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Here are frequently asked data engineer interview questions for freshers as well as experienced candidates to get the right job.
  • 1) Explain Data Engineering. …
  • 2) What is Data Modelling? …
  • 3) List various types of design schemas in Data Modelling. …
  • 4) Distinguish between structured and unstructured data.

How To Prepare For A Data Engineering Interview

3. In this example web app, what data points would you collect?

The example web app could be a calendar similar to Outlook or Google calendar. In that case, it would be worthwhile to collect data on which calendar views are being used.

This question asks the data engineer candidate to analyze and understand the domain they’re working in. They need to understand the domain they’re working with because collecting data from a calendar web app can differ vastly from collecting data from IoT (Internet of Things) devices.

While a data engineer does not need to implement the code that records data points in the web app, they should be able to understand the needs of developers who do need to implement that code. You can guide the candidate to a more specific answer by asking additional questions such as: what data would we need to collect to find out how users are using certain features?

If you want to know if a data engineer candidate understands that problem domain, ask this question.

What is the Difference Between a Data Scientist and a Data Engineer?

The main responsibility of a data scientist is to analyze data and produce suggestions for actions to take to improve a business metric, and then monitor the results of implementing those actions.

In contrast, a data engineer is responsible for implementing the data pipeline to gather and transform data for data scientists to analyze. While a data engineer needs to understand the business value of the data being collected and analyzed, their daily tasks will be more oriented around implementing the gathering, filtering, and transformation of data.

29. How can you deploy a big data solution?

While asking this question, the recruiter is interested in knowing the steps you would follow to deploy a big data solution. You should answer by emphasizing on the three significant steps which are:

  • Data Integration/Ingestion: In this step, the extraction of data using data sources like RDBMS, Salesforce, SAP, MySQL is done.
  • Data storage: The extracted data would be stored in an HDFS or NoSQL database.
  • Data processing: the last step should be deploying the solution using processing frameworks like MapReduce, Pig, and Spark.
  • FAQ

    What are the data engineer interview questions?

    Data Engineer Interview Questions for Freshers
    • What is Data Engineering? …
    • What is Data Modeling? …
    • What are the design schemas available in data modeling? …
    • What is the difference between a data engineer and a data scientist? …
    • What are the differences between structured and unstructured data? …
    • What are the features of Hadoop?

    What is the biggest professional challenge you have overcome as a data engineer?

    Big Data Interview Preparation
    1. Step 1: Know the essential tools and technologies. First and foremost, you need to update your skill set with the required technologies and tools. …
    2. Step2: Follow Big Data Interview Preparation Tips. …
    3. Step 3: Remember What to Do Post Interview.

    Do Data engineers need to know system design?

    I think the most challenging part is to train new employees who already have significant experience in another company. Usually, they’re used to approaching data from an entirely different perspective. And that’s a problem because they struggle to accept the way we handle projects in our company.

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