Enterprise Architect Certifications: Benefits and Types

Enterprise Architecture Certifications: Understanding Your Options

What does an enterprise architect do?

An organization’s IT operations and structure are outlined in a strategic plan by an enterprise architect. Their main objective is to increase productivity within an organization, but their responsibilities can change depending on their employer and area of focus. Some common responsibilities include:

What is an enterprise architect?

Technology experts called “enterprise architects” are in charge of an organization’s IT network and services. They develop an IT strategy using the business objectives and plans of the company. They create an overall system architecture that incorporates the IT applications, instruments, and procedures a company uses.

Benefits of enterprise architect certifications

The following are some possible advantages of obtaining an enterprise architect certificate:

More job opportunities

Some employers may seek enterprise architects who hold a certificate. Obtaining certification might increase your eligibility for positions where having one is required or strongly preferred by the employer. Obtaining a cloud computing certificate could be beneficial if you’re applying for a specialized position, such as an architect position involving cloud computing.

Increased chance of earning an interview

Your chances of getting an interview may increase if your resume includes a certificate. Certain technology certifications may be among the keywords some employers look for when scanning resumes in the IT industry. You might be more likely to receive an interview invitation if a hiring manager or recruiter notices that you have the appropriate certificate.

Higher salary potential

Professionals may earn more money if they obtain a professional certificate. Employers might increase your pay if you demonstrate advanced technical skills. Additionally, a certificate might help you become eligible for advanced positions, which might pay more.

Broader skill set

You can develop specialized technical skills for your IT career during a certification program. You might discover how to use particular platforms to create models depending on the program you choose. You can also learn how to complete administrative tasks, service or project management tasks, and create architect maps. Having these technical abilities will help you succeed in the IT industry.

Increased competitive advantage

Obtaining a certificate might improve your chances of landing a competitive position. Employers might view certification as an additional benefit if it is optional. You might have a greater competitive advantage when the hiring manager chooses candidates.

Types of enterprise architect certificates

Here are some of the common enterprise architect certificates:

The Zachman Enterprise Architect Certification

This certification is provided by Zachman International and teaches professionals how to use the Zachman Framework, a type of enterprise architectural technique. The enterprise’s structure and characteristics are the main topics of this certificate course. If you want to develop and demonstrate a thorough understanding of enterprise architecture, it might be a good option.

There are four different levels of certification, including:

The requirements can vary for each level. Level 1 usually entails attending a workshop and passing a test. For the higher levels, you typically need to submit case studies to demonstrate your technical expertise. They may also require a referral or review.

The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF) 9 Certification

The Open Group’s certification program focuses on the widely adopted TOGAF standards. This program focuses on creating efficiency within an IT system. The framework is applicable to every aspect of enterprise architecture, including the initial design and maintenance phases. This might be a good certification option for you to think about if your company uses TOGAF.

There are two levels for this certification. The primary goal of level one is to become familiar with the TOGAF standards and practices. To earn the certificate, professionals can complete an exam. Level 2 demonstrates to potential employers that you are knowledgeable about the TOGAF principles and are able to apply them to achieve a company’s objectives.

Axelos ITIL Master certification

The Information Technology Infrastructure Library, or ITIL, certification from Alexos focuses on service management principles. Consider this option if you’re interested in the management tools and procedures for IT services.

You have a choice of five levels, depending on your interests and career goals. These include the following:

Candidates can enroll in a course and pass two exams to complete the first level. Professionals typically require five years of IT experience in a leadership role in order to achieve ITIL Master certification, the highest level of certification.

The Open Group Certified Architect (CA)

This is another certification option through the Open Group. To qualify, candidates submit proof of their skills and experience. Instead of exams or workshops, the certification process involves written applications and peer reviews. The certification can demonstrate to potential employers that you have in-depth understanding and expertise in enterprise architecture. If you have relevant experience, this might be a good choice for you. You may be eligible for one of the three levels—certified, master, or distinguished—based on your level of expertise.

