Customer Success Manager Skills: Definition and Examples

As a Customer Success Manager (CSM), you are the go-to person of your company’s customers. Your role is to ensure that your customers are achieving the maximum value possible from their investment in your product or service. A successful CSM must have a diverse skill set that allows them to anticipate customer needs, provide solutions, and deliver great customer experiences. In this blog post, we will explore the key skills and strategies that are essential for a successful Customer Success Manager to possess.
We will look at what successful CSMs need to know to build long-term customer relationships, how to manage customer expectations, and the best practices for providing outstanding customer service. We’ll also explore how having strong communication and problem-solving skills can lead to better customer relations and improved customer satisfaction. Finally, we’ll discuss how a CSM can develop the skills and knowledge needed to excel in their role. By the end, you’ll have a

Top 5 Activities of a Great SaaS Customer Success Manager

7 examples of customer success manager skills

You can use the following seven examples of customer success manager skills at work:

1. Communication

It may be necessary to possess strong communication abilities in order to manage and monitor business processes. When you’re in charge of overseeing tasks, your team might anticipate you to use appropriate written and verbal grammar. Because of this, your team might respect you more and pay attention to you. Communicating regularly with your team will enable them to understand when they are performing well and when they may need to improve. Customers may also value your ability to communicate with them clearly. When leading a team or interacting with customers, being exceptional at open communication can also be crucial.

2. Organization

Being organized and precise in your work can help you succeed as a customer success manager. This might entail remaining focused and carrying out any commitments you make to clients and team members. You might be able to switch tasks in an orderly manner and in accordance with any changes in your priorities. Making sure all tasks are completed accurately and on time is another aspect of being organized.

3. Ability to foster relationships

Customer success managers might be excellent at building and maintaining connections with both their clients and coworkers. This might entail cultivating connections with other department heads or potential clients. Maintaining relationships with coworkers can help business processes run more smoothly, and maintaining relationships with clients can help you win new business.

4. Ability to provide and accept feedback

Listening to others in your organization and working together can be advantageous. You can accomplish this by offering insightful commentary and positive criticism. Accepting advice from your peers could be helpful as well for improving teamwork within the organization. Giving and accepting constructive criticism will help the team’s business processes run more smoothly and successfully.

5. Empathy

Customers and team members can benefit from customer success managers’ empathy. People often enjoy being understood, heard and validated. You can succeed in the workplace by being able to predict what other people will do. People can sense your concern for them and their ideas or opinions when you demonstrate empathy.

6. Proactivity

When managing a variety of work processes, customer success managers may find that being proactive is crucial. This might entail learning more or conducting research to get ready for any upcoming events. This may also be helpful when team members or clients enquire about something and may call for clarification and advice. If something unexpected occurs, you can react accordingly.

7. Assertiveness

It may be necessary for a customer success manager to be assertive when leading teams or interacting with clients. This might entail calling customers to let them know that the sales process is proceeding quickly and effectively or assigning tasks to employees when projects may need to be completed. This can ensure that everything is finished on time and that the work process flows accurately and efficiently.

What are customer success manager skills?

The skills and traits customer success managers need to help an organization’s sales process run more smoothly are known as customer success manager skills. The responsibilities of this position may differ between companies. Some people in this position might serve as a direct sales consultant, while others might serve as a middleman between a sales consultant and a client. Depending on their responsibilities, customer success managers can benefit from having certain fundamental skills.

How to improve your customer success manager skills

You can take the following three steps to hone your customer success manager abilities:

1. Promote positivity

Promoting positivity can be crucial when handling and working with customers. As a result, working with customers may be simpler and more enjoyable, and they may be more likely to complete a sale because of their positive experience. Being positive can also help improve morale among employees.

2. Remain calm

Customer success managers can benefit from maintaining their composure when working under pressure. You can take actions to help you calm your emotions when you are faced with a stressful situation, such as taking a deep breath or taking a break. If you’re calm, your employees will likely follow your lead and the office will be more productive.

