How To Become a Doctor’s Office Nurse in 5 Steps

Learn how to become a clinic nurse. Find out what clinic nurses do, and explore the education and licensing requirements that can help you qualify for an entry-level position in a medical clinic.

How to become a doctor’s office nurse
  1. Complete nursing education. In order to get a position as a doctor’s office nurse, you need to become a registered nurse. …
  2. Pass the NCLEX-RN. …
  3. Apply for a nursing license. …
  4. Apply to a nursing position. …
  5. Earn a certification.

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What does a doctor’s office nurse do?

A doctors office nurse is responsible for the following tasks:

What is a doctor’s office nurse?

A doctors office nurse, sometimes called a primary care nurse, is a medical professional who provides basic, non-emergency healthcare to patients. They work in doctors offices or outpatient clinics where patients come in for routine checkups and dont stay overnight for care.

While those in this role are typically only responsible for performing general healthcare services and treating minor illnesses, like colds and allergies, it is important that they have first aid knowledge in case of a medical emergency. In addition, it is common that a doctors office nurse specializes in a particular field of medicine, such as pediatrics or oncology.

Nurses also make sure patients feel welcomed and often form long-term relationships with patients. They also assist doctors in the smooth operation of their offices by completing various administrative and medical tasks.

How to become a doctor’s office nurse

Follow these five steps to become a doctors office nurse:

1. Complete nursing education

In order to get a position as a doctors office nurse, you need to become a registered nurse. First, earn a high school diploma or GED. After that, take part in an accredited nursing program to earn a nursing diploma or attend a college or university to earn an Associate of Science in nursing in two years or a Bachelor of Science in nursing in four years.

2. Pass the NCLEX-RN

Before you can earn your nursing license, every state requires that you pass the National Council Licensure Examination-Registered Nurses, or NCLEX-RN. This exam tests your healthcare knowledge and determines whether you can safely and successfully practice medicine and treat patients in healthcare settings.

3. Apply for a nursing license

Apply for a nursing license with your states licensing agency or nursing board. Requirements for earning a nursing license vary from state to state, but typically, you need to send in your nursing program transcripts, application fees and NCLEX-RN scores. You may also need to send in recommendation letters from professors or healthcare professionals you worked with during clinical rotations.

4. Apply to a nursing position

After completing nursing education, passing the NCLEX-RN and earning your license, you are ready to apply for a doctors office nurse position and join the nursing career field. While a doctors office nurse works in an office or outpatient clinic and doesnt need to perform emergency healthcare, its valuable to gain work experience in a hospital to build your medical skills and stand out to employers.

5. Earn a certification

Although not required, it is common for registered nurses to continue their education and pursue a certification in a particular medical field. A doctors office nurse has the option to become an expert in anything from geriatrics to neonatal nursing. Gaining a certification in an area youre interested in can make you stand out as a job candidate and expand your career opportunities in the nursing field.

Doctor’s office nurse work environment

Doctors office nurses work in offices and clinics where patients come to receive basic healthcare, and these environments can be calm and quiet compared to many hospitals and emergency rooms. However, some doctors offices can experience busy periods in which a nurse may see many patients and balance administrative tasks and patient care. Many doctors office nurses work regular business week hours and predictable work schedules. Its possible for nurses to remain on their feet for several hours at a time, and they may need to help lift or move patients during examinations.

Doctor’s office nurse skills

Here are some skills that can help a doctors office nurse be successful:


Can a nurse turn into a doctor?

A primary care nurse is a nursing professional that works in a primary health care setting. Because they almost primarily work in physicians’ offices, they may also be referred to as office nurses. Primary care nurses must be skilled in a variety of everyday basic nursing procedures.

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