reviews as their first step. This demonstrates your ability to complete the task more than any other qualification. The achievement of a professional organization’s certification is another way to demonstrate your prowess in resume writing. These associations include the National Resume Writers Association, the Global Career Services Network, and the Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches.

How To Become A Certified Resume Writer

What does a professional resume writer do?

Prior to making the decision to pursue a career as a professional resume writer, it is beneficial to have a thorough understanding of the duties and responsibilities associated with this position.

When working with a client, you will probably get a list of the person’s credentials and skills, along with details on their employment history and prior experience. Some customers might ask you to use their professional social media profiles or other data instead of their own, which you would have to comply with.

Your task is to take the client’s information and create an interesting document that presents them in a favorable and alluring way. Strong writing abilities are important, but resume writers frequently devote a significant amount of time to investigating the backgrounds of their clients and using persuasion to influence and inform the reader.

What is a resume writer?

For their clients, professional summaries are created by resume writers. In this position, you would deal directly with a person who needed a skilled resume written. The client would supply you with information about their job requirements, work history, skills, and areas of expertise, and you would use that data to create an interesting and compelling document.

One of the first things a potential employer will see about an applicant is their resume, so it is crucial that it is visually appealing and presented in a way that encourages the reader to learn more. When a client uses a professional resume writer, they expect to receive a finished product that makes them stand out from other applicants and attractively displays their professional qualifications and achievements.

How much can you earn as a professional resume writer?

Many resume writers are independent contractors who work with single clients. The complexity of the resume, the amount of industry research required, your level of resume writing experience, and other factors all affect how much money you can make on each project.

For a basic resume for a younger professional or someone without a long work history, you could charge between $50 and $100. You could make up to $300 per resume for an executive-level client.

Getting certified through one of the major professional associations is one way to increase your earning potential. According to data from the U. S. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, resume writers earned a median yearly salary of $62,170 in 2018.

How to become a resume writer

You can increase your chances of becoming a resume writer by taking a few steps if you’re interested in pursuing this career path.

1.Obtain a bachelors degree

Obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree in English, Communications, Journalism, or a related field of study is the first requirement for becoming a resume writer. Strong writing and editing abilities are required, and having a business background can also help you pick up common corporate jargon.

Consider enrolling in some of the human resources courses your college or university offers or pursuing a minor in this field of study. Having experience in human resources is beneficial when writing resumes for job seekers who want to stand out because these professionals are heavily involved in the hiring process and review applicants’ resumes when they arrive.

2. Look for internship opportunities

Look for internship opportunities during or after your time in college to gain practical experience. Since many resume writers work for themselves, you might not be able to work as an intern for a resume writing company, but you can find opportunities to collaborate with HR specialists or hiring managers to review resumes and determine what makes strong resumes stand out.

By becoming more knowledgeable about the criteria recruiters use to evaluate resumes and participating in the hiring and reviewing process as an intern, you can improve your resume writing abilities.

3. Gain experience

Starting to write resumes is the best way to gain experience. In order to develop your abilities and practice creating an interesting and appealing summary of someone’s background and employment history, ask your friends and family if you can create resumes for them. You can also look for volunteer opportunities, perhaps with agencies that help with job placement and other organizations of a similar nature.

4. Attend workshops

Workshops teaching people how to create professional resumes are frequently held by colleges, universities, and professional organizations. Attending these workshops can help you develop your skills and gain insight into resume writing. A workshop might go over how to format a resume correctly, how to include references, what an objective is for, and other essential elements of a strong resume.

5. Get certified

Resume writers have the option to become certified through the National Resume Writers Association (NRWA) and the Professional Association of Resume Writers (PARW). Going through the certification process can demonstrate your dedication to your craft and give you the right to charge more for each resume you create.

Due to their established credentials, certified resume writers’ salaries may be higher than those of non-certified writers.

In order to become certified, candidates typically need to submit a portfolio of resume and cover letter samples and pass written and practical exams proving their expertise in the field and resume writing abilities. You have the option of choosing to be listed in the association’s searchable directory if you obtain certification through the PARW. This will allow potential clients to find you and make a service request.

6. Find clients

Gaining the knowledge and abilities required to put your abilities to use and create resumes for job seekers can be accomplished by learning how to become a professional resume writer. Finding clients who want to use your services and differentiating yourself from other applicants when applying for open positions is the last step.

Through professional social media and network sites, online classifieds, and even your own professional network, you can find clients. Another way to attract clients and connect with people looking for expert resume writing assistance is to create a website that showcases your abilities and provides information about what you provide.

Skills for resume writers

Consider these top skills for resume writers:


How do I get certified as a resume writer?

The NCRW certification can only be obtained by a writer who can prove they have a high level of proficiency in electronic resume creation, business writing, grammar, and punctuation.

How long does it take to become a certified resume writer?

After completing the academy’s three-month resume writing training program, one is awarded the Academy Certified Resume Writer (ACRW) credential. There’s also a self-paced version of the program available. Five online classes on grammar, formatting, writing, and homework are included in the training program.

Can I make money writing resumes?

Writing a typical resume for someone looking to work in retail could cost between $50 and $75 per resume. For an executive position at a Fortune 500 company, a resume could bring in between $200 and $300. Writing resumes alone can bring in about $58,000 per year.

How much does it cost to become a certified resume writer?

First, join CDI (see monthly and annual membership options here) and pay $50 US for the first certification step. Step Two: Following approval of your resume sample from step one, you would pay the testing fee of only $150 US.

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