A Definitive Guide to Franchise Marketing (With Tips)

Franchise marketing refers to the marketing strategies and tactics franchisors and franchisees use to attract new clients or customers to increase awareness and drive revenue to their franchise organization. Franchise marketing has evolved to almost 100% to digital marketing.

Franchise Marketing 101 – Attract Franchisees CONSISTENTLY + Build A Program

Why is franchise marketing important?

For franchisors to maintain brand consistency across each individual franchise location, franchise marketing is crucial. It aids franchise location owners in upholding the brand’s reputation and adjusting to regional circumstances. For reaching a large audience and promoting new goods, services, and deals, franchise marketing is essential. It aids in positioning the franchise’s brand and leadership team to draw in investors and potential location owners. Franchise marketing’s primary objective is to persuade consumers to purchase from specific locations.

What is franchise marketing?

Any activity carried out by a franchise’s marketing team to promote its locations or build its online reputation is referred to as franchise marketing. Due to variations in the local market, local competition, and population demographics, each individual franchise location frequently has a unique online marketing strategy. Operational franchise marketing focuses on customer acquisition and retention efforts, whereas franchise development marketing promotes the sale of additional franchise locations. Commercials, content marketing, pay-per-click advertising, email marketing, search engine optimization, and trade shows are all forms of franchise marketing. Franchise marketing can be divided into a variety of categories, including sales promotions, advertising, public relations, and online marketing.

How to conduct effective franchise marketing

Review this list of steps for conducting effective franchise marketing:

1. Determine the goals of a marketing campaign

Franchise marketing campaigns combine the desires of each franchise owner with the objectives of the entire franchise. To make sure that your marketing campaign meets the needs of both stakeholders, it is crucial to define its goals. You might design a campaign to draw in new clients, spread the word about a sale, or establish the franchise’s brand identity. For instance, if a franchise has three locations in Texas, you might think about focusing the campaign on people in this region and the states nearby.

Decide how to organize the campaign results for each location and keep track of the campaign’s progress. Although many franchises pay for the marketing of individual locations, you could set the campaign’s budget.

2. Establish a consistent brand identity

A successful franchise marketing campaign must have a consistent brand identity. This guarantees that customers interact with the franchise in the same way at all of its locations. To learn about expectations for each branch, you could look in the franchise marketing brand handbook. This can assist you in presenting a consistent brand message throughout your campaign and ensuring that each franchise uses the same marketing initiative procedure.

3. Identify your customer base

Identifying your target audience can help you create customized advertisements. Advertising that targets a particular customer demographic may be more successful at increasing engagement and driving sales. You could conduct research to comprehend the traits of a franchise’s target market and the most effective ways to reach them.

4. Implement the marketing campaign

Choose the marketing platforms you want to employ for your campaign. For global and local campaigns, you might use a variety of channels. Some common marketing channels include:

5. Assess the results

Once your campaign is over, look over the results and how it’s going. A digital tool can be used to track the project and analyze the results. Analyze the analytics for location-specific webpages, how many leads came from each franchise location, and how you can improve in upcoming international and local campaigns. Think about telling the franchise and the proprietor of each location about these findings.

Tips for franchise marketing

Here are some helpful pointers you can use when developing franchise marketing campaigns:

Franchise marketing examples

Below are some examples of successful franchise marketing campaigns:

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What are the 4 types of franchising?

The four types of franchise business you can invest in
  • Job or operator franchise. Since most of these owner-operated franchises are home-based, their overhead costs are kept to a minimum.
  • Management franchise. …
  • Retail and fast food franchises. …
  • Investment franchise.

Why is marketing important in a franchise?

One of the most effective marketing strategies you can employ in your franchise marketing plan is marketing automation. You can nurture each potential franchisee by giving them timely and individualized touch points at scale with careful planning and effective execution.

What is the franchise strategy?

The franchiser and the franchisees can greatly benefit from the marketing concept in enhancing and ensuring the franchising business’ profitability. The marketing strategy is tailored to recognize and satisfy each customer’s needs and demands.

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