15 Desk Essentials for a Productive Workday

It’s great to have colorful paper clips, letter trays, staplers, and pen holders nearby, but if you want to really boost your productivity and get rid of clutter chaos, you’re going to need more than just pretty stationery and desk decor. That’s where we come in. We rounded up a variety of useful yet adorable office supplies, including gadgets you didn’t know you needed and minimalist desktop organizers that will transform any disorganized workspace into a dreamy haven of organization.

The post-lunch slump is real, so if you find it difficult to stay energized throughout the day, stock up on wellness essentials in addition to office supplies to keep you feeling and working at your best—no second cup of coffee necessary. Here are all the adorable desk accessories and home/office decor you’ll need to make your day more enjoyable.

If you still spend the entire day stooping over your laptop, it may be time to buy a stand to level your view. You can even find adjustable stands for a truly personalized experience. While tiny cable organizers are a lifesaver for keeping tangled wires away from your workstation, pastel keyboards and mouse pads can do wonders for your mood. Change out your wireless earbuds for the Apple AirPods Max instead, which are comfortable, have amazing sound quality, and just so happen to be all over TikTok right now.

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What are desk essentials?

Desk necessities are office supplies that help you work as effectively as possible. They accomplish this by assisting you with desk organization, aiding in information retention, or simply making you more comfortable so you can focus on your work.

15 desk essentials

Here are 15 things you should have nearby or at your desk, along with reasons why they’re crucial:

1. Notebook

Although you can take notes digitally on your phone or tablet, it can be helpful to keep a pad of paper nearby. Use either a pricey leather-bound notebook or a straightforward pad of lined paper from your neighborhood office supply store. When your digital device is in use, running low on battery life, or you simply want to turn off all of your devices and be by yourself with your thoughts, a notebook is essential. Additionally, they come in handy when you need to quickly write a note but opening an app would take more time than writing it on paper.

2. Pens or pencils

You will require writing implements if you plan to use a notebook. You can use either a pen or a pencil to take notes, depending on which is more comfortable for you. Use a pen, for instance, if you’re going to be signing documents or adding editorial notes to them. The choice of pen or pencil is personal, but mechanical pencils are convenient because they don’t require sharpening. Another option is a high-quality pen that is prepared for use the moment you pick it up and has a consistent ink flow.

3. Sticky notes

To meet your needs, sticky notes typically come in a variety of forms, sizes, and hues. They work well for making notes to yourself or others and posting them somewhere obvious. For instance, you can stick a note to your computer screen or keyboard to remind yourself of something crucial. Another option is to attach a note to a document without actually writing anything on it.

4. Paper tray

Despite the fact that the majority of office messaging is done via chat and email programs, you might still notice paper building up on your desk. If these memos, letters, meeting minutes, or other documents aren’t organized, they could easily get lost or forgotten. You can manage your paperwork and keep your desk organized by using a paper tray. Consider using the tray to keep track of the documents that require your immediate attention.

5. Desk lamp

Most workplaces strive to provide sufficient lighting so that workers can perform their duties. However, sometimes office lighting is not sufficient. If you spend a lot of time reading or writing on paper, poor lighting can cause headaches and eyestrain. This issue can be resolved by a desk lamp, which will illuminate your work clearly and help you see it more clearly.

6. Desk drawer organizer

You will require a place to store your growing collection of small office supplies, such as pens, paper clips, staples, and rubber bands. You can keep these things off your desk but close at hand for when you need them by using a desk drawer organizer. The drawer organizer also gives each item a place, making it simple to find them and preventing your desk drawer from becoming cluttered.

7. USB hub

Most computers and monitors have one or two USB ports, but that may not be enough. You will quickly run out of USB slots if you need to plug in headphones, use an external drive, or charge your phone and tablet. A USB hub provides you with additional USB ports. You can connect your peripheral devices to the USB hub by first plugging it into one of your computer’s USB ports. If you connect all of your devices to a USB hub, you can unplug each one from the computer’s USB port to disconnect them all at once.

8. Cord organizer

You might have a computer, one or two monitors, a phone, a tablet, and other gadgets on your desk. If so, you probably also have wires attached to them, such as power cords, charging cords, and other wires. You can gather all of these wires and cords with the aid of a cord organizer, keeping them out of the way. When you need to identify the device to which a specific cord is connected, it can also keep the cords untangled, which is very helpful.

9. Hand shredder

You can shred paper as small as a sticky note or as big as a letter using a hand shredder, which is a portable device. Hand shredders are helpful for shredding confidential documents so they are unreadable before getting rid of them. You can avoid having to store these documents somewhere secure or taking the chance of leaving them somewhere they could be read by shredding them instead. You can purchase hand shredders that use electricity or models that require a hand crank.

10. Trash can

11. Stain remover

While stain removers dispense a solution that lifts stains from your clothing, they have the appearance of marker pens. These are very useful for dealing with coffee spills. Additionally, they come in handy if you accidentally get food on your clothes while eating lunch. If you have meetings or clients to see, you probably don’t want to spend the rest of your workday wearing stained clothes. The stain remover can be kept in your desk drawer at all times because it is small enough.

12. Reusable water bottle

Your physical health depends on you drinking enough water throughout the day. If you frequently get headaches from glaring office lights or computer screens, staying hydrated can also be helpful. To ensure you always have water on hand when you need it, think about using a reusable water bottle. Reusable bottles are available in a variety of sizes and are made of plastic or metal.

13. Breath mints

Breath mints help to make your breath smell fresh and pleasant. If you ate a meal with a lot of seasoning before lunch, you can also use them after. They are reasonably priced, and you can keep them in your desk drawer.

14. File organizer

A file organizer is a stand made of plastic or metal that keeps folders on your desk. To fit your needs and the size of your desk, they are available in a variety of shapes and styles. These are practical for storing file folders that you frequently use. They keep your desk clean and organized and prevent you from making repeated trips to the file cabinet.

15. Heating pad

An electrical device called a heating pad produces heat to warm the space in which it is used. While some heating pads are large enough to cover a chair’s back, others are just the right size to place on your back. If you frequently get cold, heating pads can keep you warm. They could also be helpful if you experience back pain from sitting for extended periods of time.


What should every desk have?

15 practical desk accessories
  • A notepad. Place a notepad or memo book on your desk so that you can make notes and to-do lists in it.
  • A USB charger. …
  • An organizer. …
  • Headphones and holder. …
  • A meaningful mug. …
  • A laptop or desktop stand. …
  • A nice pen. …
  • A quality water bottle.

What should I put on my desk at home?

Here are some desk items that will keep you organized and tidy.
  1. A reliable USB hub. Amazon. …
  2. A pair of good headphones. Amazon. …
  3. A cable management system. Amazon. …
  4. A universal charging station for all your devices. Amazon. …
  5. A laptop stand. Amazon. …
  6. A storage spot for your headphones. Amazon. …
  7. A portable heater. Amazon. …
  8. A clip-on fan.

How can I spice up my desk?

Here are a few ideas to get you started:
  1. Hang a Wire to Display Pictures. …
  2. Keep Notes in Colorful Holders. …
  3. Bring in Some Greenery. …
  4. Add Decoration to Your Boards. …
  5. Use Fun Magnets or Push Pins. …
  6. Hold Files With Decorative Bookends. …
  7. Switch Out Your Mug. …
  8. Add a Little Interest to Your Writing Implements.

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