facebook program manager interview questions

Facebook program manager interview questions – Program sense
  • Tell me about a program you managed from from kick-off through execution.
  • Tell me about a problem you faced when going from strategy to implementation.
  • Tell me about a project you’ve managed.

Meta / Facebook Technical Program Manager (TPM) Program Sense Interview Guide

Interviews for Top Jobs at Meta

Program Manager Interview


I applied through an employee referral. I interviewed at Meta in May 2022


I interviewed through employee referral. Phone screen with the recruiter followed by an interview with the hiring manager. This was all done back in May and I have not heard back. I reached out to the recruiter a few times and never received a response and the application is still in “active” status on my career profile.

Interview Questions

  • Day to day process Describe strengths and weaknesses

Program Manager Interview


I applied online. The process took 2+ months. I interviewed at Meta in May 2022


Started off with a phone screen with the recruiter, she was very nice and helpful.Then the call with hiring manager to review the role and whether you’re interested in pursuing the job.Then comes 4 interviews. Half my interviewers seemed genuinely interested; the others seem like they didn’t want to be there. Took 3 weeks after interviews to get response back. Overall, a negative experience, would not apply to Meta again.

Interview Questions

  • When did you make a mistake? How did you fix it? If there was a project you worked on, what would you change about it looking back?

Program Manager Interview


I applied through a recruiter. I interviewed at Meta in Sep 2022


Very typical interview process for a large company: screen with the recruiter to make sure to meet the requirements, interview with the hiring manager or member of the team, and 4-5 standard Q&A interviews.

Interview Questions

  • Describe a program where you had to get buy in from multiple stakeholders.

Interview process and timeline

Whats the Facebook program manager interview process and timeline? It takes four to eight weeks on average and follows these steps:

  • Resume screen
  • Recruiter phone screen: one interview
  • Hiring manager interview: one interview
  • Onsite interviews: typically four to five interviews
  • Lets look at each of these steps in more detail below:

    First, recruiters will look at your resume and assess if your experience matches the open position. This is the most competitive step in the process, as millions of candidates do not make it past this stage.

    You can use this free guide to help tailor your resume to the position you’re targeting.

    And if you’re looking for expert feedback, you can also get input from our team of ex-Facebook recruiters, who will cover what achievements to focus on (or ignore), how to fine tune your bullet points, and more.

    If possible, it can also be helpful to get an employee or contact at Facebook to refer you to the recruiting team internally.

    In most cases, youll start your interview process with Facebook by talking to an HR recruiter on the phone. They are looking to confirm that youve got a chance of getting the job at all, so be prepared to explain your background and why you’re a good fit at Facebook. You should expect typical behavioral and resume questions like, “Tell me about yourself”, “Why Facebook?”, or “Tell me about a time…”

    If you get past this first HR screen, the recruiter will then help you schedule an interview with the hiring manager. One great thing about Facebook is that they are very transparent about their recruiting process, and once you pass this initial screen, they will typically provide you with more details on the remaining steps in the hiring process.

    For example, they will often share a PDF that outlines the interview process for the role that youre applying for, like this Facebook TPM interview guide PDF (*Note: we havent been able to find a publicly posted copy of Facebooks program manager interview guide, but we would expect it to be similar to this TPM version).

    Next, youll usually have a video call with the hiring manager for the role. The types of questions youll be asked during this interview are pretty much the same as the questions youll be asked during the onsite interviews (see below).

    The role of the phone screen is to make sure its worth bringing you onsite. Your interviewer will therefore try to make sure there isnt an area where you are particularly weak and dont stand a chance of meeting the hiring bar.

