Features vs. Benefits: Why the Difference Matters

What is the difference between a feature and a benefit?

Benefits vs Features | The Crucial Key to Selling More Of Your Product and Services | Adam Erhart

What is a benefit and why are they important?

A benefit is how a good or service can make a customer’s life better or more valuable. What will this good or service do for me? is addressed in the benefits.

When a product’s features require a lot of technical knowledge, benefits can be especially significant. An experienced photographer may be the only one who can make use of information about a camera’s megapixel count, for instance. Instead, you could focus on how more megapixels can make it easier to clearly capture family memories in order to attract more customers.

What is a feature and why are they important?

An attribute or functionality of your product or service is referred to as a feature. It might be a function that your product performs or a use for it. Features give your marketing efforts more substance and are helpful in describing what you have to offer to customers who are looking for a particular good or service.

Highlighting features is crucial because they are a component of the good or service that can be backed up by data obtained from testing and measurement Consumers frequently seek out quantitative data that demonstrates the utility of a product, such as the wattage of a microwave or the percentage of cotton in a garment.

Feature vs. benefit: What is the difference?

Although it may be simple to confuse these terms and they may appear to be equivalent, the main distinction between them is that a feature is an essential aspect of the good or service being offered, whereas a benefit describes how the features of the product could make a consumer’s life better. The advantages of a good or service usually depend on the features they provide. In this way, benefits can be an effect of features.

For instance, an oven’s ability to reach maximum temperature in five minutes is a feature. This feature has the advantage of making it possible for you to prepare meals quickly.

Examples of features vs. benefits

Here are some illustrations to demonstrate how features and benefits work in concert to create an effective marketing strategy:

Example 1: Acme Fitness Center



Example 2: Top Dog Daycare



Example 3: Rainy Day Raincoats



Example 4: On-the-Go Travel Coffee Cup




What is a product feature and benefit?

The significance of a feature and how it resolves a problem are typically explained by advantages in a factual, concrete, or measurable way. Conversely, advantages are arbitrary and appeal to the feelings or discomforts of the prospective user. In essence, benefits are the reasons why the benefits matter and advantages are the reasons why the features matter.

Are features more important than benefits?

Features are things your product or service does or possesses. As an illustration, some ovens have attributes like self-cleaning, slick stovetops, warming trays, or convection capabilities. Benefits are the reasons customers buy the product or service.

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