How To Become a Pharmacy Delivery Driver

Qualifications for pharmacy delivery drivers include a high school diploma and a commercial driver’s license. A clean driving record, excellent customer service skills, and the ability to lift, squat, and sit for long periods are also general requirements for this job. Since different types of companies employ delivery drivers, specific duties may vary, and, therefore, qualifications may also vary. An understanding of the mechanics of your truck is also an important aspect of a pharmacy delivery driver since it is your responsibility to discover any potential concerns.

How to become a pharmacy delivery driver
  1. Earn a high school diploma or GED. Graduate from high school with a diploma or fulfill a GED equivalent. …
  2. Obtain a Class A commercial driver’s license. Apply for a commercial driver’s license. …
  3. Develop your skills. …
  4. Apply for jobs as a pharmacy delivery driver.

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Salary and job outlook for pharmacy delivery drivers

A pharmacy delivery driver typically needs a wide array of skills that relate to driving, physical fitness and customer service. Customer service skills can be especially valuable to pharmacy delivery drivers, as they frequently have to communicate with customers during deliveries. A pharmacy delivery driver should also have excellent driving skills that can help them to drive safely and operate large delivery vehicles. Another key skill for pharmacy delivery drivers to have is organization, as they often complete several deliveries over the course of a single day.

Here are a few more skills that you might need as a pharmacy delivery driver:

What is a pharmacy delivery driver?

A pharmacy delivery driver is a professional who transports medications and medical supplies. Pharmacy delivery drivers typically deliver medical supplies to pharmacies, hospitals, senior living centers and other medical facilities. A pharmacy delivery driver can load their truck by organizing cargo strategically, unload cargo at various locations for clients and keep detailed records of their delivery by maintaining delivery logs and prescription orders.

Most pharmacy delivery drivers are also responsible for taking care of their delivery vehicle, which can involve performing basic maintenance like cleaning and taking their trucks to mechanics for repairs when necessary. This usually takes place during daily vehicle inspections that allow a driver to pay close attention to their vehicles condition.

How to become a pharmacy delivery driver

Here are some steps that can help you start your career as a pharmacy delivery driver:

1. Earn a high school diploma or GED

Graduate from high school with a diploma or fulfill a GED equivalent. Most employers of pharmacy delivery drivers ask for candidates to have a diploma or GED to verify that they have completed a high-school level of education. Earning your diploma or GED can show an employer that you have the ability to set goals and work toward achieving them and the dedication to complete an educational program. This can benefit your job application by identifying you as a passionate candidate who can commit to ongoing hard work.

Reaching this level of education can also confirm your age to an employer, as most employers require pharmacy delivery drivers to be at least 18 years old.

2. Obtain a Class A commercial drivers license

Apply for a commercial drivers license. Most pharmacy delivery drivers elect to pursue a Class A commercial license, as it permits them to drive large vehicles, like delivery trucks. Receiving a Class A commercial drivers license typically involves hours of training and preparation that inform drivers about how to operate large or heavy vehicles and road regulations that pertain to trucks and delivery vehicles.

To qualify for a Class A commercial drivers license, candidates need to meet their states age requirements, have a high school diploma and already have a non-commercial drivers license with a positive driving record. Once you confirm that you fulfill all the requirements, you can pay fees to take a training course and exam that can earn you your Class A commercial drivers license.

3. Develop your skills

Work on your skills before looking for work as a pharmacy delivery driver. This can help to ensure that youre prepared for work in the field, as pharmacy delivery drivers typically need a special set of skills to complete their job duties effectively. For example, you might work on improving your customer service skills to enhance your interactions with customers whom you deliver supplies to. You can also train to strengthen your physical fitness, which can be especially helpful in loading and unloading delivery vehicles.

To develop your skills, you can look for opportunities in your community to exercise your abilities by helping out your peers or family members. You might also work in an entry-level job in a pharmacy or other healthcare facility to familiarize yourself with the culture and values of your customers.

4. Apply for jobs as a pharmacy delivery driver

Look for job openings for pharmacy delivery drivers and apply to any that seem like a good fit for you. Many pharmacy delivery drivers work for pharmaceutical companies or warehouses, so it can be helpful to look for facilities like these in your area to reach out to and ask about potential employment opportunities. You can also conduct an independent internet search through search engines or job websites that allow you to filter results that match the specific job title youre looking for.


How do I start a medicine delivery service?

There are a few major components to starting and running a pharmacy delivery service: understanding your niche (and how it may develop over time), understanding the laws and regulations in your area, building your processes, hiring your delivery team, and figuring out the last-mile delivery setup to make sure you can …

How are drugs delivered to pharmacies?

Pharmacies purchase drugs from wholesalers, and occasionally directly from manufacturers, and then take physical possession of the drug products. After purchasing pharmaceuticals, pharmacies assume responsibility for their safe storage and dispensing to consumers.

Is there an app for pharmacy delivery?

The Medly pharmacy delivery app allows for a faster and easier refill for your prescriptions. Just notify your doctors to send your prescriptions to Medly and the app will alert you when you have a new prescription ready for delivery.

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