What Is Core Product? Definition, Importance, Examples

A product’s core offering is a crucial element in the success of any business. Companies need to ensure that the core product they offer is one that customers actually want and need. When a product’s core offering is well-defined, it can help a business remain competitive and profitable.
Creating a core product is no easy task and requires careful consideration of customer needs and wants. Companies need to determine what features and benefits customers are looking for and then develop a product that meets those requirements. Additionally, companies need to ensure that the product is well-integrated into the overall business strategy, so that it can help the business achieve its goals.
In this blog post, we’ll look at ways to define, develop and successfully implement a core product. We’ll discuss the importance of understanding customer needs and preferences, the importance of creating an integrated product, and the value of incorporating feedback from customers into the product design. With these tips, any business can create an effective core product that

Three Levels of a Product Explained

Why is core product important?

Core product is significant because it can assist you in creating and marketing your products in a manner consistent with the consumers who are most likely to purchase them. Understanding the primary purpose of a product enables you to add features or improve its performance of that purpose. Additionally, it might improve the way you market to your intended audience.

What is core product?

A marketing tenet known as “core product” identifies a fundamental need or desire of customers. It makes it easier to determine why a customer purchases a specific item. The five levels of a product, according to marketing theory, are as follows:

Although they are typically connected, a product can have more than one core product. For instance, a nutrition bar may have a core product that is both healthy and tasty because consumers want food that is both wholesome and delectable. Additionally, different customers might seek out various core products in your offerings.

Ways to determine core product

Here are some methods to help you identify an item’s main component:


Examining a product’s features can help you comprehend how it functions and possibly introduce you to one or more of its main features. Consider the purposes of specific features, such as facial recognition on a phone or pockets on a dress, and the important needs they serve. A particular desire is likely the core product if multiple features help it.


Consider giving out surveys about your products to your customers. Inquire about their usage of the product or the words they associate with it. If you observe that your customers frequently use the same words to describe your product, then those words are probably core products.

Compare items

Understanding the differences between your products and those of similar ones can help you identify your core offering. For instance, if your company’s sunglasses block less light than competing models, the main offering is probably not light-blocking sunglasses. To help you identify potential core products, think about the strengths and weaknesses of your products, especially in comparison to other similar items.

Using core product in marketing

Here are some examples of how to apply the marketing principle of core product:


You can use advertisements to inform your audience about an item or service’s main selling point and draw in customers who are interested in it. For instance, if the focus of your new line of jackets is style, you can create advertisements featuring models sporting your jackets and looking especially fashionable. Instead, if the primary function of your jackets is to provide warmth, your advertisement can highlight relevant technological information and show how warm they are.

New products

Understanding the idea of a core product can help you develop and market new products if you own a business. For instance, if you discover from a customer survey that your target market wants something exciting, you can create something with excitement as its core offering. By introducing items with new core products, you can either increase your customer base or use core products to create products that your current customers may enjoy.

Augmented product

Knowing an item’s primary function can assist you in developing supplemental features and augmented products. After conducting research on your target audience’s primary product, you can typically create or modify an augmented product, which is a separate good or service. To further engage your audience, you could add new multiplayer modes or social media features to a videogame that prioritizes social interaction, for instance.

Core product examples

You can use the following examples to better understand how to identify the core product:

Example 1

A microwave company releases a new line of high-tech microwaves. They include capabilities such as voice activation and easily programmable presets for meals you heat frequently. Although the features of the microwave are intended to make heating food easier, the microwave’s primary function is to heat food. Therefore, the core product of this new microwave is convenience.

Example 2

Customers of All-Around Sneakers are sent a survey to learn how they use their shoes. The majority of those who respond appear to use them when running and value how long they last, how light they are, and how well the tread grips the ground. You can infer from this feedback that performance is a key offering for these customers.

Example 3

A car company releases a new set of compact cars. While lacking features like cup holders and integrated GPS systems and getting worse fuel economy than other vehicles in their price range, they do have a larger engine and good power steering. The cars also come in bright, interesting colors. You can assume that these vehicles, when compared to others in that price range, are attempting to capture the essence of excitement.

Example 4

A four-person family sailing to the tropics is depicted in a cruise line commercial. It focuses equally on each family member’s experiences and the aspects of the cruise they find enjoyable. Due to its emphasis on how much everyone enjoys the cruise, this commercial is obviously promoting a key product of family inclusivity.

Example 5

The popular stuffed flower toys from Happy Flower Toy Company are going to be produced in a limited edition, the company says. They only intend to produce 500 of these particular toys, each with a unique color and hat. To increase sales, these limited-edition toys capitalize on rarity as their main selling point.


What is core product and example?

Core Product It is the product’s benefit to the consumer. For instance, a new phone will improve communication, a lipstick will make its buyer more attractive, and a pair of sneakers will make her healthier.

How do you define your core product?

The core benefit or product that customers consider is the first and most fundamental level. In contrast to its packaging or accompanying services, it is the fundamental good or service that was purchased. We purchase a product based on its core or fundamental benefit, which is the issue it resolves or the need it fills.

What is the core product of food?

Knowing your core offering clarifies your positioning and can influence your marketing and sales messaging. If you want to determine what your own core offering is, step back and consider why you do what you do. Have a brainstorming session and consider the goals you have for your company that go beyond making money.

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