How To Become a Recruiter in the U.S. Army in 8 Steps

Whether you had a good experience or bad experience with your Army recruiter, many members in the Army do consider to continue their Army career helping the Army recruit new members. Many want to make the process better and some want to emulate the first Army person that made an impact on their lives when they were in the recruiting process. Either way, the mission is the same and the Army needs good people to be recruiters. Do you think you might enjoy being an

How to become a recruiter in the U.S. Army
  1. Enlist in the U.S. Army. …
  2. Complete the Basic Leader Course. …
  3. Meet the recruiter eligibility requirements. …
  4. Apply for recruiting positions or be selected. …
  5. Take the Army Recruiting Course (ARC) …
  6. Attend the Advanced Training Program (ATP) …
  7. Complete your three-year assignment.

MOS 79R Army Recruiter

What does a U.S. Army recruiter do?

A U.S. Army recruiters responsibilities can depend on the official skill level. The U.S. Army separates army recruiters into three skill levels. Heres a list of each skill level and their primary duties:

Here are recruiters responsibilities listed by skill level:

Skill level three

Level three U.S. Army recruiters work directly with people who are considering joining the U.S. Army. These professionals often travel to job fairs, high schools and colleges to persuade civilians to enlist. Their primary duties may include:

Skill level four

Though these recruiters occasionally still work with potential enlistees, they mostly maintain correspondence with level three recruiters. These professionals primary duties can include:

Skill level five

Skill level five recruiters are the most senior professionals in the recruitment field. These recruiters do not work directly with civilians. Instead, they focus on management and development areas of U.S. Army recruitment. Level five recruiters may have the following responsibilities:

What is a U.S. Army recruiter?

A U.S. Army recruiter is a military professional who recruits qualified personnel to join the U.S. Army and monitors recruiting and associated activities. Retired or non-active duty army personnel often pursue a career as a U.S. Army recruiter to help improve the recruitment process or to continue their service to the military. Army recruiters often work in major metropolitan areas where they represent the U.S. Army and the Active Guard Reserve (AGR) program.

What are some typical qualities of a U.S. Army recruiter?

U.S. Army recruiters typically possess the following attributes:

How to become a recruiter in the U.S. Army

You can follow the steps below to become a U.S. Army recruiter:

1. Enlist in the U.S. Army

U.S. Army recruiters are soldiers before becoming recruiters, so the first step to becoming a recruiter is to join the U.S. Army. Meet with a recruiter to start the process.

Basic requirements to join the U.S. Army are as follows:

Once enlisted, you attend Basic Combat Training, which includes physical conditioning, marksmanship, drills and courses regarding U.S. Army values. After you pass basic training, you can pursue Advanced Individual Training that provides you with education to become a recruiter.

2. Complete the Basic Leader Course

As a recruiter candidate, you take part in a one-month Basic Leader course, formerly called the Warrior Leader Course, to learn about combat, leadership, training management, fighting and navigation. The training also includes physical fitness drills and ceremonies. Completing this course requires a passing score for leadership evaluation, the land navigation test, the U.S. Army physical fitness test and other written tests.

3. Meet the recruiter eligibility requirements

The U.S. Army requires recruiting candidates to meet these requirements:

4. Apply for recruiting positions or be selected

After meeting the proper requirements, finish the recruiter application by completing an interview worksheet and asking your battalion commander and company commander to complete another two interviews and assessment forms.

You also submit a few supporting documents, including:

You can expect a decision regarding your application within four to six months.

If you are already a soldier, the U.S. Army may select you for recruiting duty, even if you dont apply. Assignment managers study soldiers records and nominate the best candidates to be recruiters.

5. Take the Army Recruiting Course (ARC)

Once you pass the background screening and the U.S. Army accepts your application, you can pursue the U.S. Army Recruiting Course at Fort Knox, KY. During the six-week ARC program, you learn about enlistment requirements, interpersonal communication, Army programs, interviewing, technology systems and time management.

6. Attend the Advanced Training Program (ATP)

While you wait for a professional assignment, you can take an online program called the Advanced Training Program. The ATP allows you to retain your newly acquired knowledge and stay up to date with recruiting policies and requirements.

7. Complete your three-year assignment

Recruiting assignments are usually three years long. At the end of your three-year commitment, you may return to your previous occupation in the U.S. Army.

It is also possible to qualify for another round as a recruiter if you complete 24 months of successful duty recruiting. In this case, you might volunteer to retrain.

8. Continue your education

As an active U.S. Army recruiter, you continue your training through the U.S. Army continuing education system. You also have the option to access a college degree program if you choose to do so. The U.S. Army finances these programs partially and sometimes fully. It can be beneficial to earn a degree that might also help your future career outside of the U.S. Army.

How much do U.S. Army recruiters earn?

What is a U.S. Army recruiters work environment like?

U.S. Army recruiters typically work in an office setting with many other recruiters in their area. Level three recruiters often travel to job fairs, high schools and colleges to find potential recruits. They also may visit malls, supermarkets and other public places. While at these locations, recruiters usually set up a station with informational pamphlets and speak to people who pass by.

What is the job outlook for U.S. Army recruiters?

Recruiters and other U.S. Army personnel typically have a positive job outlook according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. This is because the military often has a high demand for recruits to replace the number of U.S. Army professionals who retire or receive discharges each year.

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How long does it take to become a Army recruiter?

Yes anyone who is joining the army will have to take and pass the ASVAB. To become a recruiter, you will have to serve for a minimum of 4 years and apply for recruiter training.

How much do Army recruiters make?

Salary Ranges for Army Recruiters

The salaries of Army Recruiters in the US range from $10,239 to $240,590 , with a median salary of $43,856 . The middle 57% of Army Recruiters makes between $43,857 and $109,399, with the top 86% making $240,590.

What rank do you need to be an Army recruiter?

For army recruiter pay and benefits, one must hold a rank of sergeant, staff sergeant or sergeant first class – designated E-5 through E-7 – and have at least four years in the service, as well as having completed at least one term of enlistment.

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