FAQ: What Can You Do With a Multidisciplinary Studies Degree

An online multidisciplinary studies degree gives you the flexibility to fit degree requirements to your needs and passions without having to commit yourself to a single area of study. At UTEP, it’s an excellent option for students who may be undecided, students who are returning to their education, or those who may be passionate about more than one discipline.

What is a degree in multidisciplinary studies?

What a Multidisciplinary Studies Degree Can Do For You

What do you study in a multidisciplinary studies degree program?

This type of program teaches a solid foundation in the content of three different disciplines and advances well-rounded skills that help a student develop interdisciplinary strategies and approaches outside of typical program boundaries. There are several areas you can study and concentrations you can focus on when youre enrolled in a multidisciplinary studies program, including:

Additionally, here are some general skills you can learn through this type of program:

What is a multidisciplinary studies degree?

A multidisciplinary studies degree is a program in which a student studies three or more academic topics at a time to help them achieve their career goals. This type of degree is helpful for students who have interest in several academic subjects. An example of this type of program would be the study of mathematics, science and English to pursue a career as a medical researcher. No matter what topics you choose for your focus, you learn the basics of each topic, such as:

A professional with this degree can work in a variety of fields, including:

What can you do with a multidisciplinary studies degree?

Heres a list of jobs you can pursue with a multidisciplinary studies degree. For the most up-to-date Indeed salaries, please click the links below.

Primary duties: An advertising agent is a marketing professional responsible for selling advertising space to clients. They counsel clients about advertising strategies and benefits. Their primary duties can include discussing the cost of advertising space with the clients, developing a strategy of advertisement types, formats and platforms and sharing drafts of the advertisement elements with the client before publishing. Additionally, an advertising agent works to find new clients by making phone calls, sending emails, hosting virtual meetings and traveling to meet with clients.

Primary duties: A recruiter is a human resources professional who works to find and screen potential employees for companies. Screening an interviewee can involve scheduling a call with the candidate to ask questions and find out if the person fits the basic criteria for the job theyre looking to fill. Their other primary duties can include attracting potential employees for the position, preparing the job candidates for their company interviews and attending job fairs to speak with companies and potential employees. A recruiter may keep in contact with more than one job candidate at a time.

Primary duties: A management consultant is responsible for providing expertise as they help companies plan and implement projects. Their other primary duties can include giving constructive criticism to their management teams, outlining project schedules and meeting with their clients to ensure projects are on schedule and satisfying their needs. To do this, management consultants may need to learn more about a business to understand how they can plan projects and meet goals. They may review financial documents, such as reports, budgets and payrolls for their clients. They also can teach training courses to employees.

Primary duties: A project manager is responsible for each stage of a project from beginning to end. Professionals in this role can work in a variety of fields, such as marketing, construction and engineering. Their primary duties can include formulating, designing, creating, managing and closing a project. A project manager may complete a project on their own, but often they manage a team and delegate tasks to finish an assignment by a deadline. Additionally, they may speak with clients to update them about project progression and inform them about any challenges theyve encountered.

Primary duties: An account director is responsible for managing and maintaining the relationship between their company and clients. Some of their primary duties include developing marketing strategies for their clients, directing their teams to use the strategies and working as a liaison between their company and their clients. Account directors may also create fresh accounts with new clients and encourage their existing clients to expand their businesses. They use their creative and strategic skills to complete projects within a set schedule and budget.


Is a multidisciplinary studies degree worth it?

Benefits of a Multidisciplinary Degree

Multidisciplinary studies allow schools and students to let down the guards between disciplines to graduate students who are ready for a global business field. Having this well-rounded education can help to boost your earning potential in the career of your choice.

What is a Bachelors of multidisciplinary studies?

A Bachelor of Arts in Multidisciplinary Studies allows undecided undergraduate to work toward an education while they decide on a path. This degree allows students to choose two disciplines to focus on during their program, even if those disciplines are completely different.

What is multidisciplinary studies associate degrees?

A multidisciplinary studies program allows students to take discipline-specific courses and electives within a broader degree program. The multidisciplinary studies degree is also suited for students looking to transfer from one discipline to another.

Is an interdisciplinary studies degree useless?

Yes, interdisciplinary studies is a good major for many undergraduate students. Most interdisciplinary studies degree programs are versatile and customizable. If you want to study more than one field, such as psychology and art, an interdisciplinary studies program may allow you to do that.

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