Gap Year Jobs To Develop Your Career

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10 Gap Year Ideas – Travelling, working abroad… (No Money Needed)

How to get a gap year job

When searching and applying for jobs to satisfy your gap year, you might consider several key approaches to help you determine the best job fit. The following strategies illustrate how you might find a gap year job that suits your purposes and helps you gain professional experience.

What is a gap year?

A gap year can be described as a break between a students secondary and higher education. A gap year, as its name suggests, is a year-long time off where students may participate in a variety of developmental, educational or professional activities that can benefit skills, learning and help build work ethic. Often, students who take a gap year may work in different roles to research and think about the career field they may want to enter after college.

Additionally, gap years can provide students with opportunities to achieve professional and educational goals that improve their chances of gaining entry into the college of their choice. Some students may choose to spend their gap years collecting work experience as they further develop their interest and skill sets in different industries and fields.

Types of gap year jobs

The following job types may be offer good starting points if you are searching for gap year jobs. For the most up-to-date salary information from Indeed, click on the link for each job title below:

Primary duties: Hotel housekeepers can be primarily responsible for maintaining and cleaning guest rooms and providing clean linens and towels. Housekeepers may also engage with hotel guests to check on and ensure the quality of guest experiences. Skills like communication, interpersonal and time management skills can be successful in performing in this role.

Primary duties: Food servers are responsible for taking, prepping and servicing customer orders and ensuring high-quality customer service. Servers may also employ communication, interpersonal and active listening skills to ensure customers are satisfied with the quality of service. While food servers may not earn an especially high hourly wage, some restaurants can provide substantial earnings from customer tips.

Primary duties: Bartenders are responsible for the safe provision and consumption of alcoholic beverages. Bartenders often work in restaurants, hotels, pubs and breweries to serve customers responsibly and ethically. Bartenders may commonly employ communication and active listening skills, and they may be frequently required to possess excellent conflict resolution and problem-solving skills. Bartenders typically make lower hourly salaries but can acquire tips that, while erratic in number, can amount to fairly substantial earnings.

Primary duties: Retail associates can be in charge of stocking inventory in the store, addressing customer questions and concerns and generally working with other retail staff to provide high-quality customer service. Associates may also be required to maintain a clean working environment by organizing and stocking merchandise. Customer service skills, communication skills and teamwork skills can be necessary for success in this role.

Primary duties: Parking attendants like valet drivers are responsible for the safe handling and parking of client vehicles who are attending events, staying at hotels or otherwise need to maneuver their vehicles within a parking lot. Parking attendants pick up and park client vehicles and organize keys and payment information during the transaction. Valet attendants can be essential team members in businesses that provide parking and driving services to their customers.

Primary duties: Courier drivers may work as independent contractors or employees for organizations to deliver packages, mail, letters and other goods to community members. Drivers can also work for government couriers like postal services as well as private employers. Couriers may drive their personal vehicles or a company vehicle, and they can be required in some cases to possess a commercial drivers license.

Primary duties: Office assistants can be responsible for any number of tasks affiliated with general office maintenance, including filing or organizing, tracking or otherwise distributing phone and email messages for organizations and businesses. Assistants can be important in an office to keep customer records organized, answer customer questions and communicate schedules and messages to managers. Office assistants may additionally possess communication, teamwork, interpersonal, organizational and critical thinking skills to be successful in their jobs.

Primary duties: Seasonal associates work only during specific times of year that are especially busy for the given industry. Often, retailers and warehouses employ seasonal associates during holiday seasons to help keep inventory stocked and organized and for moving, retrieving, loading and unloading inventory. In a retail setting, seasonal workers may be responsible for communicating with customers, wrapping packages and completing other tasks that can be common to associates.

Primary duties: Warehouse workers keep inventory stocked, supplies and materials organized and may be in charge of loading and unloading stock into a warehouse or other storage facility. Warehouse workers can also be responsible for ensuring shipments are tracked and recorded as well as moving, lifting and transporting inventory around the warehouse. Spatial skills, problem-solving, communication and critical thinking skills can be developed in this role.

Primary duties: Delivery drivers can work in a variety of capacities, from food delivery drivers to equipment delivery. A clean driving record, current insurance and the appropriate license can be requirements of this role. Delivery driers can often rely on spatial skills, analytical and problem-solving skills to help them succeed in safe and effective transport.

Primary duties: Tutors can be responsible for providing academic support in a variety of subjects and applications. English, mathematics and other academic studies can be typical areas that students can cover during tutoring. It may not be uncommon for tutors to at least possess a sufficient skill set in the subject they are tutoring, and skills like communication, interpersonal, time management and critical thinking skills can be necessary for working as a tutor.

Primary duties: Freelance writers can take on a variety of writing tasks. From fiction to newspapers, freelance writers may use their communication and problem-solving skills to fulfill client content needs. Some technical skills like typing, word processing software and even basic web design may be required in freelance writing along with soft skills like communication, interpersonal and customer service skills.

When searching for your perfect gap year job, it can be important to remember to highlight your transferrable and soft skills as well as the hard skills you have developed in your education. You might also consider researching additional types of gap year jobs that are relevant and connected to your values and future career goals.


What are the best gap year jobs?

The skills gained from these gap year activities will keep on giving
  • Adventure Travel. …
  • Au Pair. …
  • Experiential / Hands-On Learning. …
  • Jobs / Work Abroad. …
  • Language Immersion. …
  • Music. …
  • Ski Instructor. …
  • Sports Coaching.

Do jobs care if you take a gap year?

Here are some of the best and most common gap year jobs you can get abroad.
  • Internships. …
  • Casual Employment. …
  • Teach English Abroad. …
  • WWOOFing and Farm Work. …
  • Ski Instructor. …
  • Au Pair Abroad.

How can I make money in a gap year?

Gap years are unlikely to affect your job search negatively, regardless of why you took that time off. Still, it’s a good idea to use that time to upgrade your skills, build your network, or start a business. As a positive, most of the skills you acquire can be placed on your resume.

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