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The Foursquare interview process can be an intimidating process for job seekers. As with any job interview, it is important to prepare ahead of time to ensure the best chance of success. Knowing what questions to expect and having the right answers prepared can make all the difference in acing an interview. To help job seekers with the Foursquare interview process, this blog post provides some insight into the type of questions that may be asked and offers guidance on how to answer them effectively. Understanding the structure and what to expect can help job seekers to better prepare for the Foursquare interview and even help them gain an edge over other candidates.

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Interviews for Top Jobs at Foursquare

Software Engineer Interview


I interviewed at Foursquare


First round with HM that went well, the second round with a developer in the team and asked a tree coding question not much algorithm but more related to OOD.

Interview Questions

  • Implement a straightforward tree traversal method before creating the interface and functions.

Data Scientist Interview


I interviewed at Foursquare


It was difficult . First technical screening followed by two interviews with the team members then HR round . Dry difficult first round , shared google collab notebook for pandas and bumpy related questions

Interview Questions

  • Ml algorithms .Dl algorithms .LSTM model . CNN and RNN

Engineering Intern Interview


I interviewed at Foursquare


Very relaxed, behavioral then technical. Just went over my resume for around 25 minutes then did a very quick hackerrank for the rest of the interview. I received an offer the next day.

Interview Questions

  • generalize a tree structure to handle any user-defined function, sum a list, product of a list, sum of a tree’s elements, and product of a tree’s elements

8 questions about working at foursquare

What pointers or advice would you offer someone going through a Foursquare interview?

Learn by professionals.

What is the best part of working at foursquare?

Everyone was honest and a hard worker, and the pay rate was very good.

How often do you get a raise at foursquare?

Often every 3 to 6 months

What is the work from home policy at foursquare?

You cant work from home

How do you feel about the future of foursquare?

Positive, I learn so much and I can grow.

How did you get your first interview at foursquare?

Employee referral

Example: “In my previous role as an event planner, I managed a team of five individuals who collaborated on numerous projects. One day, one of our designers was absent from work due to illness, so we were shorthanded on a project. I asked everyone if they could take on more work to make up for the absence rather than freaking out. We all concurred, and in the end, we completed the project earlier than expected. ”.

Example: “My most recent social media campaign for a nearby restaurant has made me very proud.” The restaurant wanted to improve its online visibility and draw in more customers. I made a successful marketing strategy that included creating focused Facebook and Instagram ads using Foursquare’s location-based features. Within a 10-mile radius of the restaurant, we were able to communicate with thousands of people, which led to a 20% increase in sales. ”.

This inquiry can enable the interviewer to learn more about your background working in a group setting. If so, give an example of how you contributed to the sales team’s success. If you haven’t previously worked as a member of a sales team, you can discuss other instances where you had to collaborate with others in order to accomplish a task or goal.

Employers inquire about your personality and how it relates to the job by asking this question. They may inquire about your unique qualities in order to determine whether you would be a good fit for their company culture. Try to include a personal story in your response that demonstrates why you would make a fantastic employee.

Example: “In my previous position as an event planner, I was responsible for overseeing a group of five other planners at our weekly meetings. We would go over the events we were planning, who was in charge of what tasks, and any problems that might have come up during the week during these meetings. We were able to maintain order and meet the needs of all of our clients thanks to this procedure. ”.

Foursquare had a very typical startup interview process up until a year ago. We began with a phone call, during which the applicant used a collaborative editor to answer one or two straightforward questions. If they passed, we would bring them in for a series of hour-long interviews that would mostly involve coding on a whiteboard and some discussion of system design.

Depending on the candidate’s work experience, we may still have some coding during the onsite process after the take-home. We make an effort to maintain a collaborative and conversational atmosphere during every interview. Beyond coding, we discuss subjects like creating a feature for a system, earlier work, previously employed technologies (or brand-new, intriguing ones), and more.

Early iterations of the take-home test asked candidates to provide tests for their code. We removed the tests because they added significantly to the processing time and offered essentially no additional signal. We also added scaffolding to save the candidate time. Additionally, it greatly simplified the process of running our auto-tests.

We attempted to have the candidate identify and explain their bugs in an early iteration of the process. Compared to the previously mentioned “code review” style, it was significantly more challenging for the interviewer to conduct, produced less reliable results, and provided worse candidate experiences.

The changes we made help decrease the possibility of nervousness and serve as a great warmup for the rest of the day because the interview process begins with something that is familiar. The feedback from candidates has been overwhelmingly positive, which is a plus. They appear to particularly appreciate the interactive nature of this interview and the opportunity to engage in a technical discussion about Foursquare.


How do I prepare for a square interview?

These tips will help you ace your upcoming Square software engineer interview:
  1. Start preparing for your interview at least eight weeks beforehand.
  2. Spend at least a week preparing responses to behavioral questions.
  3. Find patterns in the coding problems you solve, then use those patterns to solve new problems.

How long is square interview process?

Two phone screens and a 5.5 hour virtual on-site interview.

How many rounds of interview do you need for Gainsight?

Rounds and Process of the GlobalLogic Interview There were three rounds in my interview. The first round was Coding Test, followed by Technical round. The final round was HR.

How many interview rounds are there in the maveric system?

How many rounds are there in the Maveric Systems interview? Typically, there are 2-3 rounds. The technical, human resources, and one-on-one rounds are the most frequent in the Maveric Systems interview process.

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