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Selenium Interview Questions and Answers Part-1

• As Maven Is build management tool, It will helps us to manage our Selenium project’s build easily. Maven manages our Selenium test project’s build compilation, documentation and other related project tasks It self. It will helps us to create right project structure, add and manage jar files In project’s build path etc..

Selenium Interview Questions and Answers, Interview Questions on Selenium WebDriver, Java Programming, TestNG Testing Framework, Maven, Jenkins, and Selenium Automation Framework Design & Implementation.

i. Manual Test Cases for Automation ii. Web/HTML Element locators to locate elements in web pages iii. Selenium WebDriver Commands/Methods for performing actions on the Elements. iv. Programming features (Ex: Java or Python) to enhance Test Cases v. Testing Framework (Ex: JUnit or TestNG) to create Test Batches, Prioritize Test Cases, Grouping Test Cases, and Inserting verification points, etc.

1. Text Link – It redirects. 2. Edit box – It takes input 3. Text box – It takes input 4. Comment box – It takes input 5. Button – It submits 6. – Visible 7. Link – It redirects. 8. Buttons – It submits 9. Dropdown box – It selects an item 10. List box – It selects one or more items 11. Combo box – (Dropdown box + Edit box) 12. Check box – It checks/Uncheck 13. Radio Button – It selects 14. Web Table / HTML Table – It displays the data in a tabular format. 15. Text/Help message/Error message/Content Headers/Content – It displays a message/text for reading.

1. HTML – To design web pages 2. XML – Data Transporter 3. CSS – Enhancing Web page design 4. Client-side scripting – (JavaScript) 5. Server-side sripting – (VBScript) 6. Containers – ASP, JSP 7. Web servers – Apache web server, Java web server, IIS, etc, 8. Applicatio Servers – COM+, JBoss, WebLogic, WebSpeare, etc, 9. Database servers

Selenium is Open source software, but it has a license called Apache 2.0, we can download Selenium and use it with free of cost, we can modify the Selenium source code and distribute it to others, but selling the modified code is not allowed, and it is the core objective of Apache 2.0 license.

Interview Questions and Answers on Selenium WebDriver 1) Give a detailed introduction about Selenium WebDriver? Selenium 1 (Selenium IDE + selenium RC + Selenium Grid) Selenium 2 (Selenium IDE + Selenium RC + Selenium WebDriver + Selenium Grid) Note: Selenium WebDriver merged with Selenium 1 and called as Selenium 2. • It is a most … Read more

Interview Questions on Selenium Fundamentals 1) What is Selenium? • Selenium is an Open Source Software, used for Test Automation. • Selenium is a suite of tools that automate web browsers. • Selenium suite of tools are mainly used for Functional and Regression Testing of Web Applications. • Selenium supports MS Windows, Linux, Macintosh etc… … Read more

Interview Questions on Selenium Test Process Interview Questions and Answers on Selenium Test Process or Selenium Test Life Cycle, Selenium Test Planning, Selenium Environment Setup, Select Test Cases for Automation, Selenium Test Design & Test Case Writing, Selenium Test Execution, Debugging Selenium Test Cases, Running Selenium Tests and Selenium Test Closure. 1) What are the … Read more

Selenium Interview Preparation… Generally Interviews depends upon Company as well as our experience that we mention in our Resume, It may vary from one company to another but if you prepare properly then you can face any type Interview, Take Selenium Interviews, If you are a fresher then you mention your Selenium knowledge in your … Read more

Selenium Interview Questions and Answers, Interview Questions on Selenium WebDriver, Java Programming, TestNG Testing Framework, Maven, Jenkins, and Selenium Automation Framework Design & Implementation. Selenium Interview Questions and Answers for Fresher and Experienced. 1. What are the Test types supported by Selenium? According to Selenium’s official website (selenium.dev), It supports Functional Testing in System Testing … Read more

In this post, I am going to cover Selenium Interview Preparation for experienced people. Selenium Experienced people face this type of Interview Questions that I am going to explain, Questions may vary form one Interview to another but if you prepare these Questions then definitely you can face any Selenium Interview.


Which testing techniques use selenium?

Selenium automates web browsers. It is most famous for enabling rapid, repeatable web-app testing, which allows developers to ship new releases faster and with confidence.

What testing level does selenium support?

Selenium supports Functional Testing. As per Selenium’s official website, “it supports Functional Testing at the System Testing Level and the Acceptance Testing Level of the Software Development Life Cycle”. Selenium automates the functional tests at the UI layer of the Web application under test.

What is TestNG used for?

TestNG makes automated tests more structured, readable, maintainable and user-friendly. It provides powerful features and reporting. Its high-end annotations like dataprovider, makes it easier to scale up, as you perform cross browser testing across multiple devices, browsers, and their versions.

What is a WebDriver?

WebDriver is a remote control interface that enables introspection and control of user agents. It provides a platform- and language-neutral wire protocol as a way for out-of-process programs to remotely instruct the behavior of web browsers.

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