Creating an Engaging Sales Presentation (With 3 Examples)

A sales presentation is that sensitive, impactful activity that, if it is done at the right time in your sales process, it will get your sales prospect’s attention, make them eager about your product or services, and make their buying decision in favor of you. Deskera CRM and CRM+ Making your sales smarter, faster and more efficient

As a sales professional, you will find yourself presenting live in countless scenarios ranging from introducing your product or services at a trade show to upselling your product or services to a client visiting your store. This article is for all you sales professionals out there. The topics it will cover are:

How to give effective sales presentations?

What to include in a sales presentation

When creating a sales presentation, its important to only include the most important information about a product or service. By doing this, sellers can ensure their lectures are clear and concise. Here are some slides they might benefit from having in their presentation:

What is a sales presentation?

A sales presentation is a type of sales pitch where a person explains a product or service to potential customers and tries to persuade them to buy it. Salespeople typically present information as slides, texts and graphics on a large screen. They may also give sales presentations over video calls on computers. Their goal is often to capture the attention of their audience, educate them about a company and get them excited about the benefits of a product. Good sales presenters tend to be skilled in public speaking, telling inspiring stories and interacting with others.

Sales presentations are usually B2B, which means salespeople are delivering them to other businesses. This is partly because B2B and B2C (business to customer) marketing strategies are often different. For example, while a company may promote their products to customers through billboard ads, they might want to address a manager directly to sell a product to a business. Sales presentations allow sellers to convey detailed facts about a product to a single company or entire industry. Salespeople or teams conducting presentations may work in the following fields:

How to create a sales presentation

Being thoughtful about preparing your sales presentation can make it unique and effective. Here are some steps for how to create one:

1. Conduct research

The first step in creating a sales presentation is conducting research about the product you are presenting. Its a good idea to know the product extremely well so you can construct an informative presentation and answer questions your audience may have. Consider researching the origin story of your company and the products of your competition to provide context to your product. You may also want to find statistics about the problem you are solving with this item. For example, if youre marketing a customer relationship management software, you could find the percentage increase in customer traffic it usually causes.

2. Outline content

Outline and plan the content and structure of your presentation, or what you will say and when you will say it. A common structure for sales presentations is the “before-after-bridge,” where you compare a customers experience without and with a product to show them its value. You might also consider including case studies about previous customers who have benefited from your product. This can function as a portfolio that entices potential customers by proving the success record of your product. The end of your presentation could show audiences how to get your product so they can make a purchase.

3. Choose a presentation format

There are many presentation formats and software you could choose to convey your information to your audience. Try to ensure the format you choose is simple, visually pleasing, and accessible, easy to see and understand. You may want to check out the room or space you will present in beforehand to ensure the screen is big enough for your content. You can also consider using a microphone to help your audience hear your verbal descriptions. If youre including a physical demonstration in your presentation, make sure you have all the supplies to do so.

4. Add text and graphics

Add text and graphics to your slides to create your presentation. It might also be a good idea to develop a separate document that includes notes or a script of what you will say for each slide. Here are some tips for setting up the actual content of your slides:

5. Practice

Practicing a presentation can help a seller test how it flows and make improvements to it. For example, a presenter can time their presentation to make sure its short and concise. Presentations that last about nine minutes, where presenters are explaining two to three slides per minute, can be more effective in maintaining the attention of the audience. If a presenter realizes in a practice session that their presentation is too long, they can shorten their script or omit certain slides.

Examples of sales presentations

The techniques you use in your sales presentation can depend on your businesss purpose and its target audience. Here are some examples of sales presentation outlines that may help you make your own:

Example 1

A website design company sales team is giving a presentation to a small clothing retailer, Fionas Fashions. They show a “before” picture by emphasizing that without a website, Fionas Fashions cant take full advantage of online sales and social media marketing. They then feature an “after” picture where the retailer has a functioning, engaging website where customers can learn more about the business. They project that having a website can increase Fionas Fashions sales by 25%. They then show previous website designs and discuss how they have helped other businesses grow.

Example 2

A courier service that delivers refrigerated food to restaurants wants to make a sales presentation at a restaurant industry conference in their area. They decide to bring the actual refrigerated van with food in it to the conference to show to customers its power in keeping food fresh. They even provide refrigerated snacks to customers while they answer questions about their services. Their sales presentation consists of slides that discuss the special features of their refrigeration vans, the origin story of their company and their commitment to serving the restaurants of their area.

Example 3

An information technology company decides to deliver a sales presentation to a school to gain them as a customer. They make sure to include statistics, but instead of listing them, they create icons and graphs to show them. Their statistics include their success rate in solving IT issues and the rate of previous customer satisfaction. They also include customer testimonials from other businesses that have appreciated their services. They include stories of services they can provide to schools, such as repairing technology, maintaining phone lines and installing computer labs.


What should be included in a sales presentation?

Here are 5 top tips to take into account when creating your sales presentation.
  1. Keep It Short. Keep your sales presentation short. …
  2. Tell a Story. …
  3. Know Beforehand What Your Clients Want or Need. …
  4. Ask Questions and Create Conversation. …
  5. Don’t Drone a Memorized Speech.

What are the 4 sales presentation methods?

The 6-step guide to a sales presentation outline
  • Introduce yourself. Keep your introductory (also called “title”) slide clean and simple. …
  • Present the problem. …
  • Present the solution. …
  • Back it up with data. …
  • Summarize (drive home your pitch) …
  • Start with a solid foundation. …
  • Speak to a pain point. …
  • Unique is memorable.

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