3. Assign tasks thoughtfully

It can be crucial to assign tasks to your team members in order to streamline business operations. When distributing tasks, keep your objectives front of mind. Once you have a strategy in place, determine who is the best candidate for the job, give them any training or guidance they require, and establish deadlines. Additionally, you can assign different team members to each task to guarantee that each part of a project is completed accurately and on schedule.

4. Practice problem-solving

You can finish your work more quickly because you can overcome obstacles through problem-solving. Your ability to solve problems can help you identify problems in your business processes and determine the most effective ways to fix them. Being more productive and approaching problems with a motivated and determined attitude are both possible when you recognize problems or errors, find solutions, and put them into practice.

5. Improve professional development skills

Managers of customer success can advance their careers by honing their professional development abilities. Increasing your responsibilities and duties, sharpening your management abilities, or developing your organizational and planning skills are some examples. By continuing your education, taking part in company-wide training sessions, or pursuing certifications in your field, you can also advance your professional development.

Customer success manager skills in the workplace

Here are some examples of how to demonstrate your abilities as a customer success manager when working with clients:

Be social

When working with potential customers and trying to close a sale, customer success managers may find that being sociable is crucial. This may include being comfortable when talking to others. By paying attention to others’ needs and displaying compassion for whatever they may say, you can demonstrate your interest in them. Every customer has a unique story to tell, so it’s important to pay attention to them and determine what they need in order to assist them in making a purchase.

Show resilience

Regular follow-up with potential clients can be helpful when working with them Many prospects might be trying to find a solution to a problem, so it may be necessary to persistently follow up to assist them in doing so. Being tenacious might enable you to assist clients by resolving their problems, which might result in a sale.

Think analytically

Customer success managers can benefit from using analytical thinking to encourage potential customers to make a purchase. This may entail being aware of information gathered about the purchasing trends, behaviors, demographics, and feedback of your target market or sector. Knowing more about your customers’ information will help you understand their purchasing process and how to best assist them.

How to highlight customer success manager skills

By emphasizing your skills, you can attract the attention of hiring managers and persuade them to give you a chance. Here are some examples of how to highlight your qualifications in a resume, cover letter, and job interview:

Customer success manager skills for a resume

It’s advantageous to include a section on your resume that is devoted to the skills you have acquired over the years. You can compile a list of bulleted skills to make it easier for hiring managers to see your credentials. It’s crucial to adapt this section to the job description for the position you’re applying for by including keywords to demonstrate how your skills match the duties of the position. Include any knowledge you may have about the industry in this section, as well as any management experience you can provide.

Customer success manager skills for a cover letter

Showcase your most impressive skills in relation to the position you’re applying for in your cover letter. In the body paragraphs of your cover letter, highlight your abilities to assist clients and manage people. You might, for instance, give a specific example from your most recent position in which you assisted in resolving a customer issue that resulted in repeated business from the client throughout your employment with the company. This can give the interviewer a better idea of how you might contribute to the customer success team of their company.

Customer success manager skills for a job interview

It’s crucial to discuss with the hiring manager in your interview how you applied different skills in previous roles. It might be useful to give an example of a situation in which you used your managerial abilities to help a customer succeed and your newly acquired skills. Consider using the STAR method to describe a situation, the tasks assigned, the action you took, and the outcome when describing a specific instance. By including this in your scenario, you can have a conversation about how you’re qualified for the job and how you can use your skills at the company if you get the job.


What is the most important skill for customer success?

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  • Sales Skills OR Technical Skills (or both) …
  • DATA.
  • Conclusion.

What are customer success skills?

Five Skills Every Successful CSM Needs in 2021– and How to Develop Them
  • Skill #1: Flexibility. …
  • Skill #2: Communication. …
  • Skill #3: Relationship Management. …
  • Skill #4: Sales (or sales-adjacent) Experience. …
  • Skill #5: Empathy.

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