How To Write a Job Offer Email (With Template and Example)

How to write a job offer email (or letter) that your candidate…
  • Ensure the legally binding details are accurate.
  • Make a verbal offer before you put it in an offer email.
  • Craft the offer email to match the candidate’s personality.
  • Your job offer email subject line.

You might want to text your friends right away, pop the champagne, and start an imaginary marching band to mark the enormity of this moment if the job offer you just accepted marks the end of your search. Or, if you already know you won’t accept the position, you might want to shrug and carry on with your day as usual. Or maybe your reaction is somewhere in between. Whatever the case, let’s take a deep breath and double check that you’re actually prepared.

Before you begin the celebration or leave, you must decide what to do about the offer and let the business know what you intend to do. Additionally, even though you are nearing the end of this company’s hiring process, it is crucial to maintain professionalism and provide a prompt response. Even if you’ve been ghosted before, it should be obvious that ghosting an employer is not professional.

How To Accept a Job Offer

What is included in a job offer email?

You must incorporate the following components in your email offer of employment:

Job title and supervisor

Remind the applicant of the position’s and employer’s names. Additionally, you should mention the name and position of the manager to whom they will report. Include any new or crucial information about the position, like specific obligations or demands.

Employment status and hours

Indicate whether this position is full-time, part-time, a contract hire, or some other type of employment. In addition, you should state how many hours you anticipate they will work given their current situation.


Describe the salary and the payroll schedule, including whether it is annual or hourly. Mention whether the position is eligible for commissions, bonuses, or overtime, for instance.


Summarize the benefits included with the position. For them to review the entire benefits package, you can attach it. Describe any incentives you think the candidate might find appealing, such as paid time off for vacation or other reasons, insurance policies, retirement plans, exclusive memberships, and anything else.

Start date and office location

After the candidate accepts the offer, let them know when you expect them to start working and where they will be located. Other first-day instructions are also possible, especially if the candidate will be working remotely.

Deadline for their decision

Give instructions on how to accept or reject the offer along with the deadline. The candidate should have enough time before this deadline to think things over or ask any questions. Any onboarding requirements between the due date and the start dates should also be accommodated.

Your contact information

The candidate will have your phone number and email address so you can answer any questions they might have. Include that information if you have a preference for how you would like them to contact you.

What is a job offer email?

When you offer a candidate a position at your business, you send them a job offer email. In this email, you inform them of your choice and solicit their acceptance of the position. It provides clarification on expectations and details about elements like pay and benefits for the candidate to review. You still have time to withdraw or renegotiate your offer because the offer email is not a legally binding document.

How to write an email when offering a job

You can put everything together now that you know what information needs to be in your job offer. Follow these guidelines to create a job offer email that is persuasive:

1. Extend a verbal offer first

You should make the candidate a verbal offer via phone call before sending your email. Calling first to share this good news allows for a more intimate exchange. The most pertinent information, such as the wage, benefits, and anticipated start date, should be included in this call. Inquire about the candidate’s interest, and if they are, inform them that they will receive a more formal offer via email.

2. Provide a descriptive subject line

Your candidate will be anticipating an offer email in their inbox if you made a verbal offer. For them to not miss your message, you must write a direct subject line. It ought to mention the offer and your company’s name. By including the job title, you can be even more specific.

Good subject lines for an email containing a job offer include the following:

3. Congratulate the candidate

Congratulate the candidate on the offer at the beginning of your email, making sure to mention the position and business. Exude enthusiasm for the candidate joining your team to make them feel welcome. You could include a personal note explaining why you selected them, citing things like their outstanding résumé, abilities, or background. An enthusiastic opening is a fantastic way to demonstrate that you value their interest in the position and establish a solid foundation for your working relationship.

4. Include the details of employment

There is no set format for the body paragraphs of your email when writing it. You can either combine them into sections or break each topic up into its own paragraph. Make sure each section contains all the necessary information and does so in a clear, concise manner. Your offer email should ideally not be longer than a page.

If your company has an “at-will” policy, you’ll explain it in one of your body paragraphs, if it applies. As a result, the candidate or the employer may terminate the employment relationship at any time and for any reason.

