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If you have an executive assistant interview coming up, it’s a good idea to plan and practice your answers to ensure you make a good impression on potential employers. Understanding the common questions you’ll likely be asked in your interview can help you prepare.In this article, we discuss what an executive assistant is and eight common executive assistant interview questions and sample answers, and we offer a list of roles similar to an executive assistant.

Interview Questions for Executive Assistants
  • Describe a time when you multitasked successfully. Which tasks take priority? …
  • How do you handle a demanding supervisor? What about visitors or callers? …
  • Describe your computer experience. …
  • How do you begin setting up a meeting? …
  • Describe how you make travel arrangements.

How do you prioritize your workday tasks?

You must be highly organized as an executive assistant and plan your days accordingly. Your potential employer will want to get an idea of your process to see if it matches their needs. Identify some key prioritization habits you have in your current or past positions that will help you to organize and prioritize for this future position.

Example: “I prioritize tasks using an electronic to-do list and calendar. I evaluate my deadlines and complete the most pressing or challenging tasks first. I am also able to adapt quickly when new tasks or projects present themselves.”

8 executive assistant questions and sample answers

Each business may have specific questions regarding your qualifications, the requirements of the job and the executive youll be working for. However, here are a few common questions you may be asked during an executive assistant interview, as well as tips on how to answer them:

Jobs similar to executive assistants

If youre exploring executive assistant positions, there are plenty of other similar jobs to consider. Here are 10 roles with related duties and characteristics to executive assistants:


What does a CEO look for in an executive assistant?

The ability to anticipate needs and preferences

An executive assistant to your CEO should have an exceptional ability for anticipating the needs and preferences of the chief executive. This means they’re not constantly relying on the leader’s direction for every little step they need to make.

How do I prepare for an executive assistant interview?

4 steps to prepare for an Executive Assistant interview
  1. 1 Organize a space for the interview. Ensuring that you have an organized, quiet space for your interview is essential. …
  2. 2 Prepare for any situation. …
  3. 3 Practice before the interview. …
  4. 4 Spark conversation (& avoid preparing a monologue)

What makes you best fit for this role executive assistant?

When hiring an executive assistant, look for ​​the ability to multitask, excellent time management skills, professional discretion and people skills. Great candidates for your executive assistant role may also have experience in an administrative support or personal assistant role.

What are the questions asked in CEO Interview?

Questions the CEO may ask
  • 1. “ Tell me about yourself” …
  • “What are you most passionate about?” …
  • “How do you challenge yourself?” …
  • “Is there anything about our vision or mission statement that sticks out to you?” …
  • “Do you have any questions for me?”

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