edi sterling integrator interview questions

  • Explain the EDI Flow?
  • How the translator will work?
  • If you want to add 6 days with your date what function you should use?
  • In the given string how will you count the characters of the string?
  • what is the use of select in the standard rule?
  • what is code list?

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Sterling Integrator Interview Questions and Answers

Here you can find Sterling Integrator Interview Questions and Answers.

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Why Sterling Integrator Interview Questions and Answers Required?

In this Sterling Integrator Interview Questions and Answers section you can learn and practice Sterling Integrator Interview Questions and Answers to improve your skills in order to face technical inerview by IT companies. By Practicing these interview questions, you can easily crack any Sterling Integrator interview.


What is standard rule in Sterling Integrator?

The Sterling B2B Integrator Map Editor provides you with standard rules that you can apply to fields. Standard Rules give you access to functions that are necessary for mapping operations more complex than simple linking but less complex than extended rules.

What are the services you are used in Sterling Integrator?

Services and adapters are used to perform activities such as converting data formats, enveloping EDI data, or exchanging data or messages with a remote system. Sterling B2B Integrator includes many services and adapters that can be built into business process models.

What is transaction register in Sterling Integrator?

Transaction Register Definition (taken from Sterling Commerce documentation) Transaction Register – the translator invokes the check against the specified data (held. in memory in Field1 through Field 6) to determine if the data is duplicate.

What is codelist in Sterling Integrator?

Sterling B2B Integrator uses code pairs in code lists to identify items in transactions between two or more trading partners. A trading partner code list consists of one or many pairs of code values containing a sender code and a receiver code.

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