16 Ways To Become More Approachable at Work

How do i become more approachable?
  1. Smile. Although it is possible to overdo smiling, generally it is better to smile versus frown. …
  2. Be Accessible. …
  3. Avoid Blocks. …
  4. Keep Your Head Up. …
  5. Use Eye Contact. …
  6. Angle Towards. …
  7. Avoid Nervous Habits. …
  8. Mirror the Other Person.

Being approachable is an important leadership quality. It helps you to build relationships, foster collaboration, and unlock the potential of your team. As a leader, it’s important to understand how to be approachable while maintaining a professional demeanor. This blog post will explore how you can do just that. It will discuss the importance of being open and friendly, while still maintaining a level of professionalism. It will also explore how to make yourself more approachable in the workplace, and how to go about creating an environment in which others feel comfortable coming to you for guidance and help. Finally, the blog post will offer tips for how to stay approachable in the workplace even when dealing with difficult conversations. By understanding the importance of approachability and putting into practice the best methods for achieving it, you can create a workplace in which your team can thrive and reach their full potential.

6 Ways To Be More Approachable | Attract People To You ❤️

What does it mean to be approachable?

Being approachable means being hospitable, friendly, and approachable They are easy to trust around and make people feel at ease. They frequently strike up interesting and engaging conversations with friends and coworkers. Those who are approachable tend to be at ease and self-assured, and their demeanor begs for conversation. Because of this, approachable people frequently have fruitful conversations, extensive professional networks, and positive working relationships.

How to be approachable

Through your attitude, behavior, body language, and words, you can increase your approachability. You can take the following actions to come across as approachable in professional settings:

1. Smile

A friendly facial expression can be inviting to people. Keep your smile warm and genuine while moving about the office or at a professional event. Make sure to smile more broadly to acknowledge people when you make eye contact with them. Other times to smile include:

By contemplating happy things, practice smiling naturally.

2. Make eye contact

Additionally, you can entice people to approach you by making eye contact. Maintain eye contact when you greet someone and during conversations. When you are at a conference or event, look people in the eye and smile if they turn to face you. When making eye contact with someone, blink occasionally or fix your gaze on the space in-between their eyes if you feel like you are staring.

3. Angle toward people

When speaking to someone, lean in their direction to demonstrate that you are interested in what they are saying. Your body will follow your focus as you turn your feet and legs toward the person. Do this whether you are sitting or standing. Leaning in slightly while seated can also demonstrate that you are attentive and involved.

4. Look up

When moving around the office or events, keep your head up and your eyes open. It is simpler to greet people and make eye contact when you look up and ahead. Further, many people read your face to determine your approachability. They cannot determine your level of interest if you are fixating on the ground or your feet.

5. Avoid fidgeting

Nervous habits can make you look anxious. Do not fidget with objects like your pen, keys, or hair, or do anything you might not be aware of like touch your face or crack your knuckles. Focus on not fidgeting during conversations when interacting with others by keeping your hands at your sides, in your lap, or to make gestures.

6. Mirror people

Making an effort to mimic or mirror the body language of another person can increase comfort levels for both parties. If you are unsure of how to stand or carry yourself, this approach is also helpful. Make sure your mirroring actions are subtle. When the other person in the conversation nods, smiles, or slightly adjusts their position, you might do the same.

7. Nod

To demonstrate that you are listening, paying attention, and interested in what the other person is saying, nod during conversations. Nodding shows you want to be talking to that individual. However, nod gently and sparingly so that this nonverbal cue appears natural. When the other person says something you concur with, practice nodding.

8. Be positive

People are drawn to positive people, whether they see it in your words, your energy, or your body language. Make a friendly comment or pay someone a compliment when you pass them at work to show that you are approachable and willing to engage in conversation. Give your coworkers a warm, sincere welcome that conveys your admiration for them. Ensure that you exude a welcoming and upbeat aura that encourages others to interact with you.

9. Ignore your phone

In professional settings, it’s crucial to be present and reachable, which frequently necessitates putting your phone away. People may assume that you are preoccupied if you are using your phone. Because they don’t want to interrupt, they might not engage with you. Additionally, using a phone can prevent you from engaging in eye contact, connections, and conversations with those around you, which is especially detrimental at conferences and other large gatherings where networking is crucial.

10. Have an open posture

A confident stance and an open posture can encourage people to approach you. Practice an open posture by:

11. Show interest

Take an interest in what others are saying or what they like to do. To get them talking to you, enquire about their interests or weekend activities. By paying attention to what others are saying and following up with questions, you can demonstrate your interest. People may approach you more readily if they believe you are interested in their concerns, opinions, or issues.

12. Start conversations

To appear approachable, you might need to start conversations and interactions. Make the first move when striking up a conversation with someone at work or a conference rather than waiting for them to. Engage others by making eye contact and offering a handshake. Prepare a few inquiries that you can use to strike up a conversation.

13. Keep your face and body visible

When people can see your eyes and facial expression, they feel at ease. Avoid donning items that cover your face in formal settings, such as hats, scarves, or sunglasses. Avoid covering your face with anything else, including your hands, a phone, a tablet, newspapers, or magazines.

14. Dress professionally

Your appearance can have a positive first impression on others. So that people want to be around you, maintain good hygiene and dress appropriately (professionally but not too formally for the occasion). When you feel good about how you look, you might also feel more confident, which is a quality that approachable people possess. Consider donning an eye-catching accessory, shirt, tie, or bag that will cause people to take notice and engage in conversation.

15. Make room for people

Allow others to join you in your conversation if you are speaking to a group. By leaving space between you and your classmates or coworkers, you can keep the circle open and welcoming. Maintain an open posture rather than leaning into the conversation. This strategy makes you appear more welcoming and friendly.

16. Try new things

It might be helpful to try new things and experiences that make you aware of various viewpoints, cultures, and communication styles in order to become more approachable and open-minded. For example, you might:

Try new things because it will provide you with more topics for discussion and conversation starters with people you meet in professional settings.


What makes an approachable person?

Being approachable entails being approachable, actively removing perceived barriers, displaying appropriate body language, and having effective verbal and listening skills.

How do I know if I am approachable?

People who are approachable are said to smile, lean forward with enthusiasm, nod as if to say, “Go on,” and make approving (but not piercing) eye contact. Setting a comfortable atmosphere for someone to feel at ease in your presence

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