hcl rpa interview questions

Top Uipath Interview Questions and Answers
  • What is Robotic Process Automation? …
  • How UiPath is different from Selenium? …
  • What are the components of UiPath? …
  • How many types of workflows are there in UiPath? …
  • Define Publishing in UiPath Automation Studio. …
  • What do you understand by the value and scope of data types in UiPath?

Interviews for Top Jobs at HCL Technologies

RPA Interview


I applied through other source. The process took 1 day. I interviewed at HCL Technologies (Noida) in Jun 2018


Very bad management , took me whole day even though I was the amongst the first few to reach the venue . And even after being shortlisted I was never contacted by the company

Interview Questions

  • They asked me about sorting algorithms

Interview Questions of Top Designations

hcl rpa interview questions

hcl rpa interview questions

hcl rpa interview questions

Watch this Video on UiPath Interview Questions & Answers:

Criteria Robotic Process Automation Traditional Automation
Technology Non-intrusive, scalable, and versatile Intrusive, less scalable, and not so versatile
Interface Mimics human actions Relies on coding and APIs
Customization Excellent Average
Integration Excellent Average


What are the questions asked in HCL interview?

HCL Technical Interview Questions: Freshers and Experienced
  • What is the use of the finalize () method in Java? …
  • What is the use of polymorphism in Java? …
  • What is input-output (I/O) in C++? …
  • What is the difference between a constant variable and a global variable? …
  • What do you mean by nested classes?

What are the interview questions for RPA developer?

A list of frequently asked RPA Interview Questions and Answers is given below:
  • 1) What is Robotic Process Automation? …
  • 2) Write down some important applications of RPA. …
  • 3) Write down some benefits of RPA. …
  • 4) Mention popular RPA tools. …
  • 5) List down some limitations of RPA.

How many interview rounds are in HCL?

HCL conducts 4 rounds to select freshers as Software Engineer in their organisation.

Is HCL interview easy?

The first round for HCL placement was the HCL aptitude test which took place in our college’s tech building. The test had a total of 60 questions with 5 general knowledge questions about the company itself. The test was pretty easy as I had prepared for aptitude from faceprep’s aptipedia.

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