5. Finish with a call-to-action

The decision deadline should be included in the last section of your job offer email. You could request a reply to the email, a signed copy of the offer, or some other document. Tell them you’re still excited to work with them and invite them to get in touch if they have any questions.

6. Attach relevant documents

The job specifics should be summarized in your email, but you can attach documents for more in-depth or supplemental information. For instance, you could send the entire benefits package in addition to the email summary. Sending too many documents could sway their decision, so try to send only what could. Once they agree, you can send them any additional paperwork they need to sign or review prior to their start date.

7. Choose how to deliver the offer

When sending an email offer, you have two options: attach it as a separate document or include it directly in the email body. The candidate can read all the details in a direct email as soon as they open your message.

You must give a brief explanation of the job offer in the email body if you attach the letter. Your congratulations and at least a few details, like their start date, should be expressed in this message. Send them the email attachment and tell them to look there for more information on the job offer.

Job offer email template

Here is a sample job offer email that you can use:

Email Subject Line: Job Offer from [company name]

Dear [candidates name],

We are pleased to offer you a position at [company name] as a [job title]. Over the course of [time], our team has enjoyed getting to know you and learning about your impressive background. Congratulations!.

This position is [full-/part-time]; if applicable, please specify working days or hours. You will answer to [name of manager], [their department and job title]. On a [payroll schedule, such as weekly or semimonthly] basis, we would like to offer you a [annual/hourly] salary of [salary amount]. [Include any relevant contingencies, such as whether the position is dependent upon concluding particular contracts or passing a background investigation. ].

Additionally, you will have access to [explain the benefits provided by the business, such as paid time off, insurance plans, and retirement accounts] For your review, I’ve attached a document with a list of all of our benefit options.

Please be aware that [company name] is an at-will employer and include the appropriate at-will disclaimer. This means that the employment relationship between you and [company name] can end at any time, with or without cause or prior notice. ].

Your anticipated start date at [office location] is [date] if you accept this position. [Include any additional first-day guidelines or expectations for the position, as well as its timetable. ] Please let me know your decision by [date]. I will then contact you to begin the onboarding process.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me by phone or email at [company name]. We look forward to having you on our team at [company name].


[Your name]
[Your title]
[Your work email address]
[Your phone number]

Job offer email example

Here is an example of a job offer email made using the template. You can use this for inspiration when writing:

Email Subject Line: Job offer from Morriston Industries

Dear Hank White,

We are pleased to offer you a position with Morriston Industries as a staff accountant. Over the past few weeks, our team has enjoyed getting to know you and learning about your impressive background in the financial services sector. Congratulations!.

You will be expected to work 40 hours per week, Monday through Friday, as this is a full-time position. Every one of our workers has the option to work remotely one day per week. The manager of the finance department, Hallie Richmond, will be your direct supervisor. We would like to provide you with a semimonthly salary of $55,000 per year.

You will have access to our extensive benefits package, which includes 14 days of initial vacation time, a 401(k) with employer contributions, as well as plans for health, dental, and life insurance. For your review, I’ve attached a document with a list of all of our benefit options. The acceptance of this offer is dependent upon the outcome of your background investigation.

Please note that Morriston Industries is an at-will employer. This means that Morriston Industries and you both have the right to terminate your employment at any time, with or without cause or prior notice.

Your anticipated start date at our Tucson office, located at 1234 Main Street, if you accept this position, is November 23. Please let me know your decision by November 13. After that, I’ll get in touch with you to start the onboarding process and send you any paperwork you need to complete.

Please do not hesitate to contact me via phone or email if you have any further questions; we look forward to having you join our team at Morriston Industries.


Lucy Chung
Hiring manager
[email protected]
(123) 456-7890


Is it OK to offer a job via email?

Dear [Candidate First and Last Name], We are delighted to offer you the position of [Job Title] with an anticipated start date of [start date] and extend our congratulations on your offer from [Company Name]. As discussed [over the phone, during your interview, etc. ], please find attached your detailed offer letter.

How do you politely offer a job?

A job offer sent via email is a bad idea for a number of reasons, including the fact that you can’t be sure it was received. And you want to hear the candidate’s response to learn more about where they stand on it. And you want to use that chance to show them how much you admire them. It’s an odd choice.

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