How to Give a Great Farewell Speech at Work (With Examples)

Tips for delivering a memorable farewell speech at work
  1. Speak with a relaxed tone. A relaxed tone engages your audience and speaking from notes, rather than a script, can help your farewell speech feel more conversational and heartfelt.
  2. Speak audibly and clearly. …
  3. Stay calm. …
  4. Use natural gestures. …
  5. Keep it positive.

Tips On How To Give A Farewell Speech

How to write a job farewell speech

An effective farewell speech can have a positive, long-lasting impact on your coworkers. When the time comes for your speech, writing down what you want to say can help you feel more at ease and confident. Follow these steps to write an effective farewell speech:

1. Draft an outline

To give you an organized framework on which to base your speech, start by creating a list of bullet points that highlight your experiences while working for the company. Make a note of the moments and encounters that will stick in the minds of your coworkers and give them a favorable impression of your time spent at the company. The following topics are common components of job farewell speeches:

2. Write an introduction

Write a greeting and appreciation for your listeners in the introduction. You can also directly address the purpose of your speech. A sentence or two is sufficient for this section. It might be beneficial to draft your introduction after gathering speech ideas. Using this technique, you can effectively concentrate on the majority of your speech and generate ideas for a compelling opening.

3. Expand on your ideas with the right tone

Create a farewell speech based on your bullet points by developing concepts in a friendly, sincere, and respectful manner. To maintain a relaxed tone throughout your speech, think of it as a farewell letter to a friend.

A humorous anecdote and a few jokes can help make your farewell speech more interesting. Consider your work environment when deciding on appropriate humor. Focus on the positive qualities of your coworkers and role to emphasize memorable company experiences in your farewell speech because it should reflect how you feel about the people and things that made your position memorable.

4. Edit your speech

To find areas for improvement, such as where your ideas could flow better or your word choice could sound more natural, read your speech aloud. In order to make the speech more engaging, think about looking for sections and passages to condense. The most effective speeches last between three to five minutes. Continue to revise your speech until it falls within this window of time.

5. Ask for a trusted colleague’s opinion

Before delivering it, have a colleague listen to your farewell speech. Ask them if there are any additional important details you should mention or if there are any areas that could be improved. To determine if you’ve maximized the impact of what you’re saying, pay attention to how and when they respond to it.

What is a farewell speech?

A professional farewell speech is something you can give to your coworkers if and when you’re leaving your job. When you retire, leave your company to pursue other opportunities, or transfer to another department or branch of the same business, you might deliver a farewell speech. When leaving a company, people occasionally give farewell speeches in their offices or at formal ceremonies or farewell parties.

Consider your time with the company, how previous people in similar roles to yours exited, and the company’s farewell traditions because giving a farewell speech isn’t necessarily appropriate in all situations and settings. These speeches are typically saved for honoring people who have contributed significantly to the organization, who have worked there for a long time, or who are retiring.

Tips for delivering a memorable farewell speech at work

To give the best possible job farewell speech, remember to:

Example goodbye speeches

You can write your own farewell speeches by using these examples as a guide.

Farewell speech for retirement

“Good morning, everyone, and thank you for attending this small gathering to commemorate my last day with TypeCo. I’ve worked at this company for 24 wonderful years, and I will always be grateful for my marketing career.

I want to express my gratitude to my incredible marketing, graphics, and advertising teams for their dedication in completing some of our most successful client campaigns, such as the Murphy City Park project last spring. I’ve never enjoyed making park bench advertisements as much as I did while eating greasy takeout.

I’m honored to have seen your emergence over the past ten years as such a perceptive, intuitive marketer, Sharon, my replacement as director of marketing. I look forward to seeing how your plans advance TypeCo. I have faith that you can guide this division in securing new, difficult clients and inspiring each team member’s creative energy.

Although I’m excited to retire, I’ll miss the frankness of the work and the generosity of my brilliant coworkers. Thank you again. And best of luck!”.

Farewell speech for a new opportunity

“Good evening, everyone, and I want to thank you for the fantastic farewell dinner. I can’t believe I’ve been at Delaney’s Family Restaurant for ten years, the last three of which I’ve spent as your sous chef. In that time, I’ve picked up a wealth of knowledge about how to make delicious food to a high standard. I was really put to the test during those hectic Friday and Saturday night shifts, but as a result I have become a much better and more organized chef.

I appreciate your friendship and the support you have given me over the years, fellow chefs. The effort you put forth each and every evening benefits me more than I can express. You were always organized and enthusiastic. Even when we catered major events, like that crazy record industry party, you rose to the challenge.

Thank you to the entire Delaney family for including me in your family. You gave me a chance when I had just graduated from culinary school. After graduation, I thought I knew so much, but your kitchen served as my actual classroom. I appreciate you recognizing my potential and providing me with a variety of learning opportunities. I now have the self-assurance I required to advance in my career, thanks to you.

I’ve made the decision to launch my own food truck venture, selling various varieties of gnocchi. Although I had no experience making gnocchi when I started this job, it has since become one of my favorite dishes to make. As the Delaney family has done for their family, I hope that owning and operating this food truck will help me strike a better work-life balance and leave a legacy for my family.

I have mixed emotions about leaving Delaney’s. While I am eager for the challenges that lie ahead, I will miss you all when I have to part ways. I have loved working with each and every one of you, and I am so proud of what we have accomplished together. I hope none of you miss me too much and that you keep working to make Delaney’s the best family restaurant in this region. Please stop by my new food truck and make me proud.


What do you say in a farewell speech at work?

Any good thoughts or aspirations you may have for your coworkers Your reasons for leaving the company and your plans. witty anecdotes about memorable experiences you had with your coworkers and the business What aspects of your job you are most appreciative of, such as the lessons you learned and the friends you made

How do I give a farewell speech for leaving a company?

It makes me very sad to see you leaving this organization, but the times we had together and the memories we created will always be cherished and remembered. I’m sure you’ll succeed at our new workplace, and on behalf of everyone here, I wish you luck in your new position.

What makes a good leaving speech?

In general, farewell speeches ought to be respectful, sincere, and informal. You want to keep things professional yet relaxed. Telling a few jokes or funny stories to your audience is a great way to engage them. Just be careful that your humor fits with your workplace’s and your company’s culture.

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