How To Become a Buying Agent

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A good buyers agent can act as a guide on your homebuying journey. Theyll show you properties that fit your criteria, help you craft a competitive offer, negotiate on your behalf and generally provide you with knowledge and support throughout the homebuying process. And P.S. — you dont pay them. Heres what you should know about working with a buyers agent.

How to become a buying agent
  1. Earn a high school diploma or GED. Graduate from high school or prepare for and pass the GED exam. …
  2. Pursue a college degree. …
  3. Apply for your real estate license. …
  4. Gain professional experience. …
  5. Apply for work as a buying agent.

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What does a buying agent do?

Buying agents have many responsibilities, most of which involve communicating with and assisting clients who are trying to purchase a home or other piece of property. A buying agent can create contracts for their clients that protect their interests during real estate transactions and can guide clients through the purchasing process. This can involve taking clients on tours of properties they might be interested in buying, contacting leads for potential sales, informing clients about the home buying process and more.

Many buying agents also collaborate with other real estate professionals, like tour coordinators and selling agents, to ensure they find the best deal for their clients.

What is a buying agent?

A buying agent is a real estate professional who works for clients who are trying to purchase a piece of property. Buying agents often help people who want to buy a new home, so they typically have a thorough understanding of the areas they serve and the buildings they contain. As buying agents represent a buyer in a real estate transaction, they frequently work closely with sellers agents who represent the people selling a piece of property to negotiate prices and reach an agreement that benefits the buyer and the seller.

Average salary for buying agents

Many real estate agents also qualify for benefits outside of their salary, such as health insurance, flexible work hours and the option to work from home.

Skills for buying agents

Buying agents need the skills that any real estate agent might use, but they also might require extra skills that focus on customer engagement, as most of their job involves helping clients. Because of this, one important skill for buying agents is communication, which can help them during client interactions and in negotiations with selling agents. Buying agents also typically need excellent organizational skills, as they schedule tours for clients and conduct home visits, sometimes more than one in a single day.

Another great skill for buying agents is self-discipline, as they might have to spend time conducting independent research to find clients or to build a list of properties that might interest a specific client.

How to become a buying agent

Here are some steps for starting your career as a buying agent:

1. Earn a high school diploma or GED

Graduate from high school or prepare for and pass the GED exam. Many real estate agencies require candidates to have at least a high school diploma or GED, so it can be crucial to fulfill this requirement before applying for training programs or work as a real estate agent. Completing this stage of education can help show employers that youre prepared to commit to the work that being a buying agent entails.

2. Pursue a college degree

Earn an associates degree or a bachelors degree from an accredited college or university. While some real estate agents begin training for the field directly after high school, many aspiring buying agents choose to pursue a college education to further their understanding of the field and business practices. Some popular choices of majors for real estate students include business administration, finance, digital marketing and human resources. This is because these areas of study can inform a buying agents work by teaching them about popular business practices and protocol for working with and supporting clients effectively.

3. Apply for your real estate license

Obtain your real estate license before you start looking for work in the field. While licensing requirements can vary from state to state, most states require anyone who works as any type of real estate agent to have a real estate agent license to operate in the industry. This means that if youre looking to work as a buying agent, you likely need to apply for a license once you finish your education. Many real estate agents prepare for their licensing exam by enrolling in a pre-licensing course that prepares them for the questions they might encounter on the exam.

4. Gain professional experience

Apply for entry-level jobs in real estate to build your professional expertise. This can help you to develop the skills you need to succeed as a buying agent by connecting you with other professionals in the industry and allowing you to observe the practices they use in their work. You might apply for positions as an entry-level commercial real estate agent, real estate assistant or an entry-level realtor to fulfill this requirement and develop your professional skills in real estate.

5. Apply for work as a buying agent

Pursue jobs in the industry with companies that need a buying agent. The most popular choice for work as a real estate agent is typically with a real estate brokerage, so it can be beneficial to research brokerages in your area to determine whether theres a need for new buying agents. This can allow you to immediately connect with other buying agents and build a client base by using the resources that working for a brokerage offers, like client lists and databases.


Are Buying agents worth?

Yes, a buyer’s agent can save you money. It’s not guaranteed, but their insider knowledge and expert negotiation skills can prove to be useful. If you want to be strict with your budget, you can inform your agent and they’ll eliminate potentially higher priced properties from their search.

Is it better to be a buying or selling agent?

Working with sellers is more efficient than working with buyers. Most agents can only handle a few buyer clients at any given time. Buyers are incredibly time-intensive, requiring many working hours (over weeks and months) to get a deal under contract.

How do I promote myself as a buyers agent?

20 Ways to Market Yourself as a Real Estate Agent
  1. Combine Online Marketing with Postcards for Maximum Effectiveness. …
  2. Build a Website and Blog. …
  3. Buy Ads on Google for Quick Traffic. …
  4. Build a Page on Facebook. …
  5. Use Drone Footage to Showcase Homes. …
  6. Create Email Newsletter for Prospective Buyers. …
  7. Build a Brand on LinkedIn.

How do I become a buyer?

To go straight into a buying role, you’ll usually need a qualification in retail or business. It’s possible to get experience in retail on the shop-floor, in visual merchandising, or as an admin assistant in a buyer’s office. You can then spend time learning, doing training and getting qualifications on the job.

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