CISSP Information Systems Security Architecture Professional (CISSP-ISSAP)

Professionals who have already finished a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) course are eligible for this certification from the International Information System Security Certification Consortium (ISC 2). The CISSIP-ISSAP adds a concentration in security architecture. You can take a series of tests to obtain this certificate. This certificate could aid in the development of specialized skills if security architecture within an enterprise is your main area of interest.

Dell EMC Proven Professional Cloud Architect Specialist (DECE-CA) certification

Dell provides the DECE-CA to professionals interested in an enterprise’s cloud architecture. You can finish a range of courses and successfully pass a number of exams to obtain this certificate. Depending on the courses you take, you might also finish a group design project. This certification in enterprise architecture might be a good choice for you if cloud computing and structures interest you.

Professional Cloud Solutions Architect Certification

The Cloud Credential Council (CCC) is a certification organization that offers courses on cloud computing, service management, and cloud solution architecture. Enterprise architects, application architects, and system architects can all benefit from this certification. Professionals who have already obtained certifications like the TOGAF 9 may choose to take this course as well. The program includes a course and exam.

Tips for choosing an enterprise architect certification

Consider following these tips when choosing an enterprise architect certificate:

Explore the discipline options

Enterprise architects may specialize in a variety of disciplines. Data architecture, business architecture, security architecture, application architecture, and network architecture are some common disciplines. To determine which specialization is best for you, think about researching these various options. Afterward, you can locate a certificate program for that discipline.

Take time to reflect

Take some time to think about your individual objectives, passions, life experiences, and abilities. This can assist you in choosing the area of enterprise architecture that is most suitable for you. For instance, if you have good interpersonal skills, you might consider working as an enterprise architect in a position related to service management or business administration, where you can regularly collaborate with others and present your findings. You could finish a certification designed for IT service management or a related subject.

Consider gaining experience first

Many enterprise architects work for years before enrolling in a certification program. You can do this to gain experience and learn more about the various options available in the industry. Before requesting a certificate, look into junior enterprise architect positions. To learn more about each discipline within enterprise architecture, you might also think about working in a few of them. This can assist you in identifying a field of study that interests you and aligns with your own professional aspirations. Additionally, this can help you become eligible for higher levels or certification courses.

Consult your professional network

When choosing a certification program for enterprise architects, take into account your professional network. Ask your professional network, such as coworkers, former professors, or other experts in the field, which certifications they think are the most highly recommended.

To learn more about the certifications that experts in your field use, you can also conduct an online search. When researching certifications, take into account your career objectives and attempt to locate professionals who hold that position to learn more about how a certification can benefit you. If your objective is to become a senior enterprise architect, for instance, you might find experts who are already in that position. You can look up their certifications and education on their company website or social media pages.

Ask your manager

Ask your manager or team leader for advice if you are currently working as an enterprise architect or in a related IT position. They might be in a position to suggest a certificate for your business. They might be qualified in the area, or they might be able to provide recommendations based on your business and its requirements. For instance, your manager might advise you to improve your cloud computing skills if your company is developing its cloud computing infrastructure.

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How do I become a certified enterprise architect?

Here are five steps to becoming an Enterprise Architect:
  1. Get schooled. Computer science or IT management degrees are most frequently held by enterprise architects.
  2. Get certified. A career as an Enterprise Architect can be paved with a number of certifications.
  3. Get familiar. …
  4. Get smart. …
  5. Get in front of others.

Which certification is best for architect?

A market-driven education and certification program called ArchiMate Certification for People makes sure people are knowledgeable about and understand the ArchiMate specification. A tool’s compliance with the necessary requirements to support the ArchiMate modeling language is ensured by ArchiMate Tool Certification.

What is ArchiMate certification?

Enterprise architecture (EA), which has grown 26% since last year’s report, is now the fastest-growing and most in-demand skillset in technology, according to the Harvey Nash/KPMG 2017 CIO Survey.

Are enterprise architects in demand?

Enterprise architecture (EA), which has grown 26% since last year’s report, is now the fastest-growing and most in-demand skillset in technology, according to the Harvey Nash/KPMG 2017 CIO Survey.

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