10 Team-Building Activities for Customer Service Professionals

Great customer service is the cornerstone of any successful business. It can be the difference between a customer leaving satisfied having felt valued and appreciated, or frustrated and feeling neglected. A strong customer service team is essential to any organization, but how can you ensure that your team is always performing at their best? One key way is to invest in activities that promote team building and morale. Team activities can help foster communication and collaboration, enhance team morale, and teach important customer service skills. In this blog post, we’ll discuss some of the best team activities to help bring out the best in your customer service team. From trust exercises to creative projects, there are plenty of activities that can help your team build relationships and become even better at providing excellent customer service. With the right activities, your team can become an even more valuable asset to your business.

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10 customer service team-building activities

Consider trying these customer service-oriented team-building activities:

1. Scavenger hunt

For this team-building exercise, form two teams with two coworkers each. During a scavenger hunt, items like candy, gift cards, trinkets, and other tiny gifts are hidden throughout the office. Then, you give the teams hints or puzzles to solve in order to help them locate the hidden items. Teams get to keep the items that they find.

2. Stranded

In this exercise, the team must imagine that they are stranded on an island and are only permitted to bring a few items with them. You could present the coworkers with a list of several options and let them select three of these items. They then share their choices with the team. By selecting similar items from the list, this activity can help coworkers get to know one another better and establish connections with others.

3. Show and tell

This team-building exercise allows coworkers to learn more personal information about one another. Each employee brings a memento to share with their colleagues and gives a brief explanation of its personal significance. Through show and tell, coworkers can get to know one another better and connect over common interests.

4. Two truths and a lie

Each participant in this activity must tell the group three statements, two of which are true and one of which is a lie. The other coworkers try to determine which of the three statements is true after the first person shares theirs. A prize for the coworker who predicts the most correctly could increase participation among the participants.

5. Team draw

This team-building activity relies on creativity. Put two coworkers on each team, and have them stand facing each other. One employee is given a piece of paper with an image of a person, place, animal, or other thing on it; their job is to describe the image without identifying the thing itself. The other team member makes a guess as to what the item is, and the group that correctly predicts the most items wins a prize.

6. Egg walk

It takes teamwork and trust for coworkers to carry a raw, whole egg across the office in the game known as “egg walk.” You can put two coworkers in a pairing, with one of them holding a spoon on one side of the room and the other holding a spoon with an egg on it on the other. The goal is for the team to move the egg from one spoon to the next without dropping it; the team or teams that are successful in doing so win the game.

7. Appreciation circle

The appreciation circle entails your team assembling in a circle and sharing compliments or affirmations about one another. When it is someone’s turn to stand in the center of the circle, everyone makes complimentary remarks about that person. This team-building activity may boost overall office morale.

8. Community service

Your team can take part in something that has an impact on the larger community by engaging in community service. Volunteering helps the team practice collaborative skills outside of work. To promote your company’s efforts in the community and to foster the growth of positive relationships, you might think about regularly scheduling community service events.

9. Business problems

In this activity, groups of two to three coworkers are given a piece of paper with a fictitious business problem on it. The group that completes the task with the most effective solution quickly wins. This can serve as an activity for the team to practice critical thinking abilities, business knowledge, and collaboration. You could provide multiple rounds of play with increasingly difficult challenges to make this activity more interesting.

10. “Never have I ever …”

Each member of the customer service team is required to share one task or activity that they have never performed with the others, such as riding a motorcycle or owning a pet. Anyone who completes this task or activity must then take some action, like drink some water. This game can encourage conversations among coworkers that lead to interesting life stories or new ways of connecting with one another.

What is team building?

Coworkers participating in cooperative activities to strengthen their working relationships is known as team building. These activities can include doing certain tasks, sharing stories, and solving puzzles. Team building often helps people * .

Tips for holding customer service team-building activities

Take into account the following advice when planning your customer service team-building exercises for the office:


What are the activities of a customer service?

Here are some customer service training ideas and activities.
  • Culture training.
  • Telephone.
  • Thank you letters.
  • Personality tests.
  • Social media training.
  • A customer’s shoes.
  • Paperclip demonstration.
  • Role-play.

What does a customer service team do?

When customers need help, the customer service team serves as the organization’s public face. Customer service representatives assist clients with bill payments, account reviews or changes, returns, and answers to frequently asked questions.

What are the 5 most important things in customer service?

Your List of the Most Important Customer Service Skills (According to Data)
  1. Persuasive Speaking Skills. Think of the most persuasive speaker in your organisation.
  2. Empathy. …
  3. Adaptability. …
  4. Ability to Use Positive Language. …
  5. Clear Communication Skills. …
  6. Self-Control. …
  7. Taking Responsibility. …
  8. Patience.

What exercises improve customer service?

7 Ways To Improve Customer Service With Training
  1. Have Clear Objectives. …
  2. Always Focus On The Customer’s Success. …
  3. Customer Service Training For Tough Situations. …
  4. It All Starts With Good Onboarding. …
  5. Training On Company Culture. …
  6. Offer Peer-To-Peer Training. …
  7. Practice Through Real-Life Scenarios.

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