23 Effective Ways To Generate More Real Estate Leads

Real estate lead generation ideas and REALTOR hacks for NEW AGENTS!

What makes a successful real estate lead?

Typically, real estate leads come from people with whom you have deep relationships. As you begin to gather leads, consider the following questions:

23 ways to generate real estate leads

You can find real estate leads in many different places. Here are 23 suggestions for generating real estate leads that will work in your community:

Start with friends and family

Real estate is an industry centered around relationships. People with whom you have already built a relationship of trust are likely to be your highest-potential leads. Find out if long-term friends or family members or anyone they know is looking to buy or sell a house.

Reach out to your neighbors

Inform your neighbors that you are attempting to establish new connections in the neighborhood and that you would appreciate an introduction to anyone in need of assistance. People are more likely to refer you if you frame this as a way to help them.

Join your local Chamber of Commerce

The Chamber of Commerce is a neighborhood group that advances local companies’ interests. By participating in this group, you have the opportunity to interact with a number of business leaders who frequently have extensive networks of friends, family, acquaintances, and colleagues.

Build your own website

After your first meeting, the majority of your prospective clients will look you up online. A straightforward and well-structured website can help potential customers see your company as legitimate.

Add helpful content to your homepage

Consider adding blogs, articles, and how-to guides to your website if you’re looking for free ways to promote your business. This is a way to become knowledgeable about real estate issues and help potential clients at the same time.

Attend an open house

Open houses attract a wide range of people, including potential buyers who may not purchase the property being displayed but are looking for a new home. Say hello and let them know you’d be happy to assist if they wanted to look at other properties.

Ask previous clients for referrals

After working as a real estate agent for a while, you’ll probably have a list of clients you’ve previously served. Ask these previous clients if they know of anyone else who might need your help buying or selling a home a few months after you’ve finished working with them.

Respond quickly to phone calls and emails

Customers who contact you by phone or email with inquiries are most likely seeking immediate assistance. Your chances of getting their business are higher if you are the first to respond.

Create video content

Real estate is a very personal industry. Videos will help you establish trust with potential leads who want to hear from and see what agents are like before choosing one to work with.

Get active on social media

Many clients start their search for a new home online. Keep up with your social media accounts and use them to grow your network because if a lead sees that you have a mutual friend there, that could foster trust and help you increase the likelihood of working with them in the future.

Focus on “for sale by owner” listings

To expand your network of potential clients, compiling a list of properties that are being sold by private owners can be very beneficial. To increase their profits, sellers frequently list their homes without a realtor, but if you get in touch with them and let them know how you can help, they might be willing to let you take over the process.

Support your community

Successful realtors are typically trusted by their communities. Supporting neighborhood groups or events is one way to foster trust. Find a cause or charity that interests you, and get involved there. This could entail giving money, giving your time to volunteer work, or sponsoring the cause or event.

Pitch your listing to local news

Local media outlets might be interested in covering the buying or selling process if there is something noteworthy about your property. For instance, there may be historical significance to the neighborhood or a notable person may have lived there.

Talk to neighbors of your current properties

The neighbors of the house are likely to find out if you assist someone in buying or selling a property. You should introduce yourself and inquire if they require any assistance at this time.

Work in public places

Work from a coffee shop one day as opposed to your office. You might be surprised by how many people you meet. Convert those brief discussions into introductions of your work and queries about how you can assist them.

Host an educational seminar

Organize a class on a subject that will interest prospective homebuyers and sellers. It can be a one-time seminar or a multi-session class. In any case, this can assist you in developing a reputation as a resource in your neighborhood with high-potential leads.

Focus on a niche customer

Focusing on a particular clientele or demographic can occasionally help realtors succeed. Analyze your past successes. Try to focus your efforts on finding more prospective leads that fall into those categories if you notice a pattern with a particular age range, income level, or area of the city.

Wear a name badge

Wear a badge with your name and job description when you are out in public. In this manner, when you speak to strangers, they will be able to tell from your name badge that you work in real estate. Often, the topic of conversation will turn to your job, at which point you can inquire if they require any assistance.

Highlight success stories

Once you have a track record of satisfied clients, you should turn those experiences into website testimonials. If they read those reviews, potential clients might be more motivated to work with you.

Reach out to previous customers

Your previous customers already trust you. Getting in touch with people you’ve previously assisted may result in potential new business if they’re looking to buy or sell another property. Sending sporadic reminders that you’re available will help you stay at the forefront of their minds when they’re thinking about real estate.

Track marriage and engagement announcements

There ought to be a section for wedding announcements in your neighborhood paper or online. Anyone getting married should be watched out for as a potential lead as they are entering a stage of life when they are more likely to purchase or sell a home.

Take advantage of big events

Create your marketing materials to coincide with occasions and celebrations like Valentine’s Day, Halloween, and Christmas. Potential customers are more likely to interact with marketing when it is tailored to a current occasion or the current season.

Be thankful

It’s crucial to express gratitude for their time and business whenever you interact with prospective leads and current clients. Tell your customers you’re grateful for their trust by sending them a handwritten note in the mail, an email, and a thank you note. Don’t forget to express gratitude to your leads for their time and effort in speaking with you as well. People are more likely to recommend you to their family, friends, or coworkers when they feel appreciated.


How do you generate more leads in real estate?

How to Get Real Estate Leads
  1. Build partnerships.
  2. Throw a housewarming party.
  3. Become a restaurant regular.
  4. Send a handwritten note.
  5. Leverage the internet to advertise.
  6. Advertise through more traditional media.
  7. Build your own website.
  8. Develop a niche.

What are the best lead sources for Realtors?

Check out these 13 tried-and-true lead sources for realtors that every real estate professional should be utilizing.
  • Expired Listings. …
  • Former Coworkers’ Client Lists. …
  • Social Media Marketing/Advertising. …
  • Traditional Marketing/Advertising. …
  • Social Search. …
  • Open Houses. …
  • Builder and Lender Business. …
  • Purchased Leads.

What does it mean to generate leads in real estate?

The process of drawing in and turning a prospect into someone who is interested in your goods or services is known in marketing as lead generation. Someone who is interested in using your services to rent, buy, or sell their home would be that in the real estate industry.

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