    The last major stage of the interview process are the onsite interviews. For this, youll typically spend a full day interviewing with Facebook. Each interview will last about 45 minutes and will likely cover one of the following topics:

  • Program sense, where youll be tested on your program management and execution acumen.
  • Partnership, where youll need to demonstrate your ability to work efficiently with cross-functional teams (e.g. engineering, product, etc.)
  • Leadership, where youll need to show that youve successfully led teams in the past (e.g. motivate, resolve conflict, etc.)
  • Role specific / technical, where youll be asked questions related to the specific role or functional area for which youve applied, this could also include technical questions
  • You can expect your interviews to focus quite a bit on project management related skills (i.e. managing timelines, juggling competing priorities, etc.) and collaboration skills (i.e. working cross-functionally, communication, etc.).

    This is very similar to TPM interviews at Facebook, which usually also cover these areas. However, one of the notable differences you may see in program manager (vs. TPM) interviews, is less emphasis on technical questions.

    With that said, the exact interviews youll encounter depend a lot on the specific role youre applying for, and the people you speak with. As a result, you may still be asked technical questions, and you should be prepared for questions related to the functional area that youre applying to (you can use the job description to help you get a sense of this).

    [PRE-COVID] In addition to these interviews, youll also have lunch with a fellow program manager while you are onsite. The lunch interview is meant to be your time to ask questions about what its like to work at Facebook. The company wont be evaluating you during this time, but we recommend that you behave as if they were.

    In some cases, Facebook may ask you to do a follow up interview after your onsite to drill further into one of the four areas listed above. This means youre close to getting an offer but the company wants to double check youre meeting the hiring bar for a given criteria.

    Additional Skills-Based Interview Questions for a Project Manager

    Can you describe some of the projects that you handled in your previous job?
    What are the most important Project Manager responsibilities?
    How do you know a project is at risk of going off-track?
    If the project is not following a schedule, what do you do?
    What’s your approach for prioritizing tasks on a project?
    Please tell us all the steps you follow from the time of project initiation to project launch and project completion.
    What qualities and characteristics do you think are required to be an effective Project Manager?
    How do you approach your relationships with a project sponsor?
    What are stakeholder analysis and Power-Interest Grid used for?
    During project initiation, what kind of documents do you need?
    What are the techniques do you use to collect project requirements?
    What is the importance of maintaining a requirement traceability matrix?
    Which details should a project plan always include? Why?
    How do you approach risk planning?
    Please explain the difference between QA and QC.
    What makes a successful project?
    What conflict management techniques do you employ to manage conflicts between stakeholders and team members?
    What do you do during the closing of a project?
    Please explain the differences between risk and issues?

    Example questions

    Now lets dive into more details on the four types of interviews you should be prepared for during your Facebook program manager interviews. Well address these roughly in their order of emphasis for program managers.

  • Program sense
  • Partnership
  • Leadership
  • Role specific / technical
  • In the below subsections, weve also compiled a selection of real Facebook program manager interview questions, according to data from Glassdoor (*note: weve adjusted the phrasing of some questions to improve the grammar or readability). These are great example questions that you can use to start practicing for your interviews.


    How do I prepare for Program Manager interview on Facebook?

    Facebook program managers design and execute programs from end-to-end, and it’s important for them to have strong project management skills, like planning, working with others and unblocking situations when needed.

    What does a program manager do at Facebook?

    Program manager interview questions about their responsibilities:
    1. How do your responsibilities differ from those of your project managers?
    2. What technology and tools do you find are necessary to be successful in your role?
    3. What metrics do you review to measure success?
    4. What’s your experience with program charters?

    How do you prepare for a program manager interview?

    Behavioral questions
    • Describe the most recent program you managed. …
    • Tell me about the biggest challenge you’ve faced while managing a team of project managers.
    • How did you measure the success of deliverables in your last program? …
    • Describe how you developed a budget and allocated resources for a past program.

    What questions are asked in a Program Manager interview?

    Behavioral questions
    • Describe the most recent program you managed. …
    • Tell me about the biggest challenge you’ve faced while managing a team of project managers.
    • How did you measure the success of deliverables in your last program? …
    • Describe how you developed a budget and allocated resources for a past